4. Highlander: The Series - Details and Tidbits

4.1. Biographies

4.1.1. Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)

A cross between Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks, Adrian Paul was born (May 29, 1959) and raised in London. His father is British and his mother is Italian. His family was not very drama-oriented and they didn't exactly know how to react when Adrian informed them that he wanted to become an actor. He studied Shakespeare and performed in school plays, but his focus was always on sports. He played semi-pro soccer and then traveled around Europe to model. In Europe, he danced and choreographed for six years and then moved to Los Angeles to dance and seek out acting roles.

His first acting experience was on the ABC Television series "The Colbys." Adrian portrayed a Russian dancer, which was based on the Baryshnikov character in the motion picture "White Nights." After a year on "The Colbys," Adrian appeared with Tom Berenger in the motion picture "Last Rites." He appeared in the 1989 "Days Like This" Sheena Easton video.In addition he as appeared in "Love Potion #9" and in 'Masque of the Red Death' as Prospero (a very forgettable role). Adrian was a series regular (John Kincaid) on "War of the Worlds" during the second season and has made guest appearances on shows such as "Murder, She Wrote," "Dark Shadows," and "Beauty and the Beast" and two episodes of the failed Tarzan TV series from a few years ago. He has also done the voice of 'Gunner' on the animated series 'Phantom 2040.'

His wife, Meilani, is one of the 'Uh-Huh Girls," who appears in the popular Diet Pepsi commercials with Ray Charles. Meilani, along with her two counterparts, has been given the dubious honor of "Women We Love," in a recent Esquire magazine. Says Paul, "Everywhere we go, people are singing 'uh-huh'. In the HIGHLANDER, the saying is 'there can be only one,' so Meilani and I are going to combine the slogans, which will read 'there can be only one -- uh-huh."

His most recent live-action acting job, other than Highlander, was 'The Cover Girl Murders' a TV movie which he did during the summer hiatus in 1993. It aired on the USA Channel in late November, 1993. And he does a voice on the cartoon "Phantom 2040".

Adrian Paul has studied the martial arts Choy-Li-Fut and Hung Gar.

4.1.2. Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel)

Alexandra Vandernoot has been living in France for the past six years, but is originally from Belgium. She comes from an arts-related family. Her late father was a symphony conductor, and her mother was a dancer. She studied drama, earning a degree at the Conservatory in Brussels. After graduation, she started to work immediately in the theater. After appearing in a number of plays, she decided to move to Paris. Two years later, she went back to school to continue her acting education before making the jump to American television.

Her first American acting role was opposite Timothy Hutton in the HBO movie 'Strangers'. She also guest starred in an episode of the syndicated series "Counterstrike:. Other credits include: Marie Thoreau in "Blood of the Hunter" 1995 (USA), news reporter in "Ready to Wear" 1994, Elisa in "L' Affaire" 1993 (French), the Mother in "Comme un Bateau la Mer en Moins" 1993 (French), The Duchess in "Le Souper" 1993, and Elisa in "Les Exploits d'un Jeune Don Juan" 1987.

Vandernoot lives in Paris. During her free time, she renovates her recently purchased country house. (Taken from the HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES press kit.)"

Alexandra Vandernoot left the series after the fourth episode of the second season. She wished to continue with her feature film career and did not wish to be separated from her family in Paris for the part of the year necessary for filming in Canada.

She returned briefly in the two part second season finale 'Counterfeit'.

4.1.3. Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)

Stan Kirsch (born July 15, 1968), originally from New York City, moved to Los Angeles three years ago. "I'm an urban kid who grew up in the city with a sister and two great parents." His first acting experience was a Campbell's Soup commercial when he was 4 years old, which was followed by a few modeling jobs. He left the business for a while, but returned to it in high school at St. Paul's Boarding School in New Hampshire.

While attending Duke University as a political science major, Kirsch worked on his acting skills with a master trainer of acting. "I went through the whole spectrum of acting, movement, and voice work, which was all geared toward Shakespeare and regional theatre." Kirsch performed in summer stock and fell in love with the profession. "I made $24 a night to perform in a play six times a week in the mountains of North Carolina. It was the greatest summer I'd ever had and I couldn't get rid of the acting bug." After graduating from Duke, he moved to New York, and within six months, he signed with an agent, got his Screen Actors Guild card and headed out to Los Angeles.

Stan Kirsch's first acting experience was a Campbell's Soup commercial when he was four years old. After high school and modeling and acting jobs, he attended Duke University as a political science major and performed summer stock. Upon graduation from Duke, he moved to New York, and within 6 months, he signed with an agent, got his Screen Actors Guild card, and moved to LA. Stan has made guest appearances on the ABC daytime drama "General Hospital," FOX's "True Colors," and the ABC pilot "The Streets of Beverly Hills."

During the 94-95 season of the hit TV show "Friends" Stan portrayed Courtney Cox's under-age boyfriend in one episode.

In the second and third seasons of Highlander, the character of Richie Ryan appeared in approximately half of the episodes.

4.1.4. Werner Stocker (Darius - recurring character from first season Paris episodes)

Highlander fans grew to love the character of the Immortal priest Darius (who was first introduced in "Band of Brothers") and we were all shocked when this character was killed off in the first season's closing episode "The Hunters". Then we were greatly saddened last July to hear belated news of the death Werner Stocker, the actor who portrayed him. Gradually details trickled in from various sources. The original sub-plot was that the character Darius would appear in 5 episodes and would be killed off in the fifth one, the season finale. Shortly before filming was supposed to start on "The Hunters", Werner Stocker informed the producers that he was too sick to report to the set in Paris. The writers frantically rewrote the episode script in three days. (All the scenes containing Darius in this episode came from footage shot for previous episodes). A month and a half later Mr. Stocker died of a cerebral tumor.

Werner Stocker was born on April 7,1955 in Flintsbach, Bavaria and died in the third week of May 1993. He stood 6'3" and had green eyes and light brown hair. He began to study acting at The New Munich Acting School and later at the Falckenberg School.

In 1978, he got his first role in a French TV movie, "Les Rebelles." He then played in several German TV series.

In 1989, he won the Bavarian Movie Award for his role in the film "Herbstmilch."

In 1991 he starred in "Rama Dama" (the sequel to Herbstmilch). Werner Stocker was not married and had no children.

4.1.5. Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson, second season recurring character)

Born on September 22, 1948, Jim Byrnes grew up in St. Louis, the middle child of a middle class family. He learned to play blues guitar at age 13-- and continues to play on his favorite guitar, a Gibson 1969 Hummingbird. An eclectic individual, he studied for the priest hood in a seminary, and was even a professional shepherd at one point. He studied acting at Boston University and St.Louis University. Byrnes is a gifted actor and an inspiring individual. He lost both his legs in an automobile accident Feb. 26,1972-- the same day he landed his pivotal "Wiseguy" role as Lifeguard fifteen years later.

