8. Series Flashback Timeline

8.1. Duncan MacLeod (basic chronology)

By Velia Tanner and Julie Beamer (updated 8/26/96)

Duncan MacLeod (basic chronology)

1592-1630?       Scotland (Family Tree)
                 Duncan was born in the Highlands and lived there
                 until his Immortality became known (1622, 4-     
                 Homeland); was still in the area at the time of  
                 his father's death in 1624 (4-Homeland); found and
                 trained by Connor MacLeod; met Martin Hyde as
                 a young Immortal (2-Prodigal Son); left
                 Scotland sometime later.

early 1630's     France, near Paris? (Beast Below)
                 While traveling Duncan meets Urse, a more
                 simple-minded Immortal, and finds Urse sanctuary
                 in a monestary.

1635             France (2-Legacy)
                 Duncan meets Amanda and her mentor, Rebecca.

1637             Verona, Italy (3-Star-Crossed)
                 Duncan meets Hugh Fitzcairn while trying to keep
                 the Prince's daughter's virtue intact (he's a
                 little late).  In the end, he "kills" Fitz and
                 they go off together to learn to read.

circa 1639       Italy (The Hunters)
                 Duncan is a bodyguard with Fitzcairn for an
                 Italian Duke and is attracted to the Duke's

1653             Algiers (3-Finale, pt.1)
                 When traveling with an Immortal Arab friend,
                 Duncan is witness to the challenge by Xavier
                 St.Cloud.  When his friend tries to avoid the
                 fight, Duncan goes in his place only to have his
                 friend arrive, to keep Duncan from fighting
                 Xavier (the friend loses).

1658             European Monestary (3-Song of the Executioner)
                 Duncan goes to a monestary run by Immortals to 
                 look for his friend and to find a refuge.  He 
                 meets Kallas who uses the sanctuary to kill 
                 Immortals when they leave.  Duncan has Kallas 
                 thrown out.

1659/60          Normandy (4-Chivilry)
                 Duncan lives with Kristen Gilles in her chateau 
                 until he suspects her of murdering the artist he
                 fell in love with.

circa 1660       France? (Saving Grace)
                 Again traveling (wearing a type of uniform), 
                 Duncan meets Grace who is delivering a baby.

1663             England (4-Timeless)
                 Duncan as an actor in a 2nd rate traveling show; 
                 he's not that good :).

1665             England (3-Shadows)
                 Was almost burned at the stake for being a

circa 1670       Scotland (2-Unholy Alliance, pt.1)
                 Was Weapons Master and military tutor for a
                 chief's son.

circa 1685       China (Road not Taken)
                 [mentioned in dialog]

1696             France, near Paris (4-Till Death)
                 Gina meets her future husband, Robert de
                 Valincourt, with Duncan and FitzCairn 
                 flabbergasted witnesses.

circa 1700       Paris (2-Prodigal Son)
                 Hyde kills MacLeod's friend Segur.

1712             England (4-Reluctant Heros)
                 Duncan tries to plead Scotland's cause with Queen
                 Anne, but a friend is killed in a dual with an 
                 Immortal; Duncan is labeled a coward because of 

circa 1728       London-Dover Road (Revenge is Sweet)
                 Traveling from London to Dover; claimed to be
                 a merchant and used a common accent with the
                 people in the coach and reverted to his Scots
                 accent during the encounter with Walter 

1730             English Forest/Inn (2-Counterfeit, pt.1)
                 Was caught poaching and was rescued by another
                 Immortal who later tries to kill him.

1745/46          Scotland (4-Through the Glass, Darkly)
                 Duncan fights for the Jacobite cause with his
                 friend, Immortal Warren Cochrane who gets "killed" 
                 in the process.

1746             Scotland (3-Take Back the Night)
                 Duncan is escaping with Prince Charles Stuart 
                 after the defeat at Culloden.  They take refuge 
                 with Ceirdwyn (using the name of Flora
                 MacDonald).  She dresses the prince as a woman.
                 Duncan stays to make the English pay and 
                 Ceirdwyn eventually convinces him that the time
                 to kill is over.

1750             Don region, Russia (3-Testimony)
                 Duncan meets Cossack leader Kristov while 
                 traveling, but he is disgusted when they attack
                 and sack a defenseless village.

