3. Highlader: The Series - Episode Guide

  Highlander: The Series

  In other times they bore other names:
          The Old Ones, The Elvan Lords, Druids,
          Angels, Demons, Gods...

  In our time they are called the Immortals.
          They are still with us.

                           ...all the legends are true.
                      (From the Highlander TV series writers' bible)

3.0. When and on what channel does Highlander air?

Since Highlander is a first-run syndicated TV series when and where it airs varies wherever you live. It does not belong to any of the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN, etc) but this does not mean that it can't air on your local network affiliate since it is your local channel who buys the syndicated shows. WWOR (cable) airs the current episodes at 12am (midnight Eastern) Saturdays and WGN(cable) airs the current episodes at 6pm Eastern on Saturdays.

In the USA, in addition to the first-run episodes (we're currently in the fourth season) the cable channel USA Network is airing the first three seasons at 5pm Eastern Monday thru Friday and 12am midnight) Mondays.

3.1. Introduction

Heads up, movie fans. According to the producers, the TV series is in an alternate universe/timeline from the movies but the two share *some* characters, events, and rules. This means that, for the TV series, Connor did not win the Prize in 1985 when he killed the Kurgan. The Gathering has just begun and apparently it is a long process. There are still plenty of Immortals left when the TV series opens in 1992.

The Premise:

Duncan MacLeod is a younger clansman of Connor MacLeod and he also is an Immortal. The series opened (first season) with Slan Quince, an evil Immortal hunting down Duncan to take his head. Connor has tracked Quince to Duncan's since he thought Duncan might need help. Duncan has tried to stay out of the Game for many years. Duncan lives in and runs an antique shop with his live-in lover of 12 years, Tessa Noel. Richie Ryan is a young thief who is trying to rob the antique shop in the middle of the night when all of a sudden all these strange men show up brandishing deadly looking swords and threatening to do battle then and there.

In the beginning (4th episode) of the second season, Tessa is killed in a random act of senseless violence. Her death inspires Duncan to become more involved in mortal affairs. He feels he can no longer ignore the sorry state of the world, but must try to do something to improve it.

Richie, killed in the same shooting as Tessa, becomes Immortal. Once trained by Mac, he will go off on his own, becoming a recurring character.

Duncan sells the antique store and moves into an industrial loft over a martial arts dojo. The loft is a spare, masculine space; the Dojo below is a place where serious martial artists and warriors train, not a place for aerobics classes.

CHARLIE DESALVO, runs the Dojo. Charlie's mother was black, and his father is an Italian. He is also an ex-Navy SEAL (Went off to help in a war-torn country in third season "The Revolutionary"; Now Richie runs the dojo).

JOE DAWSON, middle-aged, is first introduced as an unassuming book shop owner. We have learned that he is involved with an age-old secret organization known as THE WATCHERS. The Watchers have secretly observed and recorded the chronicles of the Immortals for countless generations. Dawson knows all about MacLeod -- in fact, he is one of his greatest admirers. After an initial confrontation, the two become allies, and Dawson will occasionally put his formidable intelligence operation at Mac's disposal. Meanwhile, Dawson must confront the renegades within his own organization (lead by his own brother-in-law, James Horton) who believe that the only good Immortal is a dead Immortal. These HUNTERS will periodically come after Duncan MacLeod's head.

3.2. Short Episode Listings

The episode listings show the episodes in the order they aired in the U.S.A. In the second and third season, the airing order is the same as the production order, or very close. And, for the most part, the order the episodes aired is the order they were intended to air, even if production dates were swapped for some reason. In the second and third season, in particular, this was necessary so the plot arcs don't get confused.

THIS is NOT the case with the FIRST season. When they first started the show, they were well into filming several episodes before they had entirely found their 'sea legs,' as it were. So some of the early episodes aired out of order -- neither in the order they were produced, *nor* in the order they were intended, arc-wise.

You can figure out the intended order of the episodes by looking at the production numbers. For instance, "The Gathering" has a production number of 92102-1. "92" is the year, "1" is first season, "02" is production order (filmed second), -1 is "chronologically first," or "meant to air as #1," which it did. "Free Fall" has a production number of 92101-5, meaning it was *filmed first* (which explains why it doesn't entirely fit with the rest of the canon) and intended to air as #5. Following this system, you will see that "Family Tree," 92106-2, was filmed 6th and *intended to air as the 2nd episode.* (Which makes a lot more sense if you think about it.)

  First Season 
  01     The Gathering                 92102-1 (aired week of 1 Oct 92) 
  02     Innocent Man                  92103-4 
  03     Road Not Taken                92108-3
  04     Bad Day in Building A         92107-6 
  05     Free Fall                     92101-5
  06     Deadly Medicine               92111-8
  07     Mountain Men                  92110-7 
  08     Revenge is Sweet              92109-10 
  01R    The Gathering                 92102-1 
  09     The Sea Witch                 92112-9 
  10     Eyewitness                    92115-12 
  11     Family Tree                   92106-2 
  02R    Innocent Man                  92103-4
  07R    Mountain Men		       92110-7 
  05R    Free Fall		       92101-5 
  03R    Road Not Taken		       92103-4 
  04R    Bad Day in Building A	       92107-6 
  06R    Deadly Medicine               92111-8 
           (working title: Never Say Die)
  12     See No Evil                   92114-11 
  13     Band of Brothers              92118-13 
  14     For Evil's Sake               92117-14 
  15     For Tomorrow We Die           92116-15 
  16     The Beast  Below              92123-16 
  17     Saving Grace                  92120-17 
  09R    The Sea Witch                 92112-9  
  11R    Family Tree                   92106-2 
  10R    Eyewitness                    92115-12 
  12R    See No Evil                   92114-11 
  08R    Revenge is Sweet              92109-10 
  18     The Lady and the Tiger        92121-18 
  19     Avenging Angel                92122-20 
  20     Eye of the Beholder           92124-19  
  21     Nowhere to Run                92125-21 
  22     The Hunters                   92126-22 
  15R    For Tomorrow  We Die          92116-15 
  14R    For Evil's Sake               92117-14 
  01R    The Gathering                 92102-1 
  07R    Mountain Men                  92110-7 
  09R    The Sea Witch                 92112-9 
  10R    Eyewitness                    92115-12 
  12R    See No Evil                   92114-11 
  16R    The Beast Below               92123-16 
  17R    Saving Grace                  92120-17 
  13R    Band of Brothers              92118-13 
  18R    The Lady and the Tiger        92121-18 
  14R    For Evil's Sake               92117-14 
  21R    Nowhere to Run                92125-21 
  20R    Eye of the Beholder           92124-19 
  08R    Revenge  is Sweet             92109-10 
  15R    For Tomorrow We Die           92116-15 
  19R    Avenging  Angel               92122-20 
  22R    The Hunters    	       92126-22
  Second Season
  01     The Watchers                  93201  (aired week of 9/27/93)
  02     Studies in Light              93202
  03     Turnabout                     93203
  04     The Darkness                  93204
  05     Eye For An Eye                93205
  06     The Zone                      93206
  07     The Return of Amanda          93207
  08     Revenge of The Sword          93208
  09     Run For Your Life             93209
  10     Epitaph for Tommy             93210
  01R    The Watchers                  93201
  02R    Studies in Light              93202
  03R    Turnabout                     93203
  08R    Revenge of the Sword          93208
  04R    The Darkness                  93204
  05R    Eye for an Eye                93205
  09R    Run For Your Life             93209
  11     Bless The Child               93213
  12     The Fighter                   93211
  13     Under Color of Authority      93212
  14     Unholy Alliance, Part 1       93214
  15     Unholy Alliance, Part 2       93215
  16     The Vampire                   93216
  17     Warmonger                     93217
  06R    The Zone                      93206 
  07R    Return of Amanda              93207
  10R    Epitaph For Tommy             93210
  13R    Under Color of Authority      93212
  12R    The Fighter                   93211
  11R    Bless The Child               93213
  18     Pharaoh's Daughter            93218
  19     Legacy                        93219
  20     Prodigal Son                  93220
  21     Counterfeit Part I            93221
  22     Counterfeit Part II           93222
  14R    Unholy Alliance, Part 1       93214
  15R    Unholy Alliance, Part 2       93215
  16R    The Vampire                   93216
  17R    Warmonger                     93217
  18R    Pharaoh's Daughter            93218
  19R    Legacy                        93219
  20R    Prodigal Son                  93220
  21R    Counterfeit Part I            93221
  22R    Counterfeit Part II           93222
  01R    The Watchers                  93201
  02R    Studies in Light              93202
  03R    Turnabout                     93203
  08R    Revenge of the Sword          93208
  04R    The Darkness                  93204
  05R    Eye for an Eye                93205
  09R    Run For Your Life             93209
  Third season
  01     The Samurai                   94301 (aired week of 09/26/94)
  02     Line of Fire                  94302      
  03     The Revolutionary             94303      
  04     Cross of St. Antoine          94304      
  05     Rite of Passage               94305      
  06     Courage                       94306      
  07     The Lamb                      94307      
  08     Obsession                     94308      
  09     Shadows                       94309      
  10     Blackmail                     94310      
  01R    The Samurai                   94301R     
  02R    Line of Fire                  94302R     
  03R    The Revolutionary             94303R     
  04R    Cross of St. Antoine          94304R     
  05R    Rite of Passage               94305R     
  06R    Courage                       94306R     
  07R    The Lamb                      94307R     
  08R    Obsession                     94308R     
  11     Vendetta                      94311      
  12     They Also Serve               94312      
  13     Blind Faith                   94313      
  14     Song Of The Executioner       94314      
  15     Star-Crossed (Roger Daltrey)  94315      
  16     Methos                        94316      
  09R    Shadows                       94309R     
  10R    Blackmail                     94310R     
  01R    The Samurai                   94301R     
  02R    Line of Fire                  94302R     
  03R    The Revolutionary             94303R     
  04R    Cross of St. Antoine          94304R     
  17     Take Back the Night           94317      
  18     Testimony                     94318      
  19     Mortal Sins                   94319      
  20     Reasonable Doubt              94320      
  21     Finale, Part 1                94321      
  22     Finale, Part 2                94322      

  Fourth season
  01     Homeland                      95401 (aired week of 09/25/95)
  02     Brothers In Arms              95402       
  03     The Innocent                  95403       
  04     Leader of the Pack            95404       
  05     Double Eagle                  95405       
  06     Reunion                       95406       
  07     The Colonel                   95407       
  08     Reluctant Heroes              95408       
  09     The Wrath of Kali             95409       
  10     Chivalry                      95410       
  01R    Homeland                     95401R      
  02R    Brothers In Arms              95402R      
  03R    The Innocent                  95403R      
  05R    Leader of the Pack            95404R      
  05R    Double Eagle                  95405R      
  06R    Reunion                       95406R      
  07R    The Colonel                   95407R      
  08R    Reluctant Heroes              95408R      
  11     Timeless                      95411       
  12     The Blitz                     95412       
  13     Something Wicked              95413       
             (was 'Hayoka')                        
  14     Deliverance                   95414       
            (was 'Leap of Faith')
  15     Promises                      95415       
  09R    The Wrath of Kali             95409R      
  10R    Chivalry                      95410R      
  01R    Homeland                      95401R      
  02R    Brothers In Arms              95402R      
  03R    The Innocent                  95403R      
  04R    Leader of the Pack            95404R      
  05R    Double Eagle                  95405R      
  16     Methuselah's Gift             95416       
  17     The Immortal Cimoli           95417       
  18     Through a Glass Darkly        95418       
  19     Till Death                    95420       
  20     Judgment Day                  95421       
  06R    Reunion                       95406R    
  07R    The Colonel                   95407R    
  08R    Reluctant Heroes              95408R    
  09R    The Wrath of Kali             95409R      
  10R    Chivalry                      95410R      
  11R    Timeless                      95411R    
  12R    The Blitz                     95412R    
  13R    Something Wicked              95413R    
  14R    Deliverance                   95414R    
  15R    Promises                      95415R    
  16R    Methuselah's Gift             95416R    
  17R    The Immortal Cimoli           95417R    
  18R    Through a Glass Darkly        95418R    
  09R    The Wrath of Kali             95409R      
  10R    Chivalry                      95410R      
  19R    Till Death                    95420R    
  20R    Judgment Day                  95421R    
  22     One Minute to Midnight        95422R (fifth season starts)   