4.1.6. Philip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo, second and third season recurring character who was also brought back for a fourth season episode)

Philip Akins brings to HIGHLANDER, an extensive list of film, television and theater credits. A serious martial artist himself, Philip holds a fourth degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido. He also studies Kung Fu and Tai Chi at a dojo near his home in Toronto. An avid bicyclist, Philip has been known to cycle everywhere, including the audition that got him the job on Highlander. Philip worked with Adrian Paul previously when their roles briefly coincided on 'War of the Worlds.' Akin played Norton, a wheelchair bound technical whiz, and Adrian played John Kincaid, an erstwhile mercenary who's brother was killed by the aliens.

4.1.7. Bob Anderson, Sword Master for Highlander TV series and movies

Bob Anderson is the sword master on both of the Highlander movies and the first two seasons of the TV series His career spans several decades and his extensive credits include 'Star Wars', 'The Princess Bride', and the new 'The Three Musketeers' movie and 'First Knight. When Bob wished to return to working in movies the producers found an excellent replacement for the TV series in F. Braun McAsh.

4.1.8. Lisa Howard (Anne Lindsey, third season recurring character)

Lisa Howard came to HIGHLANDER with an impressive film and television background. Here prominent film credits include a featured role in "Moonstruck" with Cher and Nicolas Cage as well as the lead actress in "Rolling Vengeance" with Don Michael Paul for Apollo Pictures. On the small screen, she has held regular roles in such popular series as NBC's "Days of Our Lives," ABC's "All My Children," "Perfect Couples," and "Valley of the Dolls". Her list of guest starring roles includes spots on "Robocop: The Series," "Wings," "Likely Suspects," "Forever Knight," "Counterstrike," "E.N.G.," three episodes of "Sweating Bullets," and "Perry Mason: Case of the Shooting Star."

4.1.9. Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda, recurring character)

Born Elizabeth Ward in 1960 in Booneville, Arkansas. She was Miss Arkansas and Miss America in 1982. Divorced once but remarried in 1989 to Brendan Hughes.

She created "Gracen" to add to her name because there was already a Elizabeth Ward in the Screen Actors Guild. Professionally she uses both Elizabeth Gracen and Elizabeth Ward Gracen.

Shortly after posing for a full pictorial for Playboy in 1992, a news story broke linking her romantically to then-candidate Bill Clinton. Always ready to capitalize on notoriety, Playboy promoted her pictorial to the cover of the May 1992 issue. When asked about the rumors of her relationship with Mr. Clinton she had no comment other than to say that her sexual life is her business and no-one else's.

Her credits include "Final Mission" (HBO), "Sundown, the Vampire in Retreat" (1989), "Marked for Death" (1990), "Lisa" (1990), "The Death of the Incredible Hulk" (1990) (TV), "83 Hours 'Til Dawn" (1990) (TV), "Sidney Sheldon's The Sands of Time" (1992) (TV), "Lower Level" (1992) (V), "Discretion Assured" (1993), and episode of "Time Trax", an episode of "Murder, She Wrote", a two-part episode of "Renegade" (1994), an episode of "The Flash", and an semi-regular on "Extreme" (1995).

4.1.10. Peter Wingfield (Methos)

Born in Cardiff, Peter trained as a doctor at Brasenose College, Oxford and St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College. His drama training was at the National Youth Theatre in Wales and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. On leaving drama school in 1990, Peter made his television debut in Beeban Kidron's Screen Two production of ANTONIA AND JANE before going on to play lead roles television drama series.

His credits include "Alex" in Granada TV's MEDICS; "Lt. Nick Pasco" in SOLDIER SOLDIER for Central TV;and "Tom Walton" in THE MEN'S ROOM, a five-part series for BBC TV; a second series of MEDICS; "Martin Welford" in Tim Luscombe's revival of Noel Coward's POINT VALAINE; "Fourth Actor" in Pirandello's SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR, for the BBC2 Performance series of films; "Miglioritti" in Pirandello's THE RULES OF THE GAME; "Paul", the younger brother, opposite Alfred Molina in TRUST ME, a film for BBC Television; "Josh" in BLISTERS, a comedy pilot for BBC TV; "Durrant" in Marivaux's THE GAME OF LOVE AND CHANCE; "Alun Lewis" in ALUN LEWIS: DEATH AND BEAUTY, for BBC Wales; "Rufus" in the first episode of LIFEBOAT, a Lynda La Plante series for BBC TV; "Max" in Jim McBride's THE FLEMISH BOARD (his first role in a feature film); "Karl" in 3 episodes of INTO THE FIRE, a new BBC drama series; "Philip" in DEGAS AND PISSARRO FALL OUT, a half-hour drama for the "Without Walls" strand on Channel 4; "John Westlock" in Pedr James' BBC TV hugely successful five-part serialization of Dickens' MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT; "Barry" in the BBC's NICE DAY AT THE OFFICE directed by John Kilby; "Danny" in four episodes of CROCODILE SHOES, directed by David Richards and "D.S. Pete Dyson" in the BBC Screen One MURDER IN MIND, directed by Bob Bierman.

Miscellaneous information..
* He is former National Trampoline Champion
* Peter ran the 1995 London Marathon in 3 hours 8 minutes.
* He plays saxophone and flute to studio standard.
* He holds an Advanced Level Stage Fighting certificate.

4.2. U.S.A. vs. Rest of the World

Each episode sold for U.S. syndication is four minutes shorter than the episodes sold for the European market. This is due to the longer commercial time allocated in the U.S. market.

4.3. List of Immortals

  First Season (episode number in parentheses)
  Duncan Macleod
  Connor MacLeod (1)
  Slan Quince (1) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Lucas Desiree (2) (deceased, killed by Howard Crowley)
  Howard Crowley (2) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Kiem Sun (3)
  Felicia Martins (5)
  Devereux (5) (deceased, killed by Felicia Martins)
  Caleb Cole (7) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Carl the Hermit (7) (deceased, killed by Caleb)
     (there is some debate as to Carl's immortality but the producers
     say he was Immortal)
  Walter Reinhardt (8) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Alexei Voshin (9) (deceased, killed by his ship's propellers)
  Andrew Ballin (10) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Marcus Korolus (12) (deceased, killed by Duncan in the 1920's)
  Grayson (13) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Darius (13,15-17,22) (deceased, killed by mortals in 22)
  Kuyler (14) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Xavier St. Cloud (15) (dis-armed by Duncan)
  Ursa (16)
  Grace Chandler (17)
  Carlo Sendaro (17) (deceased, beheaded by subway train)
  Amanda (18) (named in a flashback as Amanda Darieux)
  Zachary Blaine (18) (deceased, killed by Amanda)
  Alfred Cahill (19) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Gabriel Piton (20) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Col. Everett Bellian (21)
  Hugh Fitzcairn (22)