1753             Constantinople (3-Finale, pt.1)
                 Duncan saves Amanda from having her hands cut 
                 off for theft (she's a clumsy dancing girl).  
                 [note: this could be the event mentioned in 
                 "Lady and the Tiger"; the time is right.]

1755             North Africa (4-Promises)
                 Duncan makes a promise to another Immortal with a 
                 "life for a life" bargin to save a boy from 

1765             India (4-Wrath of Khali)
                 Duncan serves as a guide to the British and finds 
                 himself respecting the Indian culture more than 
                 his own.

1778             Japan (3-The Samurai)
                 Duncan was shipwrecked in Japan, accidentally
                 forcing the suicide of his host who gave Duncan
                 his katana.

1778             South Pacific (4-Reunion)
                 Duncan maroons an evil Immortal ship's captain on 
                 a deserted island.

circa 1780       China (Road not Taken)
                 Duncan returned to visit Kiem Sun who had
                 perfected his mind control drug--except it
                 killed the subjects.

1780             Outer Mongolia (3-They also Serve)
                 After leaving Kiem Sun Duncan goes looking for 
                 an Immortal martial arts master.  He finds her 
                 -- Mei Ling.  She teaches him and after ending 
                 their pupil-teacher relationship, invites 
                 him to stay.

circa 1783       Paris (For Evils Sake)
                 Duncan was guarding a French Baron during
                 peace talks with the English.

1785             England (4-Leader of the Pack)
                 Duncan is living with a Duchess with Royal       
                 connections when he and she fall afoul of Kanis  
                 and his pack of dogs.

1786             Normandy (4-Through the Glass Darkly)
                 Duncan and Warren Cochrane go to visit "Bonnie
                 Prince Charlie" -- later they will remember the 
                 event quite differently, with Duncan remembering 
                 a broken man and Cochrane, a noble hero.

1795             England (4-The Immortal Cimoli)
                 Duncan has a young Immortal student, Jean-
                 Philippe, who's too cocky and loses his head.

1796             France (4-Till Death)
                 Gina and Robert de Valincourt's 100th wedding 
                 anniversary.  Gina saves Robert from the 
                 guillotine, with a little help from FitzCairn and 

1799-1816        Europe - Napoleonic/Empire period
                 1799--Duncan boozed and caroused with Gabriel
                 (Eye of the Beholder),
                 1803--had an affair with a Duchess in England
                 and fought Gabriel (Eye of the Beholder),
                 1804--lived with Amanda in a Bavarian Inn (Lady
                 and the Tiger),
                 1805--just returned to England with a
                 mortal friend and hangs in his place when the
                 friend is accused of murder (3-Blackmail)
                 1810--travels through Switzerland to French
                 border with Immortal friend Brian (both 
                 drinking) (3-Courage),
                 ?--in the British Army [a highlander reg.] in 
                 the early Napoleonic Wars (2-Unholy Alliance, 
                 1814/15--Meets Darius on the battlefield and
                 joins him in Paris, leaving him about a year
                 later (Band of Brothers).

1817             Snake River, Montana (3-Cross of St. Antoine)
                 Duncan runs across Immortal Durgan, who kills a
                 priest to steal the Cross.  Duncan promises the
                 priest he will return the cross to the church.
                 [note: Snake River is a mythical location.]

1825             Philadelphia (3-Obsession)
                 Duncan is friends with Immortal David Keogh, who
                 wants to marry a wealthy man's daughter and is

circa 1835       London (the Gathering)
                 [mentioned in dialog]

circa 1840       Paris (Saving Grace)
                 Duncan sees Grace off to the Amazon with Sendaro
                 with a warning about him--he was right.

circa 1840       Paris (2-The Vampire)
                 Duncan's looking for business investments and 
                 his partners are killed by another Immortal who 
                 wants to marry the daughter of one of the 
                 victims for her money.

circa 1842       Europe (a gypsy camp) (2-The Darkness)
                 a gypsy lover of Duncan's, curses him when she
                 sees in his palm he will never marry anyone, 
                 even though he said he would marry her.

1854             San Francisco (3-Courage)
                 Meets Immortal Brian Cullen again, who has lost 
                 his nerve and is addicted to opium.