  Fifth season

  01     One Minute To Midnight        95422  (aired week of 09/23/96)
  02     Prophecy                  96501
  03     The End Of Innocence      96502
  04     Manhunt                   96503
  05     Glory Days                96504
  06     Dramatic License          96505
  07     Money No Object           96506
  08     Haunted                   96507
  09     Little Tin God            96508
  10     Messenger                 96509
            (was 'Old & Wise')
  01R    One Minute To Midnight    95422R
  02R    Prophecy                  96501R
  03R    The End of Innocence      96502R
  04R    Manhunt                   96503R
  05R    Glory Days                96504R
  06R    Dramatic License          96505R
  07R    Money No Object           96506R
  08R    Haunted                   96507R
  11     The Valkyrie              96510
  12     Comes A Horseman          96511
  13     Revelations 6:8           96512
  14     TBA                       96513
  15     Duende                    96514
  09R    Little Tin God            96508R
  10R    Messenger                 96509R
            (was 'Old & Wise')
  01R    One Minute To Midnight    95422R
  02R    Prophecy                  96501R
  03R    The End Of Innocence      96502R

3.3. First Season Episode Details

  Note: Most of the episodes summaries are directly from the
        Highlander producers. YAHI = Yet Another Highlander

  Regular Cast
  Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  Alexandra Vandernoot as Tessa Noel 
  Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
  Text from the beginning of each episode
  (spoken by Adrian Paul)
  First Form (6 episodes)
  "I am Duncan MacLeod, born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland.
  I am Immortal, and I am not alone.  For centuries we have waited for
  the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of
  a head will release the power of the Quickening.  In the end, there can
  be only one."
  Second Form
  "I was born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland.  I am Immortal,
  and I am not alone.  Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke
  of a sword will release the power of the Quickening.  In the end, there
  can be only one."
  First Season Episode Details  

  01)  #92102-1  THE GATHERING
  Writer: Dan Gordon
  Director: Thomas J. Wright
  (I)Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod
  (I)Richard Moll as Slan Quince
     Wendell Wright as Sgt. Powell

  Duncan MacLeod is roused from his peaceful existence with the love of
  his life, Tessa Noel, when he is confronted by two fellow Immortals
  from his past. Connor MacLeod, (played by Christopher Lambert,
  reprising his role from the films) an old friend and fellow clansman,
  finds Duncan after many years and attempts to convince him to join the
  fray in the battle of Good versus Evil. Connor also has plans to
  finish off the likes of Slan Quince (Played by Richard Moll) an Evil
  Immortal who has tracked down Duncan with plans of combat.  Realizing
  that he can be a threat, Duncan confronts Richie and later befriends
  the boy. The threats of Slan Quince come to an end on a bridge when
  Duncan saves the life of his comrade Connor and gains a powerful
  Quickening at the expense of Slan.
   -States the rule that only one-on-one fights are allowed.
   -Richie moves in with Tessa and Duncan between this episode and the
    next for reasons never made clear.
   -Slan uses a modern sword with a concealed 'extra' to defeat Connor.
   -Establishes Connor as Duncan's mentor.
   -Ages: Tessa celebrates her 34th birthday. Duncan will turn 400 in
    4 months and Richie is one month shy of his 18th birthday.
   -Duncan wore an earring in this episode but we never see it in any
    future episodes.

  02)  #92103-4  INNOCENT MAN
  Writer: Dan Gordon
  Director: Jorge Montesi
  (I)John Novack as Sheriff Howard Crowley
  (I)Victor Young as Lucas Desiree
     Vincent Schiavelli as Leo Atkins  
     Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
     Wendell Wright as Sgt. Powell
     Todd Duckworth as Deputy Struthers
     Gary Chalk as Lemoyne
     Colleen Winton as Gwenn
     Jason Michas as Confederate Guard

  A Immortal friend of Duncan's has been beheaded in his isolated
  mountain retreat where he had hoped, like Duncan, to retire from the
  fights for awhile. A brain damaged, homeless veteran is charged with
  the grisly murder. Duncan must try to clear this innocent man and
  unravel the mystery of who has Killed his friend.
   -We see a Lucas's grave at the end with his sword driven into the
    ground as a grave marker and we see a mini lightening bolt zip
    across the hilt.
  03)  #92108-3  ROAD NOT TAKEN
  Writer: Terry Nelson
  Director: Thomas J. Wright
     Dustin Nguyen as Chu Lin    (previously on '21 Jump Street')
  (I)Soon-teck Oh as Kiem Sun
     Wendell Wright as Sgt. Powell
     Christianne Hirt as Angie
     Wendell Wright as Sgt. Powell
     Kim Kondrashoff as Forks
     Alan C. Peterson as Bartender
     Paul Stafford as Officer No. 1
     Lisa Bunting as Woman Hostage

  A deadly herbal drug takes the life of Richie's friend and Duncan
  suspects the drug comes from another Immortal. This once Good Immortal
  had long sought to perfect this herbal drug and remove its lethal side
  effects for the betterment of mankind but became enchanted in the
  power that such a substance can give him. Duncan must match wits and
  swords with this clever Immortal in order to find the drug and destroy
  it before it consumes more lives. This episode underlines the saying
  that "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." A cautionary
  tale for all, mortal and Immortal.
   -An Immortal who is planning to use an army of mortals in the
   -Establishes the rule that it is permissible for Immortals to spar
    on Holy Ground.

  04)  #92107-6  BAD DAY IN BUILDING A
  Writer: Kevin Droney
  Director: Jorge Montesi
     Andrew Divoff as Bryan Slade
     Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
     Jay Brazeau as Commissioner Comanski
     Alf Humphreys as Janitor
     Andrea Libman as Belinda
     Gary Jones as Klein
     Bill Croft as Mancuso
     Ken Kirzinger as Kirby
     Vladmir Kulich as Pauling
  While visiting a courtroom to clear up some of Tessa's traffic
  tickets. Duncan, Tessa and Richie are taken hostage by a desperate
  band of men, bent on freeing their leader, Slade, from imprisonment.
  Slade runs his gang with paramilitary precision, and when his demands
  are not met, he chooses a hostage to sacrifice. Duncan makes sure the
  hostage is himself and "returns from the dead" to haunt and hunt down
  the killers one by one.
   -Duncan tells the little girl, Belinda, a fanciful 'story' about
   -Duncan was shot at the base of the neck from behind.
   -Blooper: the little girl's doll keeps switching from laying on a
    table in the room she is entering and being in her arms as she
    enters the room.
   -Duncan uses a rubbish picker to dispatch Slade. (Even when without
    his sword he finds sword-like weapons to deal with foes.)
   -Peter Diamond (who played Aman Fasil, the Immortal that Connor
    fights in the parking garage in Highlander I) appears as the
    (mortal)brigand who steals from Darius's church and whom Duncan

  05)  #92101-5  FREE FALL
  Writer: Philip John Taylor
  Director: Thomas J. Wright
  (I)Joan Jett as Felicia Martins    (rock star)
  (I)Eli Gabay as Devereux
     Jay Brazeau as Commissioner Comanski
     Leslie Carlson as Sam Thompson
     Claudia Ferri as Devereux's Woman
     Patricia Vonk as Female Executive
     Ron Chartier as M.E. Assistant

  A beautiful young woman throws herself to her death, only to revive
  with the realization that she is an Immortal. Through her Immortal
  senses, she seeks out Duncan as her mentor and becomes amorously
  involved with Richie. Unknown to Richie and Duncan there is more to
  this "ingenue" than meets the eye. She is in fact a long-time
  Immortal, engaged in a wily scheme to trap Duncan, behead him and
  acquire his immense power through the Quickening. Duncan must see
  through her deception in time to protect not only himself but also
   -First in long tradition of Duncan not taking the heads of female
   -In a comment to Felicia Duncan says that his katana was given to
    him by a kinsman.

  06)  #92111-8  DEADLY MEDICINE (working title NEVER SAY DIE)
  Writer: Robert L. McCullough
  Director: Ray Austin
     Joe Pantoliano as Doctor Wilder
     Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
     Beverley Hendry as Barbara Madison
     Stephen E. Miller as Sgt. Herrald
     Leslie Carlson as Sam Thompson
     Catherine Lough as Carol
     Stephen Fanning as Jack

  Duncan is the victim of a hit-and-run auto accident which would take
  the life of any mere mortal. After a remarkable recovery in the
  hospital emergency room, Duncan is discovered by a doctor who becomes
  obsessed in seeking out Duncan MacLeod's secret of regeneration.
  Meanwhile, Tessa and Richie, unaware that Duncan is being held
  captive, search for the missing Highlander.
   -Only time that we've witnessed a wound heal quickly (with a little
    electric spark).
   -We learn in this ep that Immortals are affected by drugs.

  07)  #92110-7  MOUNTAIN MEN
  Writer: Marie-Chantal Droney
  Director: Thomas J. Wright
  (I)Marc Singer as Caleb             (movie star - 'Beastmaster')
     Wes Studi as Sheriff Benson
  (I)John Dennis Johnston as Carl the Hermit
     Byron Lucas as Joshua Cole
     Brent Stait as Eddie Doyle
     Rick Poltaruk as Big John
     Doug Abrahams as Benson's Deputy

  Tessa is kidnapped by a band of primitive survivalists who live off
  the land in the vastness of the Pacific Northwest. Duncan must
  utilize his own skills, honed a hundred and fifty years earlier, when
  he roamed the same mountain fastness. Duncan trails these land pirates
  while the leader, Caleb, falls in love with Tessa. When Duncan
  confronts Caleb, he soon learns that the only way to resolve his claim
  on the woman he loves is a fight to the death of the most elemental
   -First time that a guest Immortal appears who uses a weapon (battle
    axe) other than a sword.
   -Duncan dies jumping off a cliff. His revival is very dramatic with
    bone snaps and cracks.

  08)  #92109-10  REVENGE IS SWEET
  Writer: Loraine Despres
  Director: Ray Austin
     Vanity as Rebecca Lord
  (I)Christoph Ohrt as Walter Reinhardt
     Christianne Hirt as Angie Burke
     Tim Reid as Sgt. Bennett
     Ken Kramer as Doctor Kramer
     Kevin McNulty as Harry Dawes
     Elizabeth Claridge as Molly Parker
     Michael Cavers as Nobleman
     Shirley Broderick as Noblewoman
     Patrick Stevenson as Street Punk

  Seeking revenge for the apparent death of her lover, a woman toys with
  Duncan before she attempts to kill him by the same means...the
  ancient sword. Unbeknownst to her, the lover is an Immortal and is
  using her in a cat and mouse game to draw out Duncan for their final
   -Time stamps the Series as definitely occurring in 1992. The episode
    opens with a flashback with Duncan joining Tessa at a New Year's party
    in 1989 and then we flash ahead to present day 'three years later'.
   -When this episode aired it caused many fans to doubt the then
    current theory that the Series was occurring before the movie.
   -Duncan seems to try to escape the Quickening before it catches up
    to him.
   -Blooper: in one view Duncan doesn't have a foil in his hand when
    talking with Rebecca and within a split second he's holding a

  09)  #92112-9  THE SEA WITCH
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Thomas J. Wright
  (I)Stephen Macht as Alexei Voshin
     Johannah Newmarch as Nikki
     Phil Hayes as Marco
     John Tench as Reese
     Brooklyn Brown as Melinda
     Scott McNeil as Dennis
     Gina Brunton as Niva
     Garry Davey as Soviet Major
     Rob Morton as Owner
     Adrian Holmes as Street Kid
  When an old friend accidentally involves Richie in a drug deal,
  Duncan and Tessa become the targets of a malicious drug dealer.
  Duncan locates the drug dealer's hideout in an old steamer called
  "The Sea Witch II." Duncan has flashbacks of a time when he smuggled
  refugees out of Stalinist Russia.
   -Fans have speculated that Alexei Voshin is gay or bi-sexual because
    he kisses Duncan on the mouth. Others feel that this was simply a
    standard Russian greeting for the time.
   -First time on the Series that an Immortal is beheaded by something
    other than a weapon (boat propeller) and still Duncan gets the
    Quickening, even though he didn't actually kill Alexei. 

