9. Administrivia

9.1. Who Contributed?

The FAQ is maintained by Debbie Douglass.

A lot of the information has been gratuitously plagiarized from the 'Net. Following are the names of the people I *do* have. Many thanks to all of them. Sorry to those who have been inadvertently excluded. Sorted more or less alphabetically, they are: Catherine Beckstead, Trevor Boyce, Lady Johanna Constantine, William Dieterichm, Janet A Dornhoff, Katherine Emblom, Stacey Epstein, Sean Eric Fagan, Josh Geurink, J Bruce Howie, Stevens Jason, Dan Johnson, Susan Johnson, Rick Jones, Joe Kiniry, Jimmy Kung, Kathy Madison, William G Martin, Lab Master, Heath W McCarthy, Selma McCrory, Margaret Newman, Morpheus Nosferatu, Doug Oke, JJ Pierson, Christine Reynolds, Jeff Rupley, Phillip D Russell, Rick Savoia, Jeff Schneiter, Cherie Slasor, Ross Smith, Paul Tyma, Jeff Vavasour, Michael Vilain, Robert W Welham, Howard Wilson, Jonathan Young, Akane, Jeff, Kane, Karhu, 01fortec, cate3, IO20746, Lezlie Shell, ma_saunders, ST34675, sandman, G.E. Rule, Lab Master, Mike Andersson, Bill Reeves, Obie Slotterbeck, Roderick Lee (also known as Profess'nal Agitator), Jonathan Blum, Dave Romas, Lee Whiteside, Jeff Hansen, Julie Beamer, Claire Maier, Christopher Lau, Kyrsten Johnson, Michael Peil, Danny Hager, George Abraham, Julia Frizzell, Velia Tanner, Monique Treurniet, Krystmas Tarr (director of the HL fanclub), and numerous others.

(If you see something you contributed in this FAQ and I didn't list your name please send me email and I'll correct it.)

Additional information gratuitously plagiarized from USENET and HIGHLA-L.

9.2. Where can I get another copy of the FAQ?

For the time being, just ask me, Debbie Douglass douglass@chaplin.ndhm.gtegsc.com I'll try to post this on the USENET newsgroups rec.arts.sf.tv, rec.arts.sf.movies, alt.tv.highlander, and alt.cult.movies with some semblance of regularity.

If you don't have access to USENET or you just want a copy in-between postings you can request a copy by sending email to me at douglass@chaplin.ndhm.gtegsc.com. If you include 'Send HL FAQ' in the Subject line your request will be handled automatically. Or you can access it on World Wide Web at http://www.highlander.org/FAQ/. If you want to find out if there is a later version out send and email to douglass@chaplin.ndhm.gtegsc.com and include 'Query HL FAQ' in the Subject line the latest version information will sent to you.