7. Miscellanea

7.1. Highlander merchandise (available in USA excepted where indicated)

  1) "Highlander", (original movie) available on VHS tape and
     laserdisc. The 10th Anniversary Director's Cut was released in
     the USA on Sept. 3, 1996. This edition is in Letterbox format and
     is available on VHS tape and Laserdisc and includes all scenes
     and footage that were on the previous international releases.
     Call 1-800-280-9325, FAX 1-800-280-9334 or International
     1-801-371-6842 for ordering information or check out the official
     Highlander web site .

  2) "Highlander II, The Quickening" available on VHS tape and 

  3) "Highlander: The Final Dimension" available on VHS tape and

  4) "Highlander: The Gathering", a feature length video (VHS tape)
     containing the first and eighth episode (edited together) from
     the first season of the TV Series. This video is no longer
     available for purchase but it available for renting in many video
     rental stores.

  5) The first, second, and third seasons are now available on home
     video (VHS only).  Call the Highlander hotline at 1-800-538-0404
     to order your copies (11 tapes per season, two episodes per tape,
     each episode is the 4-minute longer Euro-version). The Highlander
     Store has announced that the third season will be released in
     September 1996.
     For Official Highlander Merchandise other than the videos
     (such as t-shirts, leather and denim jackets, sweatshirts,
     key-chains, scripts, photos, Watchers CDROM, etc.), the toll free
     number (USA) for the Highlander Store is 1-800-280-9325.
     International callers should use 708-922-4016. A free catalog may
     be requested from either of those numbers or by calling
     1-800-280-9331 or writing Highlander: The Store at 100 Fusion Way
     Country Club Hills, IL 60478. Whenever you talk to an operator
     on the toll free number please ask for and note his/her name for
     later use if you experience problems with your order.

     To rectify merchandise problems call 708-922-4016 or call Mary
     Kolacki in customer service at 800-959-2481 (M-F, 8am-8pm Central
     time) or send email to Davis/Panzer's merchandise help address

  6) "The Renegade Version" of HIGHLANDER II, on Laserdisc and VHS,
     has been released. This version included 16 extra minutes of
     missing footage and all references to Zeist have been removed.
     They have been replaced by the concept that Immortals are from a
     civilization long before the dawn of written history and that
     they can travel through time between here and there. And
     improvement but many feel it still isn't Highlander.

  7) "Highlander - The Director's Cut" will be released on 5 September,
     1996 in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the movie's original

     "The VHS and Laser Disc editions will include:
          Never-before-seen footage.
          New state-of-the-art digital widescreen transfer supervised
            by the producers.
          Digitally re-mixed audio surround sound.
          Original theatrical trailers.
          New collector's edition packaging.
          Video commentary by the film's producers, director and cast

     The Laser Disc edition will also include:
          THX Certified.
          Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound.
          Extensive supplemental section detailing the evolution of
            the film with original letters, faxes and script change notes.
          Still photo gallery featuring never-before-seen photographs.
          Scene specific audio commentary by the film's producers and

  8) "Highlander" by Garry Douglas, novelisation of the original
     movie. Now available through the Highlander Store.
     The title is _Highlander_, by Garry Douglas c1986, Originally
     published by Severn House Publishers, Ltd.  

  9) First season video tapes available in the United Kingdom.
     (EVS1101) The Gathering / Revenge Is Sweet
     (EVS1111) Free Fall / Mountain Men
     (EVS1121) Family Tree / The Road Not Taken
     (EVS1122) Innocent Man / Bad Day In Building A
     (EVS1123) The Sea Witch / Deadly Medicine
     (EVS1124) See No Evil / Eye Witness
     (EVS1125) Band Of Brothers / For Evils Sake
     (EVS1126) Nowhere To Run / The Hunters
     (EVS1127) Avenging Angels / Eye Of The Beholder
     (EVS1129) For Tomorrow We Die / Saving Grace
     (EVS1130) The Beast Below / The Lady and the Tiger

  10) Warner Aspect (a division of Time Warner) has a series of
      Highlander Novels - Released as of June 1997 are 
     "Highlander - The Element of Fire" (ISBN 0-446-60283-3) by Jason
     Henderson (who has also penned "The Iron Thane" and "The Spawn of
     Loki" for Baen Books, 1994); "Highlander - Scimitar" (ISBN
     0-446-60284-1) by Ashley McConnell; "Highlander - Scotland
     the Brave" by Jennifer Roberson; "Measure of a Man" by Nancy
     Holder. Upcoming novels are "Zealot" by Donna Lettow; "Dark
     Obsessions" by Rebecca Neason; and "The Captive Soul" by Josepha

  11) "Music from Highlander-the Series" is a seventy minute album (CD
     or cassette) of original music from Roger Bellon, the composer
     for the TV series. These are selection from the first three
     seasons of original musical compositions from the series,
     digitally recorded and remastered.