  10)  #92115-12  EYEWITNESS
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Ray Austin
  (I)Tom Butler as Andrew Ballin
     Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
     Tim Reid as Sgt. Bennett            (TV: WKRP, Frank's Place)
     Sheila Paterson as Greta
     Diana Barrington as Anne Wheeler
     Christopher Gaze as Martin Sorrel
     David Petersen as Detective Taylor
     Stephen Fanning as Jack
  Tessa witnesses the murder of a painter, Anne Wheeler. The absence of
  a body leads everyone but Duncan to doubt her story.  Duncan
  supports Tessa in her quest to obtain justice for the woman.  He soon
  discovers that the killer is an Immortal on the police force and that
  Tessa is in imminent danger.

  11)  #92106-2  FAMILY TREE
  Writer: Kevin Droney
  Director: Jorge Montesi
     J.E. Freeman as Joe Scanlon
     Peter Deluise as Clinch
     Tamsin Kelsey as Mrs. Gustavson
     Matthew Walker as Ian MacLeod
     Walter Marsh as Mr. Stubbs
     Jessica Van der Veen as Secretary
     Aurelio Di Nunzio as Security Guard
     Mary McDonald as Old Peasant

  Richie Ryan attempts to learn more about his parents, whom he has
  never known. As he moves forward with the information about his
  parents, he falls prey to a con man who needs a place to hide and a
  lot of money. While Duncan and Tessa try to keep Richie from being
  hurt, Duncan relives his own painful experiences when he first learned
  that he was an Immortal and was renounced by the man he had always
  believed to be his father.
   -Establishes Duncan as a foundling.

  12)  #92114-11  SEE NO EVIL
  Writer: Brian Clemens
  Director: Thomas J. Wright
  (I)John Hertzler as Marcus Korolus
     Dee McCafferty as the Scalper
     Moira Walley as Natalie Ward
     Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
     Tim Reid as Sgt. Bennett
     Fulvio Cecere as Tony Graffini
     Kelli Fox as Police Woman
     Raimund Stamm as Herbie
     Wanda Wilkinson as Helen
     Glynda Fitzgerald as Brunette Woman
  There is a mad, vicious serial killer loose in the city and no woman
  is safe from his demented taste for murder. Duncan's interest in this
  case grows as he notices that the serial killer's pattern for murder
  is similar to that of the famous "Scalper Murders" back in the 1920's.
  Then the Scalper was an Immortal who, betrayed by the woman he
  loved, became a killer. To end the carnage, Duncan was forced to
  confront and kill the Immortal back in 1921. Now the killings have
  started again, the modern day killer mimicking the 70-year-old M.O.,
  killing in the same locations as the previous murders.It falls to
  Duncan and Tessa to stop this madman.
   -Features an antique Indian motorcycle (made by the former Indian
    Motorcycle Company of Springfield, MA).
   -Features a clear-cut case of an insane Immortal.
   -Duncan uses a business card which says, in big letters, Antiques
    and in smaller letters at the bottom it had Duncan's name and

  13)  #92118-13  BAND OF BROTHERS
  Writer: Marie-Chantal Droney
  Director: Rene Manzor
  (I)Werner Stocker as Darius - introduction
  (I)James Horan as Grayson               (Seen in one episode of ST-TNG)
     Earl Pastko as Victor Paulus
     Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
     Terry Howson as Hoestler
     Peter Diamond as Brigand
  A warning comes from Duncan's old friend Darius, a monk over 2000
  years old. He explains to Duncan that he may be stalked by a powerful
  Immortal, Grayson. Both Duncan and Grayson were proteges of Darius.
  Grayson, using the knowledge and power he learned from Darius, became
  a ruthless arms merchant. Meanwhile, Grayson plots to assassinate
  Victor Paulus, a mortal student of Darius, and it is up to Duncan to
  protect him. Duncan later joins Richie and Tessa in France where they
  live while Tessa takes up her new job as curator of a special
  collection of l8th century art.
   -Explores the full impact of the safety of Holy Ground.
   -The actual church used for the exterior shots is St. Julien Le
    Pauvre in Paris
   -Peter Diamond, stunt coodinator for seasons 1&2, played the
    brigand robbing Darius' church.

  14)  #92117-14  FOR EVIL'S SAKE
  Writers: David Abramowitz & Fabrice Ziolkowski
  Director: Ray Austin
  (I)Peter Howitt as Kuyler
     Hugues Leforestier as Inspector Lebrun
     Vernon Dobtcheff as Carlo Luchesi
     Michel Voletti as Baron Deshields
     Gerard Touroul as Inspector Sole
     Jerome Keen as Anthony  

  An Evil Immortal, Kuyler, has hired himself out down through time as
  an assassin... the most successful killer in all of history.  He
  strikes again in modern day Paris using his signature disguise as a
  mime. A French police detective, Lebrun, suspects that Duncan is
  connected to Kuyler, but of course cannot imagine that Kuyler once
  killed a seventeenth century baron under Duncan's protection. When
  the policeman is wounded saving Tessa from Kuyler's men, Duncan hunts
  down this Immortal assassin and puts an end to his centuries-old reign
  of terror.
   -Kuyler drinks absinthe, an illegal liquor that gradually causes
    madness and death. Even though Kuyler is immune to death it soon
    becomes apparent that the absinthe, after centuries of use, can
    cause madness in Immortals.
   -Flashback shows the first time Duncan and Tessa met.
   -Example of how they add seconds to a too short episode - in the
    final Quickening a sequence for one of the exploding mannequins is
    used twice.
   -Cute dialog: Richie to Duncan - "The CIA and the Intergalactic
    Space Patrol couldn't find him, but you, Duncan MacLeod, are going
    to find him." Duncan - "Uh-huh."

  15)  #92116-15  FOR TOMORROW WE DIE
  Writer: Philip John Taylor
  Director: Robin Davis
  (I)Roland Gift as Xavier St Cloud    (rock star 'Fine Young Cannibals')
  (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
     Hugues Leforestier as Inspector Lebrun
     Jean Claude Deret as Georges Dalou
     Mapi Galan as Renne de Tassigny
     Sandrine Caron as Nathalie
     Tanguy Gouasdoue as Stan
     Francine Olivier as Madame Bertrand
     Thierry de Carbonniers as Francois Bertrand
     Philippe Agael as Medical Examiner
     Crystel Amsalem as Young Girl

  Duncan stumbles across the trail of an Immortal, Xavier, who has
  lived in hedonistic splendor down through the ages by ruthlessly
  robbing and killing innocent men and women. Duncan had nearly fallen
  victim to this remorseless killer behind the front lines during World
  War One, when Xavier first began using poison gas. In modern day
  Paris, Duncan must track down him down before he kills again.
   -Shows that Immortals succumb to poisons as quickly as mortals.
   -Introduces the question 'Can Immortals regenerate body parts?' after
    Duncan cuts off Xavier's hand.
   -Interesting quote: Duncan: "...you know, I haven't worn a tux..."
    Tessa: "Since you were on the deck of the Titanic." Duncan: "You
    have an evil mind." Tessa:  "And you love it." (There is no
    evidence to suggest that Duncan had actually been on the Titanic
    and he's not the sort of person who would joke about it if he had
    been personally involved in that tragedy)
   -During the WWI flashback Duncan has 'died' from the mustard gas
    and when Xavier arrives he doesn't feel Duncan's Buzz until Duncan

  16)  #92123-16  THE BEAST BELOW
  Writer: Marie-Chantal Droney
  Director: Daniel Vigne
  (I)Christian Van Acker as Ursa
     Dee Dee Bridgewater as Carolyn
  (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
     Fay Masterson as Jenny Harris
     Francois Guetary as Detective
     Joe Sheridan as Frank Wells
  A mysterious death at the Paris Opera re-acquaints Duncan with Ursa,
  one of the strangest Immortals he has met. Ursa is a hulking giant
  that is more beast than man and has lived in a cave in the vast empty
  wilderness of the Alps. Persecuted by men, Ursa was taken to an abbey
  as a place of refuge by Duncan centuries ago.  Ursa now makes the
  sewers and mysterious catacombs under the streets of Paris his home.
  Over the years, Ursa has listened to the music that emanates from the
  opera and fallen in love with the beautiful singer, Carolyn.  Carolyn
  however, is not the Beauty to his Beast nor Christine to his Phantom.
  She is a vindictive, ambitious woman that tries to use Ursa's innocent
  soul to murder her rival. Duncan must keep this sometimes dangerous
  giant from being exploited by this woman, who uses all of her wiles to
  turn Ursa against Duncan.
   -This episodes show that Immortals are not superior beings. That even
    someone with less than average intelligence can be an Immortal.

  17)  #92120-17  SAVING GRACE
  Writers: Elizabeth Baxter and Martin Broussellet
  Director: Ray Austin
  (I)Julia Stemberger as Grace
  (I)Georges Corraface as Carlo Sendaro
  (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
     Hugues Leforestier as Inspector Lebrun
     Bruce Myers as Paul Warren

  Grace Chandler, a good Immortal, has been working for the betterment
  of mankind as a scientist over the centuries. Her tragic flaw is
  another Immortal, Carlo Sendaro. A former conquistador and intrepid
  explorer, Carlo possesses an obsessive love for Grace which will
  admit no rivals. Sendaro, in modern day Paris, slays Grace's lover.
  When she refuses to run off with him, he pins the murder on her. She
  turns to Duncan for help and although she realizes that there may be
  only one in the end, she wants no harm to come to either of these two
  Immortal men.
   -We still haven't figured out how Grace has managed to keep her head
    all these years. She has no apparent fighting skills.
   -Sendaro is beheaded by a subway train. Duncan gets the Quickening
    because he is the closer Immortal.

  18)  #92121-18  THE LADY AND THE TIGER
  Writer: Philip John Taylor
  Director: Robin Davis
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Jason Isaacs as Zachary Blaine
     Fred Pearson as Pierre
     Pierre Gerald as Henry Lamaratine
     Bertie Cortez as Ring Master
     Michael Hofland as Bavarian Officer
     David Lowe as Clown

  A day at the circus becomes a high wire act for Duncan when he is
  reunited with an Immortal femme-fatale, Amanda, who has always meant
  big trouble for him. This time he is in a deadly triangle as Amanda
  plots a daring, high stakes burglary and tries to avoid the vengeance
  of her former partner who has escaped from prison and wants her head.
   -Amanda takes Zachary's head and Quickening after Duncan has almost
    defeated him. The Quickening seems to thrust Duncan away while
    enveloping Amanda.
   -Cute quotes: Tessa to Duncan: "The ghost of Christmas past has come
    to pay you a visit. Don't unwrap any presents while I'm gone."
    Duncan to clown: "You won't be the first man she's made a clown of." 

  19)  #92122-20  AVENGING ANGEL
  Writer: Fabrice Ziolkowski
  Director: Paolo Barzman
  (I)Martin Kemp as Alfred Cahill   (member of rock group 'Spandau Ballet')
     Sandra Nelson as Elaine
     Patrick Floersheim as Battini
     Nathalie Presles as Claudine
     Yan Briand as Charles Bagnot

  A brand-new Immortal turns vigilante, obsessed with the idea that he
  has been chosen to wage a crusade against "perversion" cuts a bloody
  path through Paris, menacing an old friend of Tessa's. Duncan alone
  knows this killer and can stop him.
   -Shows that becoming Immortal will not cure insanity. In fact the
    shock of it can put a new Immortal over the edge.
   -Shows Duncan becoming aware of Cahill as he is 'dying' for the first
   -This episode started a long argument as to whether what we presumed
    was the Templars' headquarters/shrine qualified as Holy Ground at
    one time but might not be any longer because the Templars were
   -The plaque, outside the Templars' site, which reads
    in French "ICI VECUT JACQUES DEMOLAY" basically means in English
    "This is where Jacques DeMolay LIVED when he was alive". The
    location was also identified in the episode as the Paris HQ of the
    Templars - not a church or shrine or burial ground. This should
    put to rest the controversy of whether Cahill was beheaded on 
    Holy Ground.

