Table of contents

0. Introduction

  1. Places where Highlander Fans congregate on the Internet
  2. Highlander: The Animated Series

1. Highlander: The Movie (There Can Be Only One)

  1. Quick Summary
  2. What are the differences between the European release and the American release?
  3. Is there a soundtrack available for Highlander?
  4. Was Highlander based on a book or a story or something?
  5. What was the drink that Connor ordered in the bar after following Brenda there?
  6. Where in Scotland is Connor from?
  7. What is Ramirez' full name?
  8. How many Immortals were in the movie?
  9. Who played so-and-so in the movie?
  10. Does the book 'A Metallurgical History of Ancient Sword Making' actually exist?
  11. What year did the duel between Connor and Bassett occur?
  12. Did the Kurgans, as a people, really exist?
  13. Why was Fasil's sword so special? Why was Ramirez'/Connor's katana so special?
  14. What other names has Connor used?
  15. Are there any Highlander related books available?
  16. Did Connor sense the Kurgan before the battle?
  17. How was Queen involved with the movie?
  18. Miscellaneous Trivia
  19. Quotable Quotes
  20. Actors biographies
    1. Christopher Lambert (Connor MacLeod)
    2. Sean Connery (Ramirez)
    3. Clancy Brown (The Kurgan)
    4. Roxanne Hart (Brenda Wyatt)
    5. Beatie Edney (Heather)

2. The Rules

  1. What is the Quickening?
  2. Holy Ground
  3. The Gathering
  4. Physiology
  5. Why do Immortals usually use swords?

3. Highlander: The Series - Episode Guides

    When and on what channel does Highlander air?
  1. Introduction
  2. Short Episode Listing
  3. First Season Episode Details
  4. Second Season Episode Details
  5. Third Season Episode Details
  6. Fourth Season Episode Details
  7. Fifth Season Episode Details

4. Highlander: The Series - Details and Tidbits

  1. Actors Biographies
    1. Adrian Paul (Duncan Macleod)
    2. Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel)
    3. Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
    4. Werner Stocker (Darius)
    5. Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)
    6. Philip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo)
    7. Bob Anderson (Sword Master for TV series and movies)
    8. Lisa Howard (Anne Lindsey)
    9. Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda)
    10. Peter Wingfield (Methos)
  2. USA vs. Rest of the World
  3. List of Immortals
  4. What does Duncan drive?
  5. What was that drink that Kuyler was drinking in "For Evil's Sake"?
  6. Addresses
  7. Where in the World are We?
  8. Was Richie's Immortality planned in advance?
  9. Can Immortals be made? I.e. can a mortal become Immortal?
  10. Miscellanous tidbits
  11. Tartan Trivia
  12. Production Number Trivia
  13. What is 'Forever Knight'?
  14. TV Immortals' Physiology
  15. Why don't we see more police investigations about all these headless bodies that should be appearing wherever Duncan goes?
  16. Quotable Quotes
  17. Swords used in Highlander: The Series
  18. Temporary 'deaths' suffered by Immortals
  19. Translations of "There can be only One"
  20. Little known facts connecting the movies with the Series
  21. Reused locations

5. Highlander II: The Quickening

  1. Summary (American Release)
  2. The Revised Rules of Immortality
  3. Miscellaneous Tidbits
  4. Actors biographies
    1. Christopher Lambert (Connor MacLeod)
    2. Sean Connery (Ramirez)
    3. Virginia Madsen (Louise Marcus)
    4. Michael Ironside (General Katana)

6. The "Highlander: the Series" Drinking Games

  1. First Season - Mark V - July 29, 1993
  2. Second Season - Mark I - June 13, 1994

7. Miscellanea

  1. Highlander home video, etc.
  2. Highlander sword replicas
  3. "Highlander III" mini-section (to be expanded)
  4. Convention News
  5. Highlander fan organizations and publications

8. TV Series Flashback Timeline

  1. Duncan MacLeod (basic chronology)
  2. B.DM. (Before Duncan MacLeod)

9. Administrivia

  1. Who contributed?
  2. Where can I get another copy?