1861-1865        American Civil War (Innocent Man and 3-The Lamb)
                 Duncan is hung as a spy when he is caught 
                 helping slaves escape without his uniform.  
                 Lucas Desiree, an Immortal, is a witness to the 
                 hanging and digs him up.  Also while helping 
                 slaves escape, Duncan finds a child Immortal;
                 unfortunately the child is decapitated when 
                 Duncan leaves him.

1866             Annapolis, MD (2-Epitaph for Tommy)
                 Duncan is challenged to a duel by the fiance of
                 Bess, with whom he was rolling in the hay
                 (literally).  Bess is killed by accident.

1867             Mexico (3-The Revolutionary)
                 Duncan fights against Maximilian in Mexico with
                 an Immortal friend, Paul, a former Roman slave. 
                 He realizes Paul fights for the love of the

1872             Great Plains, Black Hills?  (The Gathering &
                 3-Line of Fire)
                 The Lakota band Duncan is living with is
                 massacred by soldiers when he wasn't there.  The
                 army scout was an Immortal Kern who Duncan kills
                 in 1994.  Presumably, Duncan then headed for 
                 Holy Ground in the Pacific Northwest and stayed 

1873             Great Plains (4-Something Wicked)
                 Still tracking Kern and consumed by hatred, Duncan 
                 meets Coltec, a hayoka, who helps him let go of 
                 the hatred and get on with his life.

circa 1870s      Pacific Northwest (Mountain Men)
                 Duncan meets Carl the Hermit who teaches him to

circa 1880's     Location unknown (Lady and the Tiger)
                 [Another encounter with Amanda, mentioned in
                 dialog, post 1876.]

1882             Pacific Northwest (2-Under Color of Authority) & 
                 (3-Obsession) (unknown which is first)
                 Duncan tries to protect a young man from an
                 Immortal bounty hunter.  The young man is shot.
                 (some of the date stamps in the script indicate
                 later dates, but 1880's was intended).
                 Also, Duncan wants to marry Sarah, who is 
                 unfortunately already married; Duncan almost 
                 kills her husband in a rage and he is shot by 
                 the husband in front of Sarah, who rejects 
                 Duncan in terror when he revives.

1880's           Pacific Northwest (2-Studies in Light) 
                 Duncan and Gregor try to help in a cholera
                 epidemic.  Gregor is "killed" by a distraught

1888             San Francisco (4-Double Eagle)
                 Duncan's living at a Saloon with friend Kit
                 O'Brady when Amanda wins the saloon from Kit in a
                 card game.

1890's           Seacouver (?) (2-The Fighter)
                 Duncan fights in an illegal bare knuckle bout
                 for his Immortal friend Thomas Sullivan.

1896             Boston (3-Rite of Passage)
                 Duncan is set up by a helpless female Immortal,
                 Sharon, for Axel, an evil Immortal who uses her 
                 as bait and kills her when she tries to leave 

1905             New York Italian Neighborhood (2-Revenge of the
                 Duncan tries to help a grocer fight the Black
                 Hand.  The grocer is shot for not paying

1914-1918        World War I--France, Red Cross (For Tomorrow We
                 Die & 4-The Colonel, 4-Deliverance)
                 Duncan is an ambulance driver for the Red Cross.
                 Xavier St. Cloud steals the army payroll by
                 gassing everyone, but fails to kill Duncan.  In 
                 1917 he meets Sean Burns, a psychiatrist working 
                 with shellshocked soldiers.  Near the end of the 
                 War Duncan gets an Immortal committed to an asylum 
                 for needlessly causing soldiers deaths.

1918             Russia (2-Warmonger)
                 Duncan rescues a countess and her family from 
                 the firing squad by promising an Immortal
                 (Drake) that he won't ever come after him.

1919             outside Dublin (2-Eye for an Eye)
                 Annie and her mortal husband try to convince
                 Duncan to join the Irish revolution.  He refuses
                 and Annie's husband is killed.  Annie refuses to
                 escape with Duncan.

1920             Paris (3-Methos)
                 Duncan and Kallas run across each other again.  
                 When Kallas tries to kill Maria, Duncan's 
                 friend's niece, Duncan fights Kallas and cuts 
                 his throat -- destroying Kallas's voice.

1920             Coal Mine Strike, Pennsylvania (2-The Zone)
                 Duncan tries to talk a friend out of joining a
                 strike.  The friend is killed by Pinkerton 
                 agents hired by his own father.

1921             Seacouver, WA (2-Turnabout)
                 Michael's wife Jeanette is killed in the insane
                 asylum where they both work by Michael's 
                 alternate personality, Quenten Barnes.

1924             East Coast City (2-Bless the Child)
                 A new years party is raided for liquor and 
                 Duncan tells his girlfriend he can never father 

1925             Seacouver, WA (See No Evil)
                 [mentioned in dialog]

1926             Louisiana (2-Run for your life)
                 Duncan helps Carl, another immortal, evade a 
                 lynch mob.

1926             Southwest US [Barnum and Bailey Tour] (Lady and
                 the Tiger)
                 [mentioned in dialog]

circa 1930       New Orleans (2-Pharaoh's Daughter)
                 [mentioned in dialog]

1930             Paris (3-Reasonable Doubts)
                 Duncan is in a bank checking on an "old" deposit 
                 when it is robbed by two Immortals.  A woman is 
                 shot dead and Duncan hunts down the Immortal 
                 responsible, but lets his cohort live.

1936             Berlin (2-The Return of Amanda)
                 Duncan helps a physicist escape the Nazi's while
                 Amanda steals plates for US dollars.  He lets
                 Amanda escape in the airplane in his place.

1937             Spanish Civil War (3-Blind Faith)
                 Duncan and Cage are covering the war for a 
                 paper, when Cage betrays the Republican band for 

circa 1938       Russia (The Sea Witch)
                 Duncan tries to get people out of Russia with 
                 girlfriend Niva and is betrayed by Alexei Voshin 
                 who wants to kill him.

1938             Coconut Lounge (3-Vendetta)
                 Duncan meets Benny, two bit hood and Immortal,
                 and gets involved with two mafia brothers and is
                 shot by one so the brother can have the other's
                 girlfriend that Duncan was dancing with.

circa 1938       Seacouver, WA (2-Studies in Light)
                 Duncan meets and has relationship with Linda 
                 Plager, a photographer.  He tells her to look 
                 for the good in her work.  She tells him to 
                 leave because his love is a distraction to her 

1939-1945        World War II--French Resistance (For Tomorrow We
                 Die & 3-Mortal Sins)
                 Mentioned in dialog in FTWD, he is actively 
                 working with the Maquis in MS, when a Nazi 
                 Immortal trys to find the resistance workers.  
                 Unknown to Duncan, Daloux and a young boy 
                 Bernard stab the Nazi to protect the others
                 and throw him in the river, where he stays for 
                 40 years; in 1940 he was in London and was  
                 "killed" with a reporter during the blitz (4-The 

1954             Southern City (2-Run for your life)
                 Duncan visits Carl, an Immortal and baseball
                 player, when segregation is declared

1958             Greenwich Village, NY (4-Something Wicked)
                 Duncan meets Coltec again, after Coltec has killed 
                 another Immortal.  The evil is starting to get to 

1960             Seacouver, WA (2-Turnabout)
                 [inferred: he knew Quentin Barnes had been

1975             Cambodia (3-Blind Faith)
                 Duncan tries to rescue a nun and her charges
                 from the war.  Only Cage can help them and he
                 refuses in order to get more drugs out.  The nun 
                 and children are killed.  Duncan buried them
                 where they died.

1980             Paris (For Evil's Sake)
                 Duncan meets Tessa when he jumps on the tour 
                 boat where she's working as a guide.

1992-present     Seacouver, WA & Paris, France

[note: Seacouver is the name of the city where Duncan lives.  It's
halfway between Seattle and Vancouver :) ]

8.2. B.DM. (Before Duncan MacLeod)

(All errors in this section should be blamed on Debbie Douglass)

30 B.C.                 Nefertiri and Marcus Constantine are lovers
                        then fight after Cleopatra suicides and Rome
                        marches on Eygpt. Nefertiri poisons herself
                        and is entombed in a sarcophagus. (Pharaoh's

850-853 A.D.            Rebecca rescues Amanda from the collectors of
                        the dead during the Plague and then trains her
                        in the arts of swordfighting and in Rules of
                        'The Game.' (Legacy)