  20)  #92124-19  EYE OF THE BEHOLDER
  Writer: Christian Bouveron and Larry Shore
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Nigel Terry as Garbiel Piton   (movies: Excalibur, TV: 'Covington Cross')
     Katia Douvalian as Maya
     Rachel Palmieri as Cynthia Hampton
     Thomas Kaufman as Police Detective
     Olivier Pierre as Waiter
     Edwin Gerard as Lawyer
     Manault Deva as Duchess

  Richie meets a beautiful young woman who leads him into the
  world of Haute couture. His youthful jealousy causes him to run
  afoul of a world-class fashion designer, who is actually a deadly
   -Richie sets Piton on fire and Piton shows no scars later.
   -Immortals can get drunk (even very drunk, silly drunk,
    falling-down drunk... :-) )

  21)  #92125-21  NOWHERE TO RUN
  Writer: David Abramowitz
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Peter Guinness as Colonel Everett Bellian
     Anthony Head as Allan Rothwood     ("Taster's Choice" commercials)
     Jason Riddington as Mark Rothwood
     Marion Cotillard as Lori Bellian

  The step-daughter of an Immortal mercenary is raped by the son of a
  diplomat, and Duncan must protect Tessa, Richie, and the guilty young
  man from the mercenary's vengeance.
   -If you look closely in the fight sequence in the mist, you will
    see a TV crewman with a 'smoker' accidentally caught on film.  

  22)  #92126-22  THE HUNTERS
  Writer: Kevin Droney
  Director: Paolo Barzman
  (I)Roger Daltrey as Hugh Fitzcairn   (rock star 'The Who')
  (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
     Peter Hudson as Horton

  Duncan teams up with another immortal to find out why their immortal
  friends are disappearing without a trace -- including Darius.
   -Introduction of the Watchers and their renegade sub-group, the
   -Establishes the practice of the Hunters killing themselves rather
    than be held captive.
   -All footage of Darius is from previous episodes because Werner
    Stocker was too ill to appear. (See biographies in Section 4)

3.4. Second Season Episode Details

  Note: Most of the episodes summaries are directly from the
        Highlander producers. 
  Regular Cast
  Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  Alexandra Vandernoot as Tessa Noel (last episode #4)
  Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
  Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson 
  Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo
  Text from the beginning of each episode
  (spoken by Joe Dawson) 
  "He is immortal, 
    born in the highlands of Scotland 400 years ago.  
  He is not alone.  
  There are others like him, 
   some good, some evil.
  For centuries he has battled the forces of Darkness,
   with Holy Ground his only refuge.
  He cannot die - unless you take his head,
   and with it his power.
  In the end There Can Be Only One.
  He is Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander."
  Episode Details (SPOILERS)
  1)  #93201  THE WATCHERS
  Writer: Marie-Chantal Droney
  Director: Clay Borris
     Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson (introduction)
     Peter Hudson as James Horton
     Keli O'Bryne as Lynn Horton, daughter of James Horton
     Cameron Bancroft as Robert
     Douglas Arthurs as Joey
     Brad Loree as Belson
     Ajay Karah as Busboy

  Determined to investigate the death of his old friend Darius (in
  the first season finale, "The Hunters"), Duncan follows a lead
  back to his old stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest. He
  meets JOE DAWSON, a bookstore owner with a secret; he soon learns
  that Dawson is a high-ranking member of an ancient secret
  organization known as THE WATCHERS, who observe and record the
  lives of the Immortals, passing their archives down from
  generation to generation. Unbeknownst to Dawson, his brother-in-
  law, JAMES HORTON (the man who killed Darius), has been
  recruiting Watchers to kill Immortals. Horton dies in a battle with
  Duncan where Duncan 'dies', too. We are left with the knowledge that
  other renegade Watchers may be waiting to try for Duncan's head.
   -The following was printed out from Dawson's database on Immortals
    (Note the various contradictions to facts from the movie, especially
    the Kurgan's age. Fans have tried to justify the inconsistencies
    by rationalizing that the Watchers 'database can't be perfect
    because all the information is gathered by observation only. The
    writers didn't start using a writer's 'bible' and timeline until
    after this episode was completed.):
      "Subject: Kurgan
       Origin: Northern Russia
       Immortality: March 20, 1452
       1453 to 1535 located Moscow
       1536 to 1610 located Scottish Highlands
       1611 to 1619 located Milan
       1700 to 1755 located Northern Africa
       1756 to 1985 UNKNOWN
       1985 DECEASED (Connor MacLeod)
       Stosch Basalok  1525
       Connor MacLeod  1536
       Juan Sanchez Villa Lopez Ramirez  1601 (almost beheaded)
       Aman Fasil      1640
       Sundra Kastagar 1750
       Ivan Trotski    1472
       Juan Sanchez Villa Lopez Ramirez  1601
       Flavin Parocchi 1663
       Sundra Kastagar 1985
       Stosch Basalok  1985"  

      {Movie parallels - Fasil was the Immortal that Connor fought in
      the Madison Square Garden parking garage, except in the movie
      his first name was Iman. Basalok was Vaselech(sp?) in the movie,
      the 'Polish National' who was reported beheaded in New Jersey}

   -The clue written in the Watcher's chronicle is the zip code for
    Seattle and the code '27NJ' which Duncan figures out to mean 
    '27 N. Jay Street,' which is the the address of Dawson's bookstore.
   -A minor blooper: As Duncan leaves the bookstore he sees the laser
    beam of the listening device coming through the window through the
    polarized lenses of his sunglasses. There is a midshot of him
    taking off his glasses, then a close-up of his glasses sitting on
    the end of his nose as he holds on to them, and then another
    midshot as he is putting his glasses back on his face.
   -Notable quote: Duncan "Great. Another window." This is right after
    the plate glass window in the antique store was broken, recalling
    how it was broken by Slan Quince in "The Gathering."

  2)  #93202  STUDIES IN LIGHT
  Writer: Naomi Janzen
  Director: Peter Ellis
  (I)Joel Wyner as Gregor Powers
     Sheila Moore as Linda Plager
     Gillian Carfra as Young Linda
     Shane Kelly as Jonathan
     Dwight McFee as Ray Holstrom
     Patti Allan as Nurse
     Mikal Dughi as Mother
     Cayde Ritchie as Frightened Boy

  Duncan's old friend GREG POWERS has become a photographer, and
  invites Mac to see his work. Mac is disturbed by the violent
  images in his friend's work, and is distressed to find that the
  sensitive Gregor he knew has been replaced by a hardened cynic.
  Another photograph in the exhibit, taken of Duncan 50 years ago,
  triggers a flashback of his meeting young photographer LINDA
  PLAGER. Then, the now-73-year-old Linda recognizes Duncan as her
  old mentor and lover, convincing her nurse that she's thoroughly
  senile -- after all, Duncan MacLeod would be an old man by now,
  wouldn't he? Learning that Linda is dying, Duncan longs to tell
  her the truth, but isn't sure how. Meanwhile, Greg seduces
  Richie into his destructive lifestyle -- fascinated by the rush
  of fear that accompanies near death, he coaxes Richie into a
  dangerous motorcycle stunt. After a confrontation with Duncan,
  Greg snaps -- frustrated by his inability to feel any real
  emotion because of the insulation from death his Immortality
  gives him, he attacks Richie, then Linda, then fights Duncan on
  the roof of the hospital. Only when Duncan's sword is inches
  from his neck does Greg break down and face the truth that he
  doesn't want to die.
   -Richie does not heal quicker than mortals for he hasn't gained full
    Immortality yet and he won't until he dies his first 'death' in
    the fourth episode.
   -The writing on Gregor's sword (an El Cid Tizona), was:
    This means: 'I AM THE TIZONA DATED IN THE ERA OF 1040'. I was told
    by SWORDMASTERS that Tizona is either the man who made the sword
    or the place that the sword was made.


  3)  #93203  TURNABOUT
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Clay Borris
  (I)Geraint Wyn Davies as Michael Moore   (TV: 'Forever Knight')
     Introducing Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo
     John Tierney as Old Father Morton
     Alan Robertson as Judge Marvin Singer
     Gaetana Korbin as Jeanette
     Brittaney Edgell as Nurse
     Ian Alden as Young Father Morton

  Thirty years ago, evil Immortal QUENTEN BARNES was executed in
  the electric chair, and promised he'd be back. He's been trapped
  in a tomb ever since; but now, Joe Dawson informs Duncan, he's
  out, and killing the people involved in his execution. Mac
  declines to get involved unless Barnes gets in his way, but when
  his old friend MICHAEL MOORE comes to town, a Flashback shows us
  that Barnes killed Michael's wife and has a longstanding grudge
  against Michael. Now Mac is involved. He convinces Dawson to
  share the Watchers' surveillance file on Barnes with him.
  However, the file isn't much help. As the prosecutor and priest
  who were at Barnes' execution are killed off one by one, it
  becomes clear that Barnes will come after Michael next. However,
  it is only after Mac finds the body of the man Dawson sent with
  the file that the penny drops and he realizes that Barnes, a
  multiple personality, is Michael -- and Mac left him home with
  Tessa and Richie! In the end, at Michael's tortured urging,
  Duncan must kill Michael to kill Barnes.
   -Duncan performs a long kata exercise showing his martial arts

  4)  #93204  THE DARKNESS
  Writers: Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
  Director: Paolo Barzman
     Traci Lords as Greta                 (porn movie star)
     Andrew Jackson as Pallin Wolf
     Frank C. Turner as Harry
     Lisa Vultaggio as Carmen
  (I)Adrian Hughes as James
     Richard Lautsch as Roman
     Kendall Cross as Michelle
     Travis MacDonald as Kid

  A mortal named PALLIN WOLF, one of the renegade Watchers who
  believes the Immortals must be eliminated, lures an Immortal to
  his house and kills him, getting the advantage by tricking him
  into a sealed room that is completely dark, then stalking him
  with night vision goggles. Meanwhile, a Gypsy fortuneteller they-
  meet in a restaurant, GRETA, warns Tessa that she is in danger.
  When Tessa is kidnapped by Wolf, Duncan returns to Greta, asking
  for her help. But she's mostly a hustler, and not accustomed to
  getting actual visions, so the clues she is able to provide are
  meager. Finally, Mac finds Wolf's house, where Wolf is waiting
  for him. He meets Wolf in the dark room and all seems hopeless
  until he remembers a matchbook Greta gave him with her phone
  number in it. Lighting the matches, he regains the advantage and
  kills Wolf. However, as Tessa and Richie are heading for the
  car, a young junkie accosts them for money, and in an act of
  senseless violence, shoots them both. As Mac mourns, Richie
  tentatively sits up, healing -- he is an Immortal. But Tessa is
   -Featuring Duncan's controversial trick of lighting the matches
    with his sword. Many fans feel that this feat is impossible,
    especially in the dark.
   -The song played while Duncan grieves for Tessa following her
    death, "Dust in the Wind" is by the group Kansas from the album
    "Point of Know Return."
   -At the end of the episode, when Duncan throws the keys at Richie
    and tells him to sell it, he meant the Antique store and the
    adjoining apartment NOT the car. He's wanting to get rid of the
    home that he and Tessa shared and he later does the same with the
    barge in Paris in the season finale, "Counterfeit part 2". Duncan
    still has the T-bird when season three opens.