     Cost is 13.98 plus 3.50 shipping for CDs and 9.98 plus 3.50 for

     Bellchant Records                 Sample the music on the
     c/o Bellchant Music, Inc.   -OR-  Bellchant Web page
     PO Box 46-2030                    http://www2.fornext.com/~bellchant
     Los Angeles, CA 90046-2030

     Roger Bellon can be reached by Email at rbellon@primenet.com 

 12) Hair Ties
     The hair ties from First and Second Season episodes were handmade
     from old buttons and brooches by Costume Designer Christina
     McQuarrie and are not available commercially. Third Season hair
     ties are for sale from Peace: The Adrian Paul Fan Club (see below
     under Fan organizations).

 13) Games
     A card game based on Highlander, created by Thunder Castle Games,
     is now available from comic book and games stores in the U.S.
     Thunder Castle is also developing a role playing game based on
     Highlander. The Movie Edition of the card came is scheduled for
     release soon.

7.2. Highlander sword replicas

 Note: The swords, Japanese style katanas, used by Connor in the movies
 and by Duncan in the series are noticeably different. The dragon head
 on Connor's sword is rendered in the Chinese style with a wide rounded
 head (similar to the dragon used in the Chinese New Year's parades)
 whereas the dragon head on Duncan's sword has an elongated head
 rendered in the Japanese style. In addition, Connor used a traditional
 katana with a silk-wrapped handle in "The Gathering" the pilot

     The Dragon Head Katana is a mass produced replica.  The blade is
     420 Stainless Toledo Steel.  The balance point is 3 inches from
     the hand guard.  To cut costs it's scabbard is black aluminum.
     The sword will be shipped 'live', which means sharpened. The
     swords are considered decorative only and not for general use.

  1) The Noble Collection offers the "Dragon Head Katana"(TV) and
     "Dark Magic" (HLIII) and the "Highlander Sword"(TV). All are
     officially licensed Highlander swords.  The address is; The Noble
     Collection, P.O. Box 831, Merrifield, VA, 22116.  Customer
     Service phone # is: (703) 242-8752 or call 1-800-86602538 to get
     a catalog.

  2) Call Musuem Replicas Limited for a free catalog of swords,
     ancient weapons, period costumes and other related merchandise.
     Some of Japanese swords are made by Marto (others too, perhaps).

     Museum Replicas Limited
     A Division of Atlanta Cutlery
     2143 Gees Mill Rd.
     Box 840
     Conyers, GA  30207

     1-800-883-8838 (Toll-Free, anytime)

  3) Atlanta Cutlery:  Dark Magic #1-280  $199.00
                            Ordering: 1-800-883-0300

  4) The Edge Company:  Dark Magic Sword #H1-116  $189.00
                             Ordering: 1-800-732-9976   

7.3. "Highlander III" mini-section (This will be expanded in to a full section of the FAQ shortly)

Filming of "Highlander: The Final Dimension" completed in April 1994 and it was released in the U.S. on January 27th, 1995. The film stars Christopher Lambert, Mario Van Peebles, and Deborah Unger. This film was formerly known by its working title "Highlander III: The Magician" and was released in the UK on November 25th, 1994 with the title "Highlander III: The Sorceror."

Three hundred and fifty years ago in feudal Japan, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) seeks out an ancient magician who can teach him the mystical Power of Illusion. Hidden away in a deep cave in the heart of a mountain, his lessons progress. An exceptionally nasty Immortal, Kane (Mario Van Peebles) seeks MacLeod out and challenges him at his final lesson. In the ensuing confrontation, the mountain is destroyed and Kane is buried along with his three henchmen.

Moving forward to the present day, a contruction project is taking place in Japan. The buried mountain cavern is discovered, releasing Kane and his henchmen. Connor returns to New York where Knae has renewed his search for The Highlander with vengence.

Complicating matters for MacLeod is the archeologist called in to examine the underground cavern, Alexandra Smith (Deborah Unger). Her only clue to unraveling the mystery of the cave is through Connor MacLeod, in whom she inspires unsettling memories of loves long gone.

Unraveling the mysteries of the past and dealing with Kane who IS coming for him, inevitably leads MacLeod to a final confrontation with Kane and the awesome Power of Illusion.

(story synopsis courtesy of 'The Gathering', The Official Highlander fan club.)

7.4. Convention News

 "THE GATHERING," the HIGHLANDER fan club, has begun working on
 the third OFFICIAL HIGHLANDER CONVENTION, called 'The Gathering
 3'. The convention will be October 11th, 12th & 13th (Friday-Sunday)
 of 1996 in Denver, Colorado.

 For more information send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to
 Krystmas Tarr, the club director, at the club address listed below.

 PO BOX 123
 AURORA CO 80040-0123

7.5. Highlander fan organizations and publications

 Note)  SASE -- Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

 PO BOX 123             For membership information send a SASE.
 AURORA CO 80040-0123
 Email addresses:
  hfanclub@AOL.Com   The Gathering - The Official Highlander Fanclub
  krystmas@AOL.Com   Krystmas Tarr, Director of "The Gathering"

 "CLAYMORE", Official Highlander Fanclub
 c/o Elaine Nicol
 107 Cairnswell Avenue
 Halfway, Cambuslang 
 Glasgow, G72 8SP

 The Clan:T.R.H.A.S(The Renegade Highlander Appreciation Society)
 c/o Grant Kempster
 111a Waterdell,
 Leighton Buzzard,
 LU7 8PL.

 PEACE - The Adrian Paul Fan Club     President Rebecca Flynn
 12439 Magnolia Blvd. #159            For membership information
 North Holywood CA 91607              Send a SASE
                                      (merchandise also available)

 HIGHLA-L      An electronic mailing list available on Internet and 
               BITNET for flame-free discussion of Highlander (the
               movies and the TV series), the actors, the plots, and
               anything else related. For more information send an
               email message to Debbie Douglass at

 HIGHLANDER BUZZ        An open discussion letterzine for fans to voice
 c/o Valerie Meachum    their feelings and opinions on HIGHLANDER. Send 
 1914 DEBORAH COURT     a SASE for more information. 6 issues per year.

 "THISTLE AND SABRE"         A HIGHLANDER fanzine currently available.  
 Robin Schindler             For price and ordering information send a  
 15982 ATITLAN DRIVE         SASE to Robin or Christine. 
 Christine Reynolds
 ALCOA TN 37701

 IMMORTAL TALES!       A fanzine based upon HIGHLANDER is seeking
 Mary Anne McKinnon    submissions of fiction, poetry, and art based
 245 BLUNK AVENUE      upon the movie or the television series. 
 PLYMOUTH MI 48170     Send SASE for more information.

 WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? I   A HIGHLANDER fanzine currently available
 Mystery Frank                  for $17.90 (includes first class
 145 LaFontenay Dr.             postage). One dollar discount for
 Louisville, Ky. 40223-3123     HIGHLA-L members. This zine contains the
                                novella 'The Color of Our Eyes' by
                                Claire Maier.
 WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? II  is open for submissions. Send SASE to
                                address above for more information.

 FOREVER                This fanzine features Highlander, Forever Knight
 c/o Tara O'Shea        and FK/HL crossover fiction by Tara O'Shea, 
 SRC 244 UNM            Susan Garrett, Valerie Meachum, and more.
 Albuquerque, NM 87131  Artwork by Tara O'Shea. Send $15 + $3 for
                        shipping and handling and allow 6-8 weeks for

 "THE PRIZE, the newsletter of the Watchers of CI$, is now available
 monthly on the Compuserve Information Service. We cover the results of
 discussion in our thriving on-line Highlander fan-club /
 three-ring-circus. Information, hardcopy back issues ($2.00 US) and
 non-fiction submissions: SAMANTHA LYNN, 73524,43@compuserve.com or
 Snail SAMANTHA LYNN at C/O Judy Kunz, Kibby Labs, 25235 Dequindre,
 Madison Heights, MI 48071. Issue #1 relates the film to the series;
 Issue #2 contains an ambitious series timeline!  The Watchers of CI$
 exist on the Compuserve Information Service. For info on Compuserve
 and the SF Forum (where the SF TV section containing HIGHLANDER is),
 call 1-800-848-8990 and ask for representative 186."

 Fanzine of paranormal media (Forever Knight, X-Files, She-Wolf, etc.)
 is looking for Highlander fiction and art for future issues.  For more
 information, snail-mail SASE to Deborah M. Walsh, 2 Spring Hill
 Terrace, Somerville, MA 02143.  E-Mail to debwalsh@aol.com (DEB WALSH
 on AOL).

 WWOR (Superstation TV)
 9 Broadcast Plaza
 Seacaucus NJ

 WGN (Superstation TV)
 2501 Bradley Place
 Chicago IL 60618