  Second Season (episode number in parentheses)
  Gregor Powers (2)
  Michael Moore/Quenten Barnes (3) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  James (4) (deceased, killed by renegade Watcher Pallin Wolf)
  Richie Ryan (4)
  Annie Devlin (5)
  Amanda (7)
  Carl Robinson (9)
  Anthony Gallen (10) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Thomas Sullivan (12) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Mako (13) (deceased, killed by Richie)
  Xavier St.Cloud (14,15) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Anton LeGris (14) (deceased, killed by Xavier with help from
  Jason Talbot (14) (deceased, killed by Xavier with help from
  Michel de Bourgogne (14) (flashback - deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Nicholas Ward (16) (deceased)
  Arthur Drake/Drakov (17) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Nefertiri (18) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Marcus Constantine (18)
  Luther (19) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Rebecca Horne (19) (deceased, killed by Luther)
  Hyde (20) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Charles Browning of York (21)

  Third Season (episode number in parentheses):

  Michael Kent (1) ( deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Kern (2) (deceased, killed by Duncan )
  Paul Karros (3) ( deceased, killed by Duncan)
  John Durgan (4)( deceased, killed by Duncan )
  Amanda (4, 5)
  Axel Whittaker (5) (deceased, killed by Duncan )
  Sharon (fb) (5) (deceased, killed by Axel )
  Michelle Webster (5) 
  Brion Cullen (6) (deceased, killed by Duncan )
  Zoltan Laszlo (6)
  Kenny (7)
  Dallman Ross (7) ( deceased, killed by Kenny)
  Frank Brody (fb) (7) ( deceased, killed by Kenny)
  Sean the Drummer Boy (fb) (7)( deceased, some question of whether he
      is killed by an Immortal or a cannonball)
  Daniel Keogh (8) 
  Garrick (9) ( deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Benny Carbassa (11)
  Lyman Kerlow (10) ( deceased, killed by Duncan )
  Peter Matlin (10) ( deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Michael Christian (12) ( deceased, killed by Duncan )
  May-Ling Shen (12) (deceased, killed by M. Christian )
  John Kirin/Cage (13)
  Bro. Paul (14) ( deceased,  killed by Kalas) 
  Bro. Timon (fb) (14) ( deceased, killed by Kalas)
  Kalas (14, 15, 16, 21, 22) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
  Hugh Fitzcairn (15) (deceased, killed by Kalas )
  Methos (16, 21, 22)
  Ceirdwyn (17)
  Kristov (18)
  Ernst Daimler (19)
  Lucas Kagan (20)

4.4. What does Duncan drive?

In Vancouver, he drives a black 1965 Thunderbird Convertible. The Washington State (USA) license plate numbers are 827-KEG. The 1965 Thunderbird is sought by collectors because it was the 10th Anniversary Edition--the first T-Birds were 1955 models (released in late '54).

In Paris, he drives a black French Citroen, DS model.

Tessa drove a white four-door Mercedes covertible (model and year unknown).

Richie drove a Suzuki Katana 600 motorcycle.

4.5. What was that drink that Kuyler was drinking in "For Evil's Sake"?

Absinthe, a bitter emerald green liquor made from wormwood and gradually causes madness and death in those who drink it. It is illegal in most countries today. It is made milky white by diluting with water and sweetening with sugar.

4.6. Addresses

Send mail concerning the series and/or the actors to either of the following addresses:

16027 VENTURA BLVD                   2401 COLORADO AVENUE 
SUITE 206                            #200
ENCINO,  CA  91436                   SANTA MONICA CA 90404

Rysher will send you an InfoPack with lots of nifty information about the series when you write them and include a long Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Rysher now has a home page on the World Wide Web. The URL is http://www.rysher.com/.

The executive producers of Highlander, Davis/Panzer Productions have established a web site just for Highlander (and HL merchandise). The URL is http://www.highlander-official.com/.

To write to Bill Panzer by snail mail:

Davis/Panzer Productions
8500 Melrose Avenue - Suite 202M
West Hollywood, CA 90069

4.7. Where in the world are we?

The first 13 episodes of the first season, the first 14 episodes of the second, and the first 14 of the third are filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada. No attempt is made to avoid or disguise major landmarks. The actually city name is never specifically stated in the series. It is thought that the producers of the show simply want it to be a "Generic, Nondescript American City." All the vehicles have Washington State (USA) license plates as if it were supposed to be Seattle, Washington. Throughout this FAQ, it is called Vancouver, though some of the fans jokingly refer to it as Sea-couver.

The last 9 episodes of the first season, the last 8 of the second, and the last 8 of the third are filmed in Paris, France. This location change is specifically indicated in the series. Filming for the Paris episodes started early in January.

This is due to the fact that Highlander is a joint Canadian/French venture.

4.8. Was Richie's Immortality planned in advance?

In an early version of the script for the pilot "The Gathering" Richie was killed and discovered that he was Immortal. By the time the pilot was filmed, this subplot had been discarded. What we had left was, at the end, Connor telling Duncan that 'the kid' needed watching. This subplot was revived for the second season. Apparently the theory that all TV Immortals are foundlings is canon, too. According to Adrian Paul in a Chat on AOL.com, the official explanation is that Duncan sensed during "The Gathering" that Richie was a pre-Immortal. Which means that Richie's 'recovery' from death in "The Darkness" came as no surprise to Duncan.

4.9. Can Immortals be made? I.e. can a mortal become Immortal?

No. Immortals are immortal from birth, but their bodies behave as mortal (normal healing rates, no 'BUZZ') until they experience their first 'death'. Until this time the only apparent way that they differ from 'mortal' humans this the fact that they are sterile. If a mortal kills an Immortal the mortal does not become Immortal.

4.10. Miscellanous tidbits

At the date referenced in 'The Gathering' (approximately Sept. or Oct. 1992) Connor Macleod is 474 years old (birth year found in early version of script) and Duncan Macleod is almost 400 ("I won't be 400 for another four months" -Duncan to Tessa in 'The Gathering').

The oldest known Immortals seen so far is The Kurgan in the movies and Methos (recurring character introduced in third season episode 'Methos' - he's at least 5000 years old) in the TV series.

In the TV series, Nefertiri and Marcus Constantine both run a distant second (second season episode "Pharaoh's Daughter"). They are shown in a flashback during Cleopatra's time (30 BC) in Egypt. According to Nefertiri's Persona card in the Highlander Card Game (which is canon according to the producers), in 30 BC she was about 1200 years old which would make her over 3200 years old. Darius is younger since his age was given as 'over 2000 years old' in 'Band of Brothers'.

4.11. Tartan Trivia

Question: I've seen Duncan MacLeod wear several different tartan patterns when we see him in a kilt in flashbacks. And there was also the tartan fragment that led Duncan to discovering the Watcher's chronicle in "The Hunters". Do the MacLeods really have that many tartans?

The pattern for the tartan that Duncan wears, Macleod of Harris and Dunvegan (also known as Macleod of Macleod), is R6 BK4 G30 BK20 B40 BK4 Y4. The numbers represent the number of threads in that color sequence in the pattern. (R = Red, BK = Black, Y = Yellow, G = Green, B = Blue).

The tartan fragment that we saw was done with coarse yarn to make it look older, more period, as if it were a piece that Duncan had given Darius very early in their friendship, maybe a fragment from one of Duncan's original kilts. The red sequence in the pattern, since it was closest to the camera, seemed to stand out. The appearance of a tartan can vary according to dyes and wool processing over the centuries but the essential pattern is usually the same. Which means that Duncan has always worn the MacLeod tartan. Actually there are two Clan MacLeods, the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan and the (extinct) MacLeods of Lewis and Ramsey. The pattern for the Macleods of Lewis is primarily yellow and black and we've seen it crop up in the Movies. The MacLeod of Lewis pattern is R2 Y24 BK16 Y2 BK16.

4.12. Production Number Trivia

Question: The production numbers for the first season as listed in the Episode Guide are different from the numbers for the second season. Why is that and what do the numbers signify?

The episode guide in Section lists the episodes in the order aired in the U.S. In the second season, for the most part, the airing order is the same as the production order, or very close. And, for the most part, the order the episodes air in is the order they were intended to air in, even if production dates were swapped for some reason (as with a couple of episodes in the upcoming season). In the second and third season, in particular, this is necessary so the plot arcs don't get confused. But when the show was first starting out, though, they were filming before they had entirely found their 'sea legs,' as it were. So some of the early episodes aired out of order -- neither in the order they were produced, *nor* in the order they were intended, arc-wise.

You can figure out the intended order of the episodes by looking at the production numbers. For instance, "The Gathering" has a production number of 92102-1. "92" is the year, "1" is first season, "02" is production order (filmed second), -1 is "chronologically first," or "meant to air as #1," which it did. "Free Fall" has a production number of 92101-5, meaning it was *filmed first* (which explains why it doesn't entirely fit with the rest of the canon) and intended to air as #5. Following this system, you will see that "Family Tree," 92106-2, was filmed 6th and *intended to air as the 2nd episode.* (Which makes a lot more sense if you think about it.)

4.13. What is this 'Forever Knight' that I keep hearing about on the HIGHLA-L mailing list?

"Forever Knight" is a TV series that was orginally part of CBS's 'Crimetime after Primetime' block of shows during the 92-93 TV season. When David Letterman announced that he was moving his talk show to CBS this block of shows were cancelled. After a year and an impassioned campaign by the fans "Forever Knight" was brought back as a first-run syndicated TV show. The first episode of the second season aired on ~16 September, 1994. The series aired on USA Network for the first 16 episodes of the third season while also appearing on syndicated stations. But just before Christmas, 1995, USA Network pulled the plug. The third season of Forever Knight continues to air on the syndicated U.S. stations and overseas but it is unlikely there will be a fourth season.

FOREVER KNIGHT chronicles the life of Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davis), an 700+ year old vampire seeking to regain his mortality. Towards this goal he serves as a homicide detective permanently assigned to the night shift in Toronto with the help of his partner, the wise-cracking, rough around the edges, Don Schanke (John Kapelos). The only mortal who knows his secret is Dr. Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher), department pathologist. She's devoted herself to searching for a way to restore Nick's mortality. Lurking in the background is LaCroix (Nigel Bennett), the vampire who made Nick into one those many centuries ago, who is determined to stop Nick's search. A few changes were made at the start of the third season: the characters Don Schanke (Detective John Kapelos), Janette (Deborah Duchene), and Captain Cohen (Natsuko Ohama) departed and the vampire Vachon (Ben Brass), Detective Tracy Vetter (Lisa Ryder), and Captain Joe Reese (Blu Mankuma) came on.

The connections that "Forever Knight" has to Highlander are many and varied:

1) Vampires are immortal (except that they are 'undead') but not Immortal so both shows attract the same people as fans,

2) the star of "Forever Knight," Geraint Wyn Davies, appeared in the 2nd season episode "Turnabout" (as an Immortal, not as a vampire) during a time when his series was canceled (it has now been sold into first run syndication and its second season starts this weekend),

and 3) last, but not least, the Forever Knight mailing list, FORKNI-L, is sort of an aunt to HIGHLA-L (see Section 0). It was through my membership on FORKNI-L that I learned about LISTSERV mailing lists and, when I started HIGHLA-L, PSUVM was the first site that I approached to host it. Several subscribers of HIGHLA-L are also subscribers to FORKNI-L. -Debbie Douglass

4.14. TV Immortals' Physiology

TV Series Immortals differ from Movie Immortals in a few ways: they can't breath under water ('The Gathering' and 'The Samurai'), they seem to 'die' (appear clinically dead) for a period of time before reviving, usually mostly healed of the 'fatal' wound. Another anomaly that was never addressed in the Movie is 'where do the bullets go when an Immortal is shot? Are the bullets expelled or absorbed or just lie dormant as in mortals?' The common consensus on the Highlander mailing list (HIGHLA-L) is that the bullets are expelled, usually explained by citing the pinging sound of what is thought to be two bullets hitting the ground right after Duncan is shot guarding Tessa in the T-bird in 'Eyewitness'.

Another commonly held theory is that an Immortal will not revive until the cause of his 'death' is removed enough for the injury to heal. For example. Connor in 'The Gathering' apparently died from drowning because he 'woke' up after Duncan pulled him from the water following his fight with Slan Quince but his chest wound didn't start healing until Duncan pulled the knife from Connor's chest (Connor had been in the water several hours since the fight had taken place at night and when Duncan rescued him it was daylight). Nefertiri in 'Pharoah's Daughter' was 'dead' for ~2000 years because there wasn't any air in her sarcophagus. It has been theorized that the seal on the sarcophagus broke while it was being shipped which is why Duncan sensed Nefertiri just before the truck carrying the sarcophagus wrecked.

4.15. Why don't we see more police investigations about all these headless bodies that should be appearing whereever Duncan goes?

David Panzer, Highlander Executive Producer, explained at the Highlander Convention (Oct 7,8,9, 1994) that they stopped dealing with this aspect of Immortality in the second season because if they continued to do this they'd end up dealing with it just about every week. This would take too much away time from the primary story line of each episode. So we really don't know where all the bodies go. :-)

4.16. Quotable Quotes

   (If you want more in this section send email to

   Richie: "These guys should sell tickets!"

   Connor: "I'm Connor MacLeod - same clan, different vintage."

   Connor: "In the end there can be only one - remember that rule?"

   Connor: "Do you think we ever lived like this? Like a tribe, with a
           name and a reason for each living thing? Did we ever
           belong somewhere...  a time... a place... however briefly?" 
    -'The Gathering'

   "I don't care who does the killing - I'm tired of it.  I'm tired of
   the endless mindless fighting, I'm tired of death!"
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'The Gathering'

   "When was the last time you had such an enthusiastic opponent."
    -Connor MacLeod, 'The Gathering'

   Connor:  A mere pinprick.
   Duncan:  By my count you look more like a pincushion.
    - 'The Gathering'

   "I'm an artist.  I'm supposed to have this tremendous...
   imagination. But who could imagine this!"
    -Tessa Noel, 'The Gathering'

   "I'm on like, uh, America's Funniest Home Videos, right?
    -Richie Ryan, 'The Gathering'

   "It's over when I cut off your head."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'The Gathering'

   "Check it out.  One night only, everything must go."
    -Richie Ryan, 'The Gathering'

   "You'd think in four hundred years a person would learn how to listen."
    -Tessa Noel, 'The Gathering'

   "When I was growing up there was a legend in my clan about a
   ... strange man in my grandfather's time.  Who was killed in battle
   and then miraculously revived."  -Duncan MacLeod, 'The Gathering'
   Richie:  What do you guys got anyway - secret handshake?
   Duncan:  Tattoo.
    -'Innocent Man'
   Crowley: Your friend Lucas died on his knees begging for his life.
   Duncan:  We'll see how you do.
    -Innocent Man
   Duncan:  I already have my little black book out.
   Tessa:   I've seen it.  It's three hundred years out of date.
    -'Road Not Taken'
   Not a line, but the look on Duncan's face when when the little
           girl, Belinda, said, "I have to go to the bathroom" was a
    -'Bad Day in Building A'

   "Now this is an interesting test of your reflexes; can you turn and
   fire that thing before I skewer you?"
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Bad Day in Building A.'
   Tessa to Felicia: "I may not be able to kill you, but I'll give you
           a facial you won't forget!"
    -'Free Fall'

   Richie: "What was I supposed to say to her, 'I'm sorry you're
           having a bad day, now get lost'?"
    -'Free Fall'

   Felicia: "You make it sound as if we're linked together in some
   Duncan:  "We ARE... We're linked and locked for all time."
    -'Free Fall'
   "There *is* light at the end of the tunnel.  It's up to you to get
   to it."    -Tessa Noel, 'The Sea Witch'
   "I'm telling you, you can always buy new clothes but you cannot buy
   a new head!"  -Richie Ryan, 'Sea Witch'
  "I'm just callin' 'em as I see 'em."  -Richie Ryan, 'Eyewitness'
   Duncan: "My father couldn't understand what had happened."
   Richie: "Who could? Man, he musta freaked. I mean, there you were
           all of a sudden, on your feet again - zombie in a kilt!"
    -'Family Tree'

   Duncan:      It is a miracle!
   Ian MacLeod: It is the work of the demon master from
                the world below!
    -'Family Tree'
   Richie:  You never found out who your real parents were?
   Duncan:  No.  But after a couple of hundred years...you get over it.
            One day so will you.     -'Family Tree'
   "We were a primitive clan. Primitive and superstitious. Fear ruled
   our  lives."    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Family Tree'
   "There's a proverb in Northern India: If you go hunting tigers, be
   sure you're prepared to find one."  -Duncan MacLeod, 'Family Tree'
   "Art can be hard work."  -Tessa Noel, 'Family Tree'
   Duncan:  I was raised a warrior.  I choose battles I believe to be
   Darius:  Oh I'm sure.  You're quite loyal to your convictions and
            compatriots.  But I wonder what these men think about that.
            About convictions and compatriotism now.
    -'Band of Brothers'

   "Moderation is for monks MacLeod."
    -Baron Deshields, 'For Evil's Sake'

   Tessa:   Why do I argue with you.
   Duncan:  Cause you're contrary by nature.
    -'For Tomorrow We Die'

   Tessa:   He came across this one in Ghana.  Said it cost him
            an arm and a leg.
   Duncan:  Did he say whose?
    -'For Tomorrow We Die'

   "So.  Is God as good a business as they say, Darius."
    -Xavier St.Cloud, 'For Tomorrow We Die'

   "Parisians don't mind a little larceny now and then.  If it's done
   with ingenuity, no one gets hurt."
    -Georges Dalou, 'For Tomorrow We Die'

   "Holy ground's a wonderful thing.  It allows us to speak almost
   like friends."  -Xavier St.Cloud, 'For Tomorrow We Die'

   Tessa:   Why do I argue with you?
   Duncan:  Because  you are contrary by nature.
   Tessa:   I am not.
   Duncan:  Yes, you are.
   Tessa:   No, I am not.
   Duncan:  Yes, you are.
   Tessa:   No, I am not.
   Duncan:  See what I mean.   -'The Beast Below'
   "It's time that keeps shifting things under our feet."
    -Grace Chandler, 'Saving Grace'

   Tessa:  "Friend of yours?" 
   Duncan: "Just a bad habit."
    -'Lady and the Tiger'

   Clown:   Amanda wouldn't lie to me.
   Duncan:  Trust me.  You won't be the first man she's made a clown of.
    -'The Lady and the Tiger'

   Amanda(suggestively): You haven't let me thank you properly for
            saving my life.
   Duncan:  Send me a card.
    -'The Lady and the Tiger'

   "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."
    -Amanda Darieux, 'The Lady and the Tiger'

   Elaine:  How'd you get to be so smart.
   Duncan:  Trial and error.  Like a rat that bumps into a lot of walls until
            he finally learns the maze.  Lots of trial and error.
    -'Avenging Angel'

   Tessa:   You've been hacking on the computer again.
   Duncan:  Yeah well it's either that or fill out twenty forms and wait
            six months.  -'Avenging Angel'

   Duncan:  At least my women don't send armed patrols after me.
   Piton:   I won't have it any other way.  It adds spice to my love life.
   Duncan:  And lead to your hide.
    -'Eye of the Beholder'

   "You know what they say.  Breaking up is hard to do."
    -Gabriel Piton, 'Eye of the Beholder'

   Fitzcairn: I hope that sword isn't for me.
    -'The Hunters'

   "It's not state of the art, I agree.  But it's effective."
     -James Horton, 'The Watchers'

   "You're not stupid maybe you're just blind." 
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'The Watchers'

   "He's slow but I love him anyway."
    -Lynn Horton, 'The Watchers'

   Skinhead: I'm going to kill you 
   Duncan:   Oh, I don't think so
    -'The Watchers'

   Richie:  This is just great - just great! I mean, he's there, 
            they're there, we're here, nobody's anywhere!
   Tessa:   You ever think of running for Congress?
    -'The Watchers'

   "Your camera sees what you want it to see.  You can shoot hope, or
   despair. Garbage or flowers.  It all depends on where you wanna
   spend your life."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Studies in Light'

   "Were you born sensitive or did you have to study."
    -Tessa Noel, 'Studies in Light'

   Duncan:  I'm meeting an old friend.
   Richie:  Oh. Wait - old as in [makes sword noises]?
   Duncan:  Yeah - [sword noises].
    -'Studies in Light'

   Linda:   Why'd you do that?
   Duncan:  Do what?
   Linda:   Run into the burning building.
   Duncan   (sarcastically): Because that's where the fire was?
    -'Studies in Light'

   "All I get is bits and pieces.  It's not like I can put in a tape
   and watch the movie."  -Greta, 'The Darkness'

   Charlie: You walk pretty close to the edge MacLeod.  What're you
   Duncan:  You don't wanna know Charlie.  Some of the people that
            found out aren't around anymore.
    -'The Zone'

   Amanda: "Why can't you believe me, MacLeod?"
   Duncan: "Experience."
    -'Return of Amanda'

   Amanda: "I swear on my mother's grave."
   Duncan: "You don't have a mother."
    -'Return of Amanda'

   Duncan:  There's this guy watching you you know.
   Amanda:  There usually is.
    -'The Return of Amanda'

   "I never kiss on the first date."  -Amanda, 'The Return of Amanda'

   Amanda:  You really expect me to steal, don't you?
   Duncan:  I expect sharks to bite, too. Don't take it personally.
    -'The Return of Amanda'
   "The main difference between a wise man and a fool, is that a fool's
   mistakes never teach him anything."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Revenge of the Sword'
   Duncan:  He grows on you Charlie.
   Charlie: So does cancer.
    -'Run for your Life'
   Carl about a Watcher-cop who wants to kill him: I don't care if he's a
         damned cop, it'll be self-defense, man!
   Duncan: Yeah, and what are you gonna tell 'em? That you're an Immortal
         and he's a member of a secret organisation and they're trying to
         kill you?   -'Run for your Life'

   "Men are like horses -- big and stupid.  But they do have their uses."
    -Bess, 'Epitaph for Tommy'
   "Us Highlanders have to stick together."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Epitaph for Tommy'
   Richie (referring to Suzanne's age and hoping Duncan isn't interested in
   her):    25? And how old are you?
   Duncan:  400. But you know what, Richie? Today I feel like a kid.
    -'Epitaph for Tommy'
   Mako:   I'm looking for a girl
   Duncan: Try working on your personality.
    -'Under Color of Authority'

   "Don't worry I don't bite.  In fact I haven't had to wear a muzzle in
   years."  -Duncan MacLeod, 'Unholy Alliance I'
   "You cut off his arm didn't you.  No wonder he's pissed."
    -Charlie DeSalvo, 'Unholy Alliance I'
   "I believe there's an order in the universe; that there's purpose;
   that things eventually fit.  Even if you can't see how or why."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Unholy Alliance I'
   "Everyone's a critic."  -Nicholas Ward, 'The Vampire'
   "Nefertiri, you don't give, you just trade."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Pharaoh's Daughter'
   "You don't buy loyalty with sex."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Pharaoh's Daughter'
   Maurice: Are you suggesting I change the facts?
   Duncan:  No, you manufacture 'em Maurice.
   "You stuck your nose in without being asked -- the least you could
   do is say you're sorry!"  -Amanda Darieux, 'Legacy'
   Richie:  I'd kiss you, but people might talk.
   Duncan:  They might.
    -'Prodigal Son'
   Joe:    Look, if we had of revealed your secret in more superstitious
           times you can imagine the witch hunts
   Duncan: I don't have to imagine
   Joe:    And today, you'd probably end up on page 3 of one of those
           supermarket rags right next to the 2 headed monkey and I'd be
           in a straight jacket
    -'Prodigal Son'
   Hyde: You ever gutted a bear with a knife or taken a lion with a
         spear, even in death they continue to fight. But it's nothing
         compared to the kill of a seasoned immortal.
    -'Prodigal Son'
   Richie:  Mac, well, I...
   Duncan:  I missed you, too, tough guy. [They hug]
    -'Prodigal Son'
   Richie:  They don't still use the guillotine in France, do they?
    -'Prodigal Son'
   Maurice: They claimed I stole a chicken.
   Duncan:  But you'd never do that.
   Maurice: Of course not. It was a duck.
    -'Prodigal Son'
   Richie:  I should'a whacked the son-of-a-bitch.
   Duncan:  Yeah - but I saw him first.
    -'Prodigal Son'
   Lisa:    I need to sleep.
   Horton:  You'll sleep when you're dead.
    -'Counterfeit I'
   Joe:     I owe you one
   Richie:  You might regret that.
    -'Counterfeit II'
   Fr. Andre:  Are you a police officer.
   Duncan:     No.  I'm an Immortal.
    -'Counterfeit I'
   Duncan:  Stay in the car.
   Richie:  Okay, everybody who's Immortal, raise their hand. 
            [Raises hand] [To Duncan] Looks like it's just the two of us.
   [Richie intercepts bullets meant for Dawson]
   Dawson:  You've been hit.
   Richie:  Yeah, I caught that part.
   Richie:  Mac, I am freezing out here!
   Duncan:  No Immortal ever died of a chill.
   [The sheriff in the flashback is about to behead Duncan for poaching]
   Duncan:  But the penalty for poaching is hanging. That's it! Hang me!
            Hang me!   -'Counterfeit'
   "They say everyone has a double somewhere.  I'd love to meet mine."
    -Lisa Millon, 'Counterfeit II'
   Hideo: If they see you, you will be crucified
   Duncan looks unphased.
   Hideo: And then beheaded.
   Duncan: That's a thought.
    -'The Samurai'
   Duncan:  It looks like raw octopus. [Silence. He eats it.]
   Maja:    It IS raw octopus.
   Duncan:  <*Gulp*> It's delicious.
    -'The Samurai'
   Duncan:  I bathe once a month!
   Maja:    You smell like it!
    -'The Samurai'
   Maja:    Wash outside tub, soak inside tub, it is Japanese custom!
   Duncan:  This is a Scottish body, and it can wash itself!
    -'The Samurai'
   "I'm kinda tired of hanging around old antiques like you.  Look at me
   I'm growing mold!"
    -Joe Dawson, 'Line of Fire'
   "You can't protect them.  It doesn't matter what you do it doesn't
   matter how much you love them or how hard you try - you just can't."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Line of Fire'
   "Never confuse people with what they don't need to know."
    -Paul Karros, 'The Revolutionary'
   "For three hundred years you've been telling me to go legit - now that
   I'm straight you want me to steal!"
    -Amanda Darieux, 'The Cross of St. Antoine'
   "Murdering a priest is an interesting way to find religion."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'The Cross of St. Antoine'
   Thorne:  I acquire many things, and nothing is ever taken from me.
   Duncan:  How about your head?
    -'The Cross of St. Antoine'
   "Don't sweat the past.  It's history." 
    -Axel Whittaker, 'Rite of Passage'
   Duncan:  Do you dance?
   Anne:    Like a giraffe on rollerskates.
   "Excuse me.  Reality calls."   -Anne Lindsey, 'Shadows'
   Duncan:  If it happens again, you do whatever you have to to
            survive. You do whatever you have to!
   Richie:  NO! I can't kill you! I can't!
   Cop (to Duncan about his sword): And, Bruce? Leave this thing at home.
   Robert:  What's with you guys and the swords? There are easier ways to
   kill people.
   Syd:     Any famous last words?
   Duncan:  Nothing that's not a cliche.
   "Look at you sexy long-haired Immortal you... You Stud Man, you!
    -Benny Carbasa, 'Vendetta'
   "When one's life is in danger, one is capable of doing extraordinary
   things."  -May-Ling Shen, 'They Also Serve'
   (Mei Ling is talking about how her teacher began to see her as more
   than a student)
   Mei Ling: So the student had to teach the teacher a lesson.
   Duncan:   And what was that?
   Mei Ling: Sometimes a man's greatest asset is also his greatest
             liability.  (She knees him in the you-know-where.)
   Duncan:   (bent over and groaning) I had to ask.
    -'They Also Serve'
   Richie (holding up tickets to a basketball? game): Courtside seats!
   Jack Nicholson does not have a better view!
    -'They Also Serve'
   Joe: Sometimes, in life, you have to do more than just watch.
    -'They Also Serve'
   Richie:  Just how bad is he.
   Duncan:  Bad enough to kill.
    -'Blind Faith'
   "We're beasts when we kill...men when we judge...God when we forgive"
    -John Kirin, 'Blind Faith'
   "You got a hell of a sense of humor for a man who's facing a .38."
    -Matthew Hopkins, 'Blind Faith'
   Timon:   You don't sing?
   Duncan:  Only over a keg of ale.
    -'Song of the Executioner'
   "You just don't strike me as the celibate type."
    -Anne Lindsey, 'Song of the Executioner'
   "He has a tricky way with words, mister Shakespeare."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Song of the Executioner'
   Fitzcairn: That was a rotten trick.
   Duncan:    Ah, quit yer whining.
   "Imagine an immortal so old, that he doesn't remember the time of his
   birth."  -Joe Dawson, 'Methos'
   "I'd never make it as a Puritan."
    -Duncan MacLeod, 'Testimony'
   "Would you look at the bright side too -- I mean she already saw you
   die once; at least you're not going to have to kill yourself *again*
   in order to prove it."
    -Richie Ryan, 'Testimony'
   "Gotta hand it to you MacLeod, you got a memory like an elephant."
    -Amanda Darieux, 'Finale I'
   "You Europeans invented the minutes.  Here there is only morning,
   noon and night."  -Hamza el Kahir, 'Finale I'
   Amanda:  Look, I appreciate your help.
   Duncan:  And I'd appreciate being a thousand miles away from you.
    -'Finale II'
   (Amanda being hauled off in chains.)
   Amanda:  What are you, eunuchs?
   Eunuch:  Listen!  Be silent!
   Amanda:  Or what?  You'll add another lifetime to my sentence?
   Eunuch:  You won't stay long...
    -'Finale II'
   Katana: "Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, if you don't take it out and
   use it, it's going to rust"
    -'Highlander II'

4.17. Swords used in Highlander: The Series

by Diana Waldier (Swordmasters Inc.) and Scott Viguie

         Season One
 "The Gathering"   
         Dragon Head Katana -------------- Duncan MacLeod
         Silver braid Tachi -------------- Connor MacLeod
         Custom Broadsword --------------- Slan Quince

      Swords on display in the Antique Store:
         Customized El Cid Colada (the one Richie tried to steal)
              This sword is now owned by Diana Waldier.  While this
              sword photographed beautifully, in person it is very
         Garcia De Paredes Mandoble 
 "Innocent Man"
         Confederate Cavalry Saber ------- Lucas Desiree
         Claymore ------------------------ Sheriff Crowley
 "Road Not Taken"  
         Standard Tai Chi Chuan sword ---- Kiem Sun
         Twin Wakizashi ------------------ Chu Lin
 "Bad Day in Building A"   
         NO SWORDS, but a 'rubbish picker' was used by Duncan MacLeod
 "Free Fall"       
         Black Handled Tachi ------------- Felicia Martins
         Claymore ------------------------ Devereux
 "Deadly Medicine"  
         NO SWORDS
 "Mountain Men"     
         NO SWORDS, Custom Battle Axe ---- Caleb
 "Revenge is Sweet" 
         Spanish Cavalry Sabre------------ Walter Reinhardt
          (They call it a German sabre)      \Rebecca Lord(Vanity)
         Olympic Epee -------------------- Rebecca Lord(Vanity)
 "The Sea Witch"    
         Manchu Broadsword --------------- Alexei Voshin
         Charles V, Bronze --------------- Police Chief Andrew Ballin
         Sabre (custom made for breaking)-  "     "       "
 "Family Tree"      
         Excalibur-type broadsword, Bronze 
              ---------------------------- Duncan's father in flashback
 "See No Evil"      
         Charles III rapier -------------- Marcus Korolus
 "Band of Brothers" 
         Kris Broadsword ---------------- Grayson
         Spanish Cavalry Sabre ---------- Thief
         Scottish Basket-hilt Claymore -- Duncan MacLeod in flashback
         Charles III -------------------- Antique Store Case
         Spanish Cavalry Sabre ---------- Antique Store Case
         Viking Sword ------------------- Antique Store Case
         Customized El Cid Colada, "Pina Colada"
              --------------------------- Antique Store Case

 "For Evil's Sake"  
         Charles V bronze shortsword ------- Kuyler
 "For Tomorrow We Die"
         World War I army issue Katana -- Xavier St. Cloud
 "The Beast Below"  
         Custom Scythe ------------------ Ursa
         Broadsword (country unknown) --- Duncan MacLeod
 "Saving Grace"     
         courtier Rapier ---------------- Duncan MacLeod
                    Custom Machete ------ Carlo Sendaro
 "Lady and the Tiger"
         Italian Rapier ----------------- Zachary Blaine
         English Broadsword with wheel pommel
              --------------------------- Amanda
 "Avenging Angel"   
         Broadsword with wheel pommel, and mace 
              --------------------------- Alfred Cahill
 "Eye of the Beholder"
         Transistional Rapiers with small sword handles
              --------------------------- Gabriel Piton
         Black Braid Katana -------------    "     "
 "Nowhere to Run"
         Military Saber ----------------- Colonel Everett Bellian
 "The Hunters"
         courtier sword ----------------- Hugh Fitzcairn
         Scottish Basket Hilt ----------- Duncan in war flashback

         SEASON TWO
 "The Watchers"     
        El Cid Tizona ------------------- Hanging in Dawson's bookstore
 "Studies in Light" 
        El Cid Tizona, Silver (etched blade) 
              --------------------------- Gregor Powers
        'YO SOY LA TIZONA...' is engraved on the sword's blade
        Charles III --------------------- Michael Moore\
                                            Quenten Barnes
 "The Darkness"
        Custom Kris --------------------- Pallin Wolf
        Charles V bronze shortsword------ James
 "Eye for an Eye"
        Short Duke of Alba shortsword which pommel removed
              --------------------------- Annie Devlin
        Gold Braid Tachi ---------------- Richie Ryan's practice sword
        Black Braid Katana -------------- Richie, fighting Annie
        Columbus 500th Anniversary Rapier 
              --------------------------- given to Richie by Duncan
              This sword is exactly like the Don Quixote Clamshell
              Rapier except the Columbus has a wire wrapped handle and
              a ship on the clamshell while the Quixote has a velvet
              insert handle and Don Quixote on horseback on the

 "The Zone"
        NO SWORDS
 "The Return of Amanda" 
        Olympic Sabre ------------------- Duncan\Richie\Amanda
 "Revenge of the Sword" 
        Twin Wakazashi ------------------ Duncan MacLeod
        Double Rooster Tai Chi Chuan sword 
              --------------------------- Jimmy Sang
 "Run For Your Life"
        Custom broadsword made by Bob Anderson to resemble an
              oversized Machete --------- Carl Robinson
 "Epitaph for Tommy"  
        Garcia De Paredes Mandoble broadsword 
              --------------------------- Anthony Gallen
 "Bless the Child"
        NO SWORDS
 "The Fighter"
        Spanish Cavalry Sabre ----------- Thomas 'Sully' Sullivan
 "Under the Cover of Athority" 
        Charles V bronze shortsword ----- Mako
 "Unholy Alliance - Part I & II" 
        Charles V bronze shortsword ----- Xavier St. Cloud
        Charles III shortsword ---------- Anton Degre\James Talbet
        Confederate Cavalry Sabre ------- Michell De Bogon
 "The Vampire"
        Sword Cane ---------------------- Nicholas Ward
        Charles V nickel shortsword -----    "      "
 "The Warmonger"
        modified Kris broadsword -------- Drake
        Military Sabre ------------------   "

  "Pharaoh's Daughter"
        Alexander the Great ------------- Nefertiri
        Roman Short Sword --------------- Marcus Constantine

        Single Ring Rapier -------------- Rebecca & Amanda
        Manchu Broadsword --------------- Luther

  "Prodigal Son"
        Rapier -------------------------- Hyde
        Garcia De Pardes Mandoble ------- Hyde, flashback
        Scottish Basket Hilt ------------ Duncan, flashback

  "Counterfeit, Part I & II"
        NO SWORDS

  "The Samurai"
        Boarding Sabre ------------------ Duncan, on beach
        Katana -------------------------- Duncan, in Japan
        Katana -------------------------- Kent

  "Line of Fire"
        Confederate Cavalry Sabre ------- Kern
              with Matching Bowie Knife 

        Alexander the Great ------------- Paul Karras

  "The Cross of St. Antoine"
        Roland -------------------------- John Durgan

  "Rite of Passage"
        Garcia De Pardes Mandoble ------- Axel

        Briquet Sabre ------------------- Brian

  "The Lamb"
        Agincourt (with shortened blade)
              --------------------------- Kenny

4.18. Temporary 'deaths' suffered by Immortals in the TV series

Compiled by Claire Maier

  Now, in some cases, it's hard to tell whether the immie actually
  temporarily died or not, so I'm including all cases where what
  happened would have killed a mortal, whether or not the immie "died",
  or even lost consciousness, for that matter.

  (fb)=during flashback; (1st)=first death  (*)=may not have or did not die
  The Gathering
   Connor-shot with projectile in chest
  Innocent Man
   Duncan-hanged (fb)
  Free Fall
   Felicia-jumps from building
  Bad Day in Building A
   Duncan-shot in back
  Deadly Medicine
   Duncan-run over by car
  Sea Witch
   Duncan-jumps in water and stays under (*)
  Family Tree
   Duncan-stabbed in chest (fb) (1st)
  Revenge is Sweet
   Reinhardt-falls off building into water (fb) (*)
  Mountain Men
   Duncan-jumps off cliff
   Duncan-shot in chest (*)
  Band of Brothers
   Darius-stabbed in torso (fb) (*)
  For Evil's Sake
   Kuyler-drinks absinthe (*)
  The Beast Below
   Ursa-stabbed in chest (fb), falls from roof
  Saving Grace
   Carlo-electrocuted on subway rail (*)
  For Tomorrow We Die
   Duncan-poison gassed  (fb)
   Xavier-poison gassed
  Avenging Angel
   Cahill-stabbed in chest (1st)
  Eye of the Beholder
   Piton-set on fire (*)
  Nowhere to Run
   Duncan-shot in chest (fb)
  The Hunters
   Duncan-shot in chest with projectile (*)
   Fitz-shot in chest with crossbow
  The Watchers
   Duncan-shot in back and chest
  Studies in Light
   Gregor-shot in chest (fb)
   Michael/Quenten-electric chair (fb)
  The Darkness
   Richie-shot in chest (1st)
  Eye for an Eye
   Annie-jumps out of window
  The Zone
   Duncan-beaten and thrown in river (*)
  The Return of Amanda
   Duncan-shot in back
   Amanda-shot in back
  Run for Your Life
   Duncan-shot in chest (fb)
   Carl-run over by car (*)
  Epitaph for Tommy
   Duncan-thrown out window
   Galen-shot in chest
  Unholy Alliance, part 1
   Duncan-shot in heart
   Anton LeGris-shot in chest (*)
   Jason Talbott-shot in back and chest (*)
  The Vampire
   Ward-shot and staked in heart (fb)
  Pharoah's Daughter
   Nefertiri-takes poison (fb)
   Amanda-clubbed in head (1st) (fb)
  Prodigal Son
   Hyde-shot and falls off roof
  Counterfeit, part 2
   Richie-shot in chest
   Duncan??? (shot or playing possum?)

4.19. Translations into various languages of "There can be only One" and other Highlander phrases

Gathered by Scott Viguie

There can be only one              (English)
Il ne peut y en avoir qu'un        (French)
No Crea Solo Uno                   (Italian)
No peudo haber solamente uno       (Spanish)
hitori sonzai suru nomi            (Japanese)
Es Kann nur Einen geben            (German)
Dor Kuennt bloss een bleven        (Northern German dialect)
Daar kan slegs een wees            (Afrikaans)
Povas esti nur unu                 (Esperanto)
Vain Yksi Voi Jaada                (Finish)
Det Kan bara vara en               (Sweedish)
Mozhet Bwit Syevo Adain            (Russian)
Tam Moze byc tylko jeden           (Polish)
Muzhe trvat jenom jeden            (Czech)
Potest esse nur unus               (Latin)
Suf davar echad levad              (Hebrew)
Tusm sof ken nor Zayn eyner aleyn  (Yiddish)
Puede be isa nalang                (Tagalog)
rathlaHebj wa' neH                 (Klingon)

Its a kind of magic.               (English)
C'est une sorte magie              (French)
Det eren slags magi                (Norwegian)

Who wants to live forever?         (English)
Qui veunt vivre Pour tojours?      (Frech)
Haven onskar a leve for evig       (Norwegian)

4.20. Little known facts connecting the movies with the Series

Bob Anderson was the Sword Master for Highlander I and II and was also the Sword Master for 12 of the first season and 20 of the second season episodes.

Peter Diamond was the Stunt Coordinator for Highlander I and also played the part of Iman Fasil, the Immortal that Connor fought in the parking garage at the beginning of the movie. He was also was the Stunt Coordinator for 10 of the first season episodes and had a small part in 'Band of Brothers.'

4.21. Reused locations

Yes, there are only so many good location shots in Vancouver and Paris and the producers try very hard to make the most of them. (this section under construction)