  5)  #93205  EYE FOR AN EYE
  Writers: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Brossellet
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Sheena Easton as Annie Devlin    (rock star)
     Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo   (introduction)     
     Andrew A. Kavadas as Mick
     Callum Keith Rennie as Neal
     Eric Schneider as O'Hara
     Kris Keller as Tommy
     Brian Furlong as Kerry
     Terry Arrowsmith as Rawls

  When Duncan and Richie are witness to a terrorist attack on an
  Ambassador, Richie dives in like a Super-hero, cocky with
  Immortality. In the resulting confusion, one of the terrorists
  is killed, and another, ANNIE DEVLIN, an Immortal, is captured.
  She swears revenge on Richie, and when she escapes from custody,
  Duncan takes on the task of educating Richie so that he will
  have a chance in combat against her. Meanwhile, Flashbacks
  reveal an earlier friendship between Duncan and Annie. Mac
  renews the friendship, and the two Immortals who have both
  recently lost their lovers find solace in one another. In the
  end, Richie defeats Annie but can't bring himself to kill her,
  and Duncan convinces her to pursue the blood debt no further.
   -Richie refuses to take Annie's head. It's hard to learn to kill.
   -Duncan buys Charlie DeSalvo's martial arts dojo and moves into the
    loft apartment above it.  
   -At the end Duncan gives Richie his own single-handed sword. This
    is curious because throughout the episode he practiced with a
    two-handed katana.
   -The Irish phrase that Annie yells at her confederates as they flee
    is 'teach solas' pronounced 'chukh solus' or, as Richie thought,
    maybe a baseball player Chuck Sollas. It means 'light house'.

  6)  #93206  THE ZONE
  Writer: Peter Mohan
  Director: Clay Borris
     Santino Buda as Canaan
     Sandra P. Grant as Asia
     Alphonso Quijada as Tio
     Leam Blackwood as Tom McGee
     Ken Camroux as Judd Collins
     Tom Heaton as Old Man
     Michael G. Shanks as Jesse Collins
     Brian McGugan as Mark Wells
     Lorena Gale as Woman

  The Zone is a burned-out urban wasteland, abandoned by the
  police, who figure it's easier to just 'let the animals kill each
  other.' Now the Zone is being taken over by CANAAN, a
  charismatic leader who urges his followers to take the material
  possessions that have been denied to them. JOE DAWSON comes to
  Duncan for help -- one of his men, who was observing Canaan, has
  been killed. Charlie accompanies Duncan down to his old
  neighborhood in the Zone and introduces him to ASIA, a nurse at
  the local clinic, one of few people who haven't given up on the
  neighborhood. After Duncan learns that Dawson was mistaken, and-
  Canaan is not an Immortal, Dawson is ready to drop it. But
  Duncan has seen the misery in the Zone, and is determined to
  break Canaan's hold. He convinces Asia that it's time to stand
  up for their rights, and she helps him arrange a meeting of
  neighborhood residents who want to take back their streets. But
  Asia is involved with Canaan, and she's used as bait to lure him
  to his apparent death. Canaan busts up the neighborhood meeting,
  but when Duncan arrives and defeats Canaan hand to hand, the
  cult leader's hold on the people is broken.
   -Notice that we have never actually seen the elevator for Duncan's
    loft and the dojo move between floors.

  7)  #93209  THE RETURN OF AMANDA
  Writers: Guy Mullaly and David Tynan
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
     Don S. Davis as FBI agent Palance
     Robert Wisden as FBI agent Werner
     Jano Franden as Rutger
     Joe Maffe as Harry the Jeweler
     Michael Puttonen as Lev Arkin
     Mitchell Kosterman as Jeffries
     Ewan (Sudsy) Clark as Heinrich
     Joe Maffei as Harry
     Curtis Bechdholt as Busboy

  AMANDA, the beautiful Immortal cat-burglar from the first season
  episode THE LADY AND THE TIGER, returns to town, telling Duncan
  she's retired from her life of crime. Who can blame Duncan for not
  believing her? -- especially when two guys start shooting at them.
  Duncan thinks the guys might be Watchers, but in fact they are FBI
  Agents.  Amanda is in possession of some plates for counterfeit
  money, stolen in Germany before WWII. She's looking for an
  engraver to change the dates, figuring since she's sworn to give up
  stealing money, she'll have to print some up. PALANCE, one of the
  FBI Agents, sets Duncan and Amanda up to take the fall for his
  partner's murder, and demands that they turn the plates over. Mac
  and Amanda are forced to "die" on videotape to catch Palance.
   -Historical flaw: the United States switched over from Silver
    Certificates in the 1960's, thus engraving plates made during WWII
    wouldn't be good for forgeries in the present day.  
   -We get a full view of Duncan's apartment.
   -Cute dialog snippets: 
     Amanda to Duncan: "I swear on my mother's grave!"
     Duncan: "You don't *have* a mother!"

     Amanda: "Why don't you trust me?"
     Duncan: "Experience."

     Amanda: "The longer I live, the more attached I get to myself."

  8)  #93208  REVENGE OF THE SWORD
  Writer: Aubrey Solomon
  Director: Clay Borris
     Dustin Nguyen as Jimmy Sang   
     Debbie Podowski as Lisa
     Robert Ito as Johnny Leong       (TV: 'Quincy')
     Frank Crudele as Giuseppe
     Mina E. Mina as Lao
     Johnny Mah as Hong
     Vernon Rieta as Soo
     Jai West as Kid

  JIMMY SANG, a former student of Charlie's, is an up-and-coming
  martial arts movie star. His latest movie is filming some scenes
  in the dojo. When a stunt-man is "accidentally" killed, Duncan
  is the first to realize that Jimmy's life is in danger. It turns
  out that the movie is based on Jimmy's youthful experiences as an
  enforcer for a powerful gang, and now his former boss wants to
  see him dead.
   -Dustin Nguyen is the only actor, so far, to play more than one role
    on Highlander.
   -There were several 'James Bond' references in this episode: Duncan
    introduces himself as 'Bond...James Bond', the villain pets a cat,
    ala Blofeld, and the bit with trying to fry Jimmy in the coffin at
    the crematory is right out of "Diamonds are Forever". Also Johnny
    Leong in this episode is the head of the Tong Society and Dr. No
    was the head of this society in the James Bond movie "Dr. No."

  9)  #93209  RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
  Writer: Naomi Janzen
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Bruce Young as Carl Robinson           (TV: 'ER' 1/2 hr comedy series)
     Geza Kovacs as Carter
     Roman Podhora as Kenny
     Biski Gughese as Ricky
     Deejay Jackson as Officer Warren
     Mark Acheson as Billy Ray
     Bill Mackenzie as Sheriff
     John Destry as Bobby
     Susan McLennan as Betty
     Adrian Holmes as Johnny
     Mark Poyser as Ben

  CARL ROBINSON is an Immortal who Duncan first met in 1929 when he
  rescued him from a KKK lynch mob. Back then, Carl was full of plans
  -- to be a Major League Ballplayer, to be President. But today Carl
  has given up hope. He and Duncan meet up again when Carl steals
  Charlie's car. Mac tries to rekindle Carl's belief in himself, but
  Carl doesn't want to listen. When a white cop named CARTER tries to
  kill him, Carl attributes the incident to racism, until Duncan
  explains about the Watchers who are hunting them. After Carter's
  partner (also white) helps Carl and Duncan bring Carter down, Carl
  decides to give the world another chance.
   -Carl: "Yeah, things change alright. Martin's dead, Malcolm's dead,
    and Bobby's selling barbeque sauce." He's referring to Martin
    Luther King, Malcolm X, and Bobby Seale (a founding member of the
    Black Panther Party and one of the Chicago Seven).

  10)  #93210  EPITAPH FOR TOMMY
  Writer: Philip John Taylor
  Director: Clay Borris
  (I)Roddy Piper as Gallen                  (WWF wrestler)
     Andrea Roth as Suzanne 
     Ken Camroux as Honniger
     Jan D'Arcy as Betty Bannen
     Robert Collins as Johnson
     Gabrielle Miller as Bess
     Nicholas Harrison as Ned
     Bill Dow as Harry
     Paul McLean as Frank
     Patricia Dahlquist as Mother
     Jane Sowerby as Claire

  TOMMY is an innocent bystander who's accidentally killed during a
  sword fight between Duncan and the Immortal GALLEN. Haunted by the
  unnecessary death, Duncan tries to find out more about the dead man
  -- and discovers he isn't exactly the innocent bystander he

  11)  #93213  BLESS THE CHILD
  Writers: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Brossollet
  Director: Clay Boris
     Michelle Thrush as Sara Lightfoot
     Jon Cuthbert ?
     Ed Lauter as Avery Hoskins
     Doug Abrahams as Luke Hoskins
     Carolyn Dunn ?
     Dean Wray as J.J.
     Johnna Wright as Margaret

  Charlie and Duncan come to the aid of SARA LIGHTFOOT, an Indian 
  woman on the run with a baby.  She tells them AVERY HOSKINS is 
  trying to steal her baby.  Hoskins and his brothers come after 
  them, and they are forced to flee overland.  After a rugged 
  flight through a mountain canyon, Duncan learns that the baby is 
  in fact Hoskins' son, taken by Sara in retribution for her own 
  child, killed by runoff from Hoskins' mines.  
   -Duncan shows that he has quite a lot of experience with caring for
    babies; they reveal how deeply not being able to father children
    affects him.

  12)  #93211  THE FIGHTER
  Writer: Morrie Ruvinsky
  Director: Peter Ellis
  (I)Bruce Weitz as Thomas Sullivan          (TV: Hill Street Blues)
     Tom McBeath (the fighter?)
     Wren Roberts as Geroge Belcher
     Calli Timmins as Iris
     Nicholas Lea as Rodney Lange
     Russell Roberts as Wilson
     Charles Payne as Thunder Rodriguez
     Topaze Hasfal-Schou as Marilyn
     Ken Roberts as Wallace

  Duncan's old friend TOMMY SULLIVAN is a scrappy little Irishman, 
  a one-time boxer turned trainer, who can charm anyone into 
  anything.  He charms Duncan into backing his current boxer and 
  charms Charlie into playing Cyrano to help him woo a shy 
  waitress.  But when a rival manager who was trying to steal 
  Sully's fighter turns up dead, Duncan's opinion of his old 
  friend begins to be altered forever.
   -It looks like Duncan tries to refuse the Quickening of Sullivan
    but a fan with access to the script says that this impression was
    not intended by the writers and the producers.

  Writer: Peter Mohan
  Director: Clay Borris
  (I)Johnathan Banks as Mako                 (TV: Wiseguy)
     Deanna Milligan as Laura
     Lochlyn Munro as Tim
     Howard Storey as Sheriff
     Gregory Smith as Kid

  Richie wants to protect LAURA DANIELS, a young woman who's on the 
  run from an Immortal bounty hunter, MAKO.  Duncan has met Mako 
  before and doesn't like his methods, but he knows the other man 
  is lawful.  He questions whether Laura is necessarily innocent.  
  Richie doesn't care, he wants to help her anyway, no matter what 
  it takes.  Duncan is torn between doing what's right and helping 
  his friend.  Richie defeats Mako and receives his first 
  Quickening, and he and Duncan realize it's time for him to move 
   -Mako is a lawman of the Old West school, guily until proven
   -Richie receives his first Quickening and Duncan sends him off on
    his own, his training is now complete.
   -In this episode, we see the elevator in the dojo/Duncan's
    apartment actually move. According to a source, during the filming
    of the scene, the machinery is so noisy that they wound up having
    to re-record all the dialogue.

  14)  #93214  UNHOLY ALLIANCE Part I
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Peter Ellis
  (I)Roland Gift as Xavier St.Cloud          (Rock: Fine Young Cannibals)
     Peter Hudson as James Horton
     Stacy Travis as Renee Delaney
     Alexandra Stewart as Catherine Legris
     Terry Barclay as Rick Davis
     Roark Critchlow as Jason
     Judith Maxie as Surgeon
     J. B. Bivens as George
     Philippe Agael as Anton Legris
     Gerard Smurthwaite as Auric
     Franck Dubosc as Michel
     Steven Hilton as Barton
     Beverly Elliott as Supervisor
  XAVIER ST. CLOUD returns, killing Immortals with the help of 
  mortal mercenaries who shoot his prey, making his kill easy.  His
  next target is Duncan but, warned by Dawson, Duncan and Charlie just
  manage to escape death -- though the dojo is all but destroyed in the
  gunfight.  RENEE DELANEY, a CID agent investigating the mercenary
  angle, gets on the case.  Duncan goes after Xavier himself, and
  Charlie insists on coming along.  During his battle with St. Cloud,
  Duncan spots JAMES HORTON, the Hunter who killed Darius.  Distracted,
  Duncan is 'killed' and falls down an elevator shaft out of beheading
  range, and Charlie is badly wounded and lies near death.  Blaming
  Dawson for helping Horton escape alive, Duncan warns him not to cross
  his path again.
  Immortals are showing up dead by strange means, first shot by
  mortals then beheaded by an Immortal. 
   -Xavier St.Cloud lost a hand in a fight with Duncan last season in
    the episode 'For Tomorrow We Die'). In this episode he shows up
    sporting a hook where his hand should be.
   -James Horton was presumed dead after a battle with Duncan at the
    close of "The Watchers" (second season premiere).
   -During the flashback to the Scottish Highlands we discover that
    (by an inadvertent camera shot) Scotsmen wear white spandex
    bicycle shorts under their kilts. :-) This goof sparked a lot of
    off-color jokes about what Scotsmen wear and where on the HIGHLA-L
    mailing list.
   -Renee's apartment number is 1593 which also happens to be the year
    of Duncan's birth.
   -One more instance of definite time-stamping of the series:
    Horton's tomb gives the year of his death as 1993.

  15)  #93215  UNHOLY ALLIANCE Part II
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Peter Ellis
  (I)Roland Gift as Xavier St.Cloud 
     Peter Hudson as James Horton 
     Stacey Travis as Renee Delaney
     Michel Modo as Maurice
     Alexandra Stewart as Catherine Legris
     Denis Fouqueray as Detective Malle
     Pierre Lacan as Henri Martin
     Manuel Bonnet as Cavalry Captain
     France Anglade as Shop Owner
     Jean Francois Pages as Luc Bergon
     William Cagnard as Marc Cluny

  As Charlie regains strength, Duncan accepts help from Dawson one last
  time, and barely misses catching Xavier and Horton.  He then follows
  their trail to Paris -- accompanied by the persistent Renee Delaney.
  They track down Horton, and when he almost escapes, he is shot by Joe
  Dawson.  Duncan, with the help of his humorous new neighbor MAURICE,
  then tracks down Xavier and finally takes his head.  In a coda,
  however, we learn that Horton still lives.
   -Duncan beheads Xavier with Xavier's sword.

  16)  #93216  THE VAMPIRE
  Writer: J.P. Couture
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Jeremy Brudenell as Nicholas Ward
     Denis Lill as Baines
     Trevor Peacock as Jacom
     Tonya Kinziger as Juliette
     Nathalie Presles as Helene
     Jack Galloway as Peter Wells
     Peter Vizard as William Stillwell
     Claire Keim as Waitress
     Michel Feller as Gentleman
     Nigel Nevinson as Doctor
     Chrystelle LaBaude as Clerk

  Duncan comes up against NICHOLAS WARD, an Immortal who conceals 
  his murders by disguising them as popular hysterias.  In the 
  1840's, Ward created a vampire myth in order to conceal the true 
  motive behind his killing the owners of a business he wanted.  
  Mac managed to prevent Ward from marrying (and murdering) the 
  heiress, but Ward escaped.  In the present, Duncan teams up with Joe 
  Dawson to discover what Ward is up to and protect the young woman 
  he's set his sights on this time.
   -An goofup: the phone number used was 555-4286 but the episode was
    set in Paris. An example of a French phone number would be
    something like
   -A blooper: If you watch closely in the fight scene in the arena,
    Duncan's sword falls out of hand onto the floor with a clang. He
    then picks it up off the stadium bench. There is no shift of
    camera during the fight. Not only can Immortals hide a sword in
    wondrous ways, but their sword is mysteriously near their hand
    whenever needed.

  17)  #93217  WARMONGER
  Writers: Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
  Director: Bruno Gantillon
  (I)Peter Firth as Drake
     Angeline Ball as Beth 
     Tom Watson as Eli
     Michel Modo as Maurice
     Alexandre Klimenko as Bartov
     Andre Oumansky as President Chescu
     Jerzy Rogulski as Vice President
     Daniel Breton as Bodyguard
     Frederic Witta as Nikov
     Anna Miasedova as Katarina
     Julie du Page as Nicole
     Dominique Hulin as Ivan
     Chinko Rafique as Cashier

  In 1918 in the Soviet Union, Duncan promised the Immortal DRAKOV
  that he would not fight him, in return for seeing lives spared.
  Today Drakov, now called Arthur Drake, still operates behind the
  scenes of international politics, a cruel puppet master who is
  dragging Eastern Europe toward anarchy.  Eli Jarmel, an old man
  whose family was destroyed by Drake, urges Duncan to recant his
  promise, while Beth Vaughn, a reporter, puts her life in danger by
  investigating both Drake and Duncan.
   -Blooper: Duncan's scarf kept disappearing and reappearing when he
    was coming home from the opera.

  18)  #93218  PHARAOH'S DAUGHTER
  Writers: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Brossollet
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Nia Peeples as Nefertiri
  (I)James Faulkner as Constantine
     Jerry di Giacomo as Victor Benedetti
     Diane Bellego as Angela Constantine

  Duncan feels the Buzz coming from an ancient sarcophagus and opens
  it to find NEFERTIRI, Cleopatra's handmaid, buried 2000 years ago
  with her mistress. Now revived, she pursues a vendetta against the
  Immortal MARCUS CONSTANTINE, who was her lover and her enemy. Duncan
  believes Constantine, who claims that he no longer wishes to fight
  Nefertiri -- this former Roman General has turned his back on battle
  and is now a curator, working to preserve history and its lessons.
  But Nefertiri can't let go of the old grudge, and for the first
  time, Duncan is forced to face a woman he loves in Immortal combat.
   -First time that we see Duncan behead a female Immortal.
   -This episode ran quite a bit overtime and the editing staff had to
    really work at getting it down to the standard time limits. This is 
    evident especially in the final battle between Duncan and
    Nefertiri.  When he takes his final stroke it looks like he's
    taking her off at the knees instead of the head.

  19)  #93219  LEGACY
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Paolo Barzman
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Emile Abossolo-M'bo as Luther
  (I)Nadia Cameron as Rebecca
     James Smillie as John Bowers
      Pierre Martot as Raynaud
      Roger Bret as Vendor
      Joseph Rezwin as Paul Millet
      Louise Vincent as Alice Millet
      Alan Brandon as Retailer
      Bernard Herve as Hooded Leader
      Guy Dhers as Hooded Man

  When her mentor REBECCA is killed, AMANDA is determined to avenge
  the death, even though it means going up against the formidable
  Immortal LUTHER, and very possibly losing her head. She comes to
  Duncan for a final fling before her likely death, and when he
  discovers that she's after Luther, he tries to take the battle on
  himself, feeling he has a better chance of survival. Together they
  discover that Luther is hunting the pieces of an ancient crystal
  that Rebecca divided among her students, believing that the whole
  crystal will make him invulnerable and ensure that he is the Last
  Immortal. In the final confrontations, both Amanda and Duncan take
  their turns battling the ascetic Luther.
   -Amanda's first death (in 853 AD) was due to a blow to the head
    just before she is thrown into the cart, not of the Plague. She
    might have been clubbed because she was caught stealing or because
    she was seen leaving a house marked as a Plague house.
   -Notable quote reminiscent of Monty Python: "Bring out your dead."
   -At the end Duncan returns a piece of the crystal to Amanda in
    remembrance of Rebecca.

  20)  #93220  PRODIGAL SON
  Writers: Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Michael Siberry as Hyde
     Valerie Steffen as Inspector Bardot
  (I)Nicholas Chagrin as Segur
     Michelle Seeberger as Wife
     Clement Harari as Scientist
     Blake Dawson as Clerk
     Xavier Jaillard as Attendant

  Richie returns, on the run, turning to Duncan for help. An Immortal
  has been following him, refusing to confront him, but committing
  grisly murders wherever Richie goes. Richie is arrested for the
  murders. Duncan learns that the Immortal Hunter MARTIN HYDE is
  behind the murders: considering the Quickening of a green Immortal
  like Richie not worth the taking, Hyde has been hounding him in
  order to drive him to his teacher.  A tactic that he has used before
  -- once when Duncan was the student and Connor MacLeod was the
  seasoned Immortal to be hunted. Duncan must clear Richie of the
  murders and defeat the evil Immortal.
   -In the scene where Duncan and Richie are passing the bottle of
    cognac back and forth, when the two crack up it's actually a goof
    by Stan Kirsch and Adrian Paul but the director liked it so much
    they kept it in.
   -The famous white spandex shorts show up again but now they are
    black with white trim. Look for them when Hyde pushes Duncan to
    the ground during their fight in the flashback.
   -Connor MacLeod wasn't shown in this episode and the conjecture is
    that Hyde never managed to track him down. We know that Duncan
    didn't lead Hyde to him.

  21)  #93221  COUNTERFEIT PART I
  Writers: Story by David Tynan & Teleplay by Brad Wright
  Director: Paolo Barzman
     Martin Cummings as Pete
     Meilani Paul as Lisa
     Peter Hudson as Horton
     Peter Rutherford as Denny Ponance
     Godfrey James as Charles Browning
     Roger Bizley as Sheriff
     Bruno Raffaelli as Police Driver
     Jean Paul Solal as Alphonso
     Less Clack as Doctor
     Dominique Jephcott as Victim
     Hugues Profy as Guard
     Roger Bret as Brother Andre
     Robert Hewett as Operator 1
     Abraham Ferguson as Operator 2
     Vivienne Avramoff as Coach

  PETE WILDER just saved Richie from an attack by some guys wearing
  Watcher tattoos. Or did he? Nothing is what it seems, and Duncan
  becomes increasingly wary of Pete, despite Richie's protests that
  the guy is his friend. When Duncan's mistrust gets the possibly
  innocent Pete killed, Duncan becomes increasingly unsure of himself.
  Unknown to Duncan, his old enemy HORTON is pulling all the strings.
  Horton is secretly training escaped killer LISA HALLE to go after
  Duncan while he's troubled and vulnerable.
   -The voice coach prompting Lisa was actually portrayed by the
    Highlander staff voice coach.
   -The actress playing Lisa, Meilani Paul, is Adrian Paul's wife in
    real life.
   -Reportedly, Martin Cummings was also up for the role of Richie
    Ryan along with Stan Kirsch when they were initially casting the
   -The script did not call for Duncan to tell the priest he was
    Immortal.  Adrian Paul ad-libed it on his own.  There is no hidden

  22)  #93222  COUNTERFEIT PART II
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Dennis Berry
     Alexandra Vandernoot as Lisa
     Peter Hudson as Horton
   (?) rest of credits missing

  Joe Dawson arrives in Paris to let Duncan know that Horton may still
  be alive and coming after him. However, when Duncan meets "Lisa
  Milon," a dead-ringer for Tessa (Lisa Halle after plastic surgery),
  all thoughts of Horton and the Watchers go out of his head. Richie,
  unsure if Duncan is thinking clearly, goes to Dawson for help and
  winds up taking couple of bullets for him when Horton tries a hit.
  Lisa is kidnapped, and Duncan insists on going after her even though
  his friends warn him it may be a setup. He can't take a chance on
  burying her again. When Lisa finally tries to kill Duncan, he turns
  the tables on her and Horton at long last gets what's coming to him.
   -Masterful performance by Alexandra Vandernoot portraying
    essentially three characters, innocent Lisa Milon, psychotic
    killer Lisa Halle, and, in the flashbacks, Tessa.
   -Horton is now really dead, silencing forever the endless
    speculation by fans that he might actually be an Immortal.
   -Tessa's tombstone gives her birth date as August 24, 1958.
   -Memorable dialog: Dawson -"I'd say you were dying." Richie -
    "Oh no, not again. Stick around. I'll be right back."
   -Duncan sells the barge, the second home that he and Tessa shared
    on the Series. (We don't know yet if he still has the cabin)

3.5. Third Season Episode Details

  Note: Most of the episodes summaries are directly from the
        Highlander producers. 
  Regular Cast
  Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
  Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson 
  Lisa Howard as Anne Lindsey
  Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo 
  Text from the beginning of each episode
  (spoken by Joe Dawson) 
  "He is immortal, 
    born in the highlands of Scotland 400 years ago.  
  He is not alone.  
  There are others like him, 
   some good, some evil.
  For centuries he has battled the forces of Darkness,
   with Holy Ground his only refuge.
  He cannot die - unless you take his head,
   and with it his power.
  In the end There Can Be Only One.
  He is Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander."
  Episode Details (SPOILERS)
  1)  #94201   THE SAMURAI
  Writer: Naomi Janzen
  Director: Dennis Berry
     Tamlyn Tomita as Midori Koto
  (I)Stephen McHattie as Michael Kent
     Robert Ito as Hideo Koto
     Hiro Kanagawa as Akira Yosida
     Terry Arrowsmith as Haley

  After MIDORI KOTO sees her husband, rich industrialist MICHAEL KENT,
  murder her lover, she kills Kent and runs to Duncan MacLeod for
  protection. She reminds Duncan of a vow of protection his 'ancestor'
  (actually Duncan himself) made to her family over 200 years
  before. Flashbacks tell the story of Duncan coming to the aid of the
  samurai HIDEO KOTO after Duncan is shipwrecked in Japan(1778). Hideo
  befriends Duncan -- even though the penalty for helping a 'gaijin'
  (foreigner) in isolationist Japan is death. When Hideo is forced to
  commit 'seppuku' (ritual suicide) by his feudal overlord for that
  crime, Duncan serves as his second. He vows to Hideo he will always
  protect the Koto family and was bequeathed the dragon-head katana
  sword he uses to this day. Back in the present, Duncan discovers
  that Kent is an Immortal and he's still alive. Over Duncan's
  protests, in order not to further dishonor her family's name, Midori
  returns to Kent. When Duncan interfers, Kent challenges him,
  whereupon Duncan fulfills his vow to the Koto family and frees
  Midori from her loveless marriage.
   -Origin of Duncan's katana revealed (in contradiction to information
    given in 1st season 'Free Fall'). Production office explains that
    Duncan didn't tell Felicia the truth because he didn't trust
    her. YAHI. Hideo claimed that the sword was made by
    Masahiro. There actually were sword smiths by that name around
    almost at the time the sword was supposed to be made.
   -The Koto family schrine (Shinto) is holy ground.
   -Kent's sword was said to be made by Muramasa. This is the name of
    one of legendary sword maker Masamune's (See Section 1.7 )
    better-known students, who was also known to be quite mad. 
   -Duncan cuts Michael Kent with his own sword. Legend states that
    Muramasa blades will eventually taste the blood of anyone who owns
   -This is Robert Ito's second role on Highlander. He first appeared
    in 'Revenge of the Sword' as Tong leader Johnny Leong.
   -amusing Duncan quote: "This is a Scottish body, and it can wash

  2)  #94302   LINE OF FIRE
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Clay Borris
  (I)Randall "Tex" Cobb as Kern 
     Chandra West as Donna
     Michelle Thrush as Little Deer
     Andrew Wheeler as Father Mathew
     Peter Bob as Kahani
     Rick Poltaruk as Clerk
     Richard Leacock as Jamal
     James & Mathew Harrington as Jeremy
  Donna, a girl Richie dated briefly several years ago, returns with
  her 18-month-old son -- who she claims is Richie's! While Duncan
  reminds him that it's impossible, that Immortals are unable to have
  children, Richie sees this as an opportunity to have the family he
  never had and never will be able to again. When KERN, an evil
  Immortal, rides into town, Duncan is reminded of his own foster son,
  KAHANI. Kahani and his Sioux Indian mother, Little Deer, were
  massacred over a hundred years ago by US soldiers led by Kern, then
  a mercenary scout. Duncan is eager to even the score. When Donna
  finds Richie's sword and demands to know what it's for, Richie is at
  a loss to tell her. Duncan advises Richie that it would be safer and
  kinder to Donna and the baby to leave them. When his new-found
  family is threatened by Kern, Richie realizes Duncan is right. While
  Duncan rids the world of the evil Kern, Richie lets go of the only
  family he'll ever have.
  -Connor was airbrushed out of the flashback scene where Duncan
   mourns Little Deer

  3)  #94303   THE REVOLUTIONARY
  Writer: Peter Mohan
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Miguel Fernandes as Paul Karros
     Liliana Komorowska as Mara
     Lisa Howard as Anne Lindsey
     Bernard Cuffling as Harry Wellfleet
     John Novak as Mason
     Andrew Kavadas as Anthony Dourcef
     Lisa Vultaggio as Elda
     Robert Iseman as Mike
     L. Harvey Gold as Bourchek

  The people of a tiny Balkan nation are rising up in arms against an
  oppressive dictator. The freedom fighters are let by PAUL KARROS, a
  vibrant, charismatic leader. Karros is an Immortal who once served
  as a slave under Roman oppression and fought his way to freedom with
  Spartacus. Since that time, whenever the common people have been
  fighting against oppression, Karros has been at their side. Karros
  and his assistant, MARA, have come to the US to drum up support for
  their cause. Duncan and Karros fought together in the Mexican
  Revolution and Karros tries to convince Duncan to fight with him in
  this just cause. Duncan turns him down, but Charlie is tempted both
  by the cause and by Mara. When FATHER STEFAN, a local liaison, is
  critially wounded in an assissination attempt, Duncan realizes that
  Karros is determined to fight the war at any cost -- even at the
  cost of sabotaging peace negotiations by killing those who trust
  him. When Mara discoves the truth, she threatens to expose
  him. Karros responds by attempting to kill her. Duncan is forced to
  challenge his old comrade. When Mara returns home to the Balkans,
  Charlie goes with her to help the people.
   -Paul Karros fought with Spartacus (who was killed in 71 BC) which
    would make Karros at least 2065 years old.

  4)  #94304   THE CROSS OF ST. ANTOINE
  Writer: Morrie Ruvinsky
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
     David Longworth as Priest(?)
  (I)Brion James as Armand Thorne/John Durgan
     David Hauka as Martin Blinder
     Jason Gray-Stanford as Jonah
     Lloyd Berry as Billows
     Gerry Rousseau as Rafe
     Willow Johnson as Miss Welsley (school teacher)
     Charles Andre as Bellam
     J. B. Bivens as George

  Dawson has a new girlfriend, art historian LAUREN GALE, and a new
  attitude on life. Unfortunately, after the successful opening night
  of his blues club, he, Duncan, and Amanda arrive at Lauren's house
  to find she's been murdered. We discover the murderer is ARMAND
  THORNE, benefactor of the Thorne Museum of Antiquities, who was
  being investigated by Lauren. Duncan finds an ancient gold cross on
  display in Thorne's museum, a cross that had been stolen out from
  under his protection nearly two hundred years before. Armand Thorne,
  Duncan discovers, is actually JOHN DURGAN, the Immortal trapper who
  murdered a frontier priest and stole the cross. Duncan persuades
  Amanda to come out of cat-burglar retirement and help him to steal
  the cross from the museum in order to lure Thorne out of his heavily
  protected fortress. Duncan confronts Thorne, taking his head, and
  finally gets to return the Cross of St. Antoine to the Church, its
  rightful owner.

  5)  #94305   RITE OF PASSAGE
  Writer: Karen Harris
  Director: Mario Azzopardi
  (I)Rob Stewart as Axel Whittaker
  (I)Gabrielle Miller as Michelle Webster
     Alan Scarfe as Mr. Webster
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
     Marie Stillin as Nancy Webster
  (I)Alexa Gilmour as Sharon
     Robert Iseman as Mike
     Lisha Snelgrove as Singer

  MICHELLE WEBSTER, the rebellious teenage daughter of a friend of
  Duncan's, drives away from her parents' house in a rage and right
  over a cliff. Trama surgeon ANNE LINDSEY tries he best to save
  Michelle, but it's too late. Duncan rushes to the hospital to
  comfort his grieving friends -- and sneak their newly Immortal
  daughter out of the morgue. He tries to train her in the arts of
  Immortality, but Michelle just wants to have fun. She meets Immortal
  AXEL WHITTAKER who promises her all the fun and adventure she could
  imagine if she stays with him. In flashback, we see that Axel uses
  beautiful new Immortal women as bait to trap other Immortals and
  take their heads -- Duncan barely escaped with his in 1894
  Boston. Axel uses Michelle to lure Duncan to his yacht, where they
  continue the battle they started a hundred years before. Duncan
  defeats Axel. Michelle, witnessing the fearsome power of the
  Quickening, agrees to be trained as an Immortal under the protection
  of AMANDA.

  6)  #94306  COURAGE
  Writer: Nancy Heiken
  Director: Charles Wilkinson
  (I)John Pyper Ferguson as Brion Cullen
     Stefan Arngrim as
     Jonathan Scarfe as Kelly
     Jennifer Copping as Katherine
     Mark Acheson as Laszlo
     Catherine Lough as Marcia
     Peter Bryant as Orderly
     Colleen Rennison as Robin
     Marc Baur as Mike

  CULLEN, an old friend of Duncan's and once known as the greatest
  swordsman in Europe, is burnt out from centuries of playing The Game
  and has turned to drugs and alcohol to get the courage to keep on
  playing. After having a catastrophic run-in with Richie, Cullen
  'awakens' to find himself in a hospital emergency room. And he still
  is determined to have Richie's head. Duncan (who was at the hospital
  visiting his favorite doctor) tries to convince Cullen to stop using
  the drugs, which reminds Duncan how he once tried to help Cullen
  overcome his opium addiction a hundred years ago in San Francisco. 
  Deluded by his progressive loss of confidence and his drug habit,
  Cullen believes Duncan is just trying to render him helpless.
  Finally, Duncan has no choice but to confront his former
   -Duncan is 'fatally' crushed between a van and a stack of
    construction pipes. Cullen (driving the van) also 'dies' in the
    crash - thus giving Duncan time to revive.

  7)  #94307  THE LAMB
  Writer: J. P. Couture
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Myles Ferguson as Kenny
  (I)Eric Keenleyside as Dallman Ross
  (I)Alf Humphreys as Frank Brody   
     Linden Banks as Commander
     Jesse Moss as Sean
     Christina Jastrzembska as Catherine
  What happens to a kid who hits Immortality before he hits puberty?
  Duncan and Richie take in 10-year-old KENNY, who asks for their
  protection after the fatherly Immortal who was protecting him is
  beheaded. Kenny, we discover, is not the sweet little lamb he
  appears to be. He has bee Immortal for nearly 800 years, and has
  survived all that time by convincing other Immortals to take him in
  and protect him -- and then taking their heads.
   -This finally settles the controversy as to whether a
    child-Immortal would every grow up.
  8)  #94308  OBSESSION
  Writer:  Lawrence Shore
  Director:  P. Ziller
  (I)Cameron Bancroft as David Keogh
     Nancy Sorel as Jill Pelentay
     Sherry Miller as Sarah Carter
     Duncan Fraser as 
     Laura Harris as Julia Renquist
     Kim Kondrahoff as Henry Carter
     Nancy Sivak as Ginny 
     John R. Taylor as Jake
  Immortal DANIEL KEOGH, once an indentured servant, is a noted
  craftsman with his heart set on marrying his sweetheart,
  JILL. Unfortunately, Jill does not agree. Although she loved Keogh
  once, she was unable to handle it when he confided the secret of his
  Immortality. Now Keogh won't leave her alone and she's coming to
  Duncan, whom Keogh respects and might listen to, for help. But Keogh
  won't listen, convinced that Jill needs him as much as he needs her.

  9)  #94309  SHADOWS
  Writer:  David Tynan
  Director:  Charles Wilkinson
  (I)Garwin Sanford as Garrick
     Frank C. Turner as Official
     Margaret Barton as Hag
     Catherine Lough as Marcia
     Catherine Lough as Marcia
     Dorian Joe Clark as Cop One
     Jonathan Palis as Sheriff
     James Timmins as Merchant
     Amy Adamson as Margaret of Devon
     James Rogers as Cory

  Duncan is tormented by frighteningly real visions of his own death,
  beheaded by a mysterious dark-hooded figure. Anne tries to convince
  him to seek medical help, but instead he turns to his old friend
  GARRICK, who has spent centuries studying the mind. Duncan last saw
  Garrick in the 17th Century, when Duncan barely escaped being burned
  as a witch.  What Duncan didn't know was that Garrick was not able to
  escape as well.  Garrick convinces Duncan that the dark-hooded figure
  haunts all Immortals and that the way to defeat it is to not fight
  it, to accept it for what it is. When Duncan, haggard and exhausted,
  faces the specter for the last time, puts down his sword and refuses
  to fight the specter as it goes for his head -- until at the last
  moment Duncan discovers what the figure really is.
   -F. Braun McAsh, the current fightmaster on HL played the hooded

  10)  #94310  BLACKMAIL (pre-air titles of 'Swords, Lies, and
                         Videotape' and 'Evidence')
  Writer:  Morrie Ruvinsky
  Director:  Paolo Barzman
     Bruce Dinsmore as Bruno Wylie
     Barbara Tyson as Barbara Wylie
  (I)Anthony de Longis as Lymon Kurlow
  (I)Bill Croft as Peter Matlin
     Kelly Fiddick as Johnny
     Vicent Gale as Lattimore
     Justine Priestley as Lisa Crane
     P. Adrien Dorval as Jailer
     Gordon Tipple as Hangman

  BRUNO WYLIE is leaving his mistress' apartment with his camcorder
  when he sees Duncan in combat with another Immortal. Bruno makes
  sure he gets it all on tape -- the fight, the death, the
  Quickening. He then tries to cut a deal with Duncan: if Duncan kills
  Bruno's wife, then Bruno won't go to the police. When LYMON KURLOW,
  partner of the Immortal Duncan killed on the tape, comes after
  Duncan, Bruno, unaware of what he's dealing with, proposes another
  deal.  A la "Strangers on a Train," Bruno will kill Kurlow and
  Duncan will kill Bruno's wife, and no one will suspect a thing.
  Bruno challenges Kurlow, who kills Bruno easily and Duncan is left
  to save Bruno's wife and get rid of Kurlow.
  11)  #94311  VENDETTA
  Writer:  Alan Swayze
  Director:  George Mendeluk
  (I)Tony Rosato as Benny Carbassa
     Ken Pogue as Simon Lang
     Stella Stevens as Margaret Lang
     Tamara Gorski as Peggy McCall
     Michael Sunczyk as Syd
     Edgar Davis Jr.  as Joey
     Aurelio' Di Nunzio as Sal
     Ernie Prentice as Grey-haired Man

  To save his own hide, petty hoolum BENNY CARBASSA, the Nathan
  Detroit of Immortality, turns Duncan over to an aging gangster
  determined to see Duncan dead before he dies.
  12)  #94312  THEY ALSO SERVE
  Writer:  Lawrence Shore
  Director:  Paolo Barzman
     Mary Woronov as Rita Luce
  (I)Barry Pepper as Michael Christian
  (I)Vivian Wu as May-Ling Shen
     Michael Anderson Jr. as Ian Bancroft
     Marc Baur as Mike
     Oliver Becker as Justin
     Lorraine Landry as Maureen
     Mina E. Mina as Kahn

  Recent Immortal MICHAEL CHRISTIAN has been on an incredible string
  of luck, taking a number of heads from unarmed and vulnerable
  opponents, including MAY-LING SHEN, who taught Duncan the martial
  arts.  Christian's Watcher, RITA LUCE, has been supplying him with
  classified information on the other Immortals and their weaknesses.
  The race is on for Joe Dawson to figure out Rita's secret before
  Christian sets his sights on Duncan.
  13)  #94313  BLIND FAITH
  Writer:  Jim Makichuk
  Director:  Gerry Ciccoritti
  (I)Richard Lynch as John Kirin/Cage
     Conrad Dunn as Matthew
     Dave Cameron as Todd Milchan
     Nick Vrataric as Tim Parriot
     Alfonso Quijada Jr.  as Carlos
     Celine Lockhart as Nun
     Ravinder Toor as Cop
     Robert Iseman as Mike
     F. Braun McAsh as Derelict

  When a religious leader, JOHN KIRIN, dies on Anne's operating table
  and then returns from the dead, his believers know a miracle has
  occurred.  Duncan knows better.  He watched as Kirin, then known as
  CAGE, massacred POWs in the Spanish Civl war and left a band of
  Cambodian refugee children to die at the hands of the Khmer Rouge.
  Kirin swears that experience changed him forever, turning him from a
  man of war to a man of peace.  When a tabloid reporter trying to get
  the goods on Kirin winds up dead, Duncan is certain he knows who is
  Writer:  David Tynan
  Director:  Paolo Barzman
  (I)David Robb as Kalas
  (I)Eugene Lipinski as Br. Paul
  (I)Demetri Goritsas as Br. Timon
     John Tench as Max Jupe 
     Vince Metcalfe as Dan Tarendash
     Lynda Boyd as Karen
     Catherine Lough as Marcia
     Paul Bittante as Detective
    Allixandria East as Nurse
  In the 1600s, Duncan sought refuge for a time in a monastery founded
  by PAUL, another Immortal.  There he encountered KALAS, an Immortal
  monk with a heavenly singing voice.  When Duncan discovered that
  Kalas was routinely taking the heads of Immortals as they left the
  sanctuary, Duncan had Kalas expelled from the monastery, destroying
  the life that Kalas loved.  Now Kalas is determined to return the
  favor by destroying the lives of those close to Duncan -- Paul,
  Dawson and Anne.
  15)  #94315  STAR-CROSSED
  Writer:  Jim Makichuk
  Director:  Paolo Barzman
  (I)Roger Daltrey as Hugh Fitzcairn
  (I)David Robb as Kalas
     Michel Modo as Maurice
     Frederic Witta as Patrick
     Valerie Zarrouk as Naomi
     Gian-Franco Salemi as Doge
     Elodie Frenck as Arianna 
     Guillaume Barriere as Scribe
     Gerard Touratier as Watch
     Fabrice Bagni as Manservant
     Virginie Peignien as Inspector
  Duncan, forced to leave the States by KALAS, returns to France where
  he is reunited with his old friend, HUGH FITZCAIRN.  For the first
  time in the 350 years Duncan has known him, Fitz has settled down
  with the love of his life, NAOMI.  When Naomi's jealous ex-lover is
  murdered and the clues point to Fitz, Fitz goes on the run from the
  police.  Duncan realizes that Fitz is being framed by KALAS, who has
  followed him from the U.S., intent on destroying those around him.
  16)  #94316  METHOS
  Writer:  J.P. Couture
  Director:  Dennis Berry
  (I)David Robb as Kalas
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
     Carmen Champlin as Maria Campolo
     Patrice Valota as Marc Saracen
     Olivier Marchal as Philippe 
     Patrice Valota as Marc Saracen
     Jean Francois Pages as Basil Dornin
     Ken Samuels as Roger
     George Birt as Don Salzer
     Charles Maquignon as Bartender
     Denis Sylvain as Inspector
     Debbie Davis as Danielle
  KALAS is looking for METHOS, the mythical "oldest Immortal."  Duncan
  knows that, with Methos' quickening, Kalas would finally be strong
  enough to defeat him.  Kalas and Duncan race to be the first to find
  Methos.  In flashbacks to the world of opera in Paris in the 1920,
  we see a previous battle in which Duncan inflicts the throat wound
  destroying the singing voice that had been Kalas' life since the
  Middle Ages.

  17)  #94317  TAKE BACK THE NIGHT
  Writer:  Alan Swayze
  Director:  Paolo Barzman
  (I)Kim Johnston Ulrich as Ceirdwyn
     Michel Modo as Maurice
     Benjamin Pullen as 
     Marc Edouard Leon as Paolo
     Peter Semler as Callum 
     Jean Francois Pages as Basil Dornin
     Ariane Le Roux as Neva
     David Gregg as Steven
     Frank Messin as Gaston
     Terence Leroy-Beaulieu as Mario
     Jonathan Zaccai as Louis
     Anthony Miceli as Raoul
     Olivier Siou as Laurent
     Thierry Bois as Blond Man
     John Charles Maratier as Angus

  When Immortal CEIRDWYN and her mortal husband are gunned down by a
  street gang, she calls upon her skills as an ancient Celtic warrior
  to exact her revenge on the members of the gang, one by one.
  Duncan, who has known Ceirdwyn since before they helped smuggle
  Bonnie Prince Charlie out of Scotland in 1746, must stop Ceirdwyn
  and make her see that revenge is not the answer.  In return,
  Ceirdwyn helps Duncan see that, although loving a mortal can be
  dangerous for the mortal, it is the mortal who must choose whether
  to take the risk.
  18)  #94318  TESTIMONY
  Writer:  David Tynan
  Director:  Dennis Berry
  (I)Alexis Daniel as Kristov
     Selina Giles as Tasha 
     Xavier Schliwanski as Alexei
     Georges Keyl as Bohdan
     Bertrand Lacy as Doctor Chandon
     Lawrence Shore as Man at Airport

  Duncan decides to tell Anne the truth about his Immortality and she
  flies to Paris to be with him.  En route, Anne helps save the life
  of a young woman, TASHA, who turns out to be smuggling drugs for the
  Russian Mafia.  Tasha is the lover of KRISTOV, the head of the
  Russian gang and formerly the leader of band of Cossacks Duncan
  encountered on his way to the Orient in 1750.  Duncan and Anne try
  to convince Tasha to testify against Kristov, while Kristov is
  determined to make sure Tasha dies before she can testify.
  Kidnapped by Kristov as a pawn in this game, Richie must grow as an
  Immortal -- or die.
  - Mercedes are regularly used as work vehicles in Europe such as the
    taxi in this episode.
  19)  #94319  MORTAL SINS
  Writer:  Lawrence Shore
  Director:  Mario Azzopardi
  (I)Andrew Woodall as Ernst Daimler
     Roger Bret as Father Bernard
     Jean-Claude Deret as Georges Dalou 
     Claude Berthy as Father Guillaume
     Thierry Gary as Iggy
     Georges Janin as Young Bernard
     Laurent Deutsch as Young Georges
     Lyes Salem as Aram
     Pierre Rousselle as Jean

  FATHER BERNARD has a secret he thought he'd buried 50 years ago at
  the bottom of the Seine.  When ERNST DAIMLER, the Nazi Major who
  Bernard killed as a young boy in the French Resistance, appears at
  his church looking not a day older than the day he died, Father
  Bernard realizes he's like Duncan.  When the Nazi starts looking for
  revenge, Bernard, who has kept Duncan's Immortality a secret all
  these years, goes to Duncan for help.  Meanwhile, Anne has some
  secrets of her own that could change the course of Duncan's life.
   -They used the real voice of Jean Claud Deret (Dalou) in this
    episode. He was looped in "For Tomorrow We Die".
  20)  #94320  REASONABLE DOUBT
  Writer:  Elizabeth Baxter
  Director:  Denis Berry
  (I)Paudge Behan as Lucas Kagan
     Geraldine Cotte as Simone Tomas
     Richard Lintern as Tarsis
     Michel Modo as Maurice 
     Dolores Chaplin
     Jacques Ciron as Head Clerk
     Didier Terron as Claude
     Rebecca Potok as Madame Camille 
     Laurence Mercier as Woman 
     Olivier Kandel as Young Kagan 
     Pierre Alexis Hollenbeck as Rudy
     Azzedine Melliti as Rene
  When a valuable DaVinci sketch is stolen from a friend of 
  Duncan's in a robbery that kills two guards, Duncan 
  offers to act as go-between to ransom it back.  He 
  discovers the sketch was stolen by KAGAN, an Immortal he 
  faced once before, when Kagan was a bank robber in 1930 
  Paris and Duncan killed his mentor.  Meanwhile, Maurice 
  asks Duncan to help his troubled niece, Simone, who turns 
  out to be more troubled than Maurice knows.
  21)  #94321  FINALE, PART ONE
  Writer:  David Tynan
  Director:  Mario Azzopardi
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)David Robb as Kalas
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
     Michel Modo as Maurice
  (I)Roland Gift as Xavier St. Cloud
     Sian Weber as Christine Salzer
     John Suda as Hamza
     Debbie Davis as Danielle
     Matthew Geczy as Martin
     Emmanuel Karsen as Nino
     Patrick Albenque as Genet
     Charles Maquignon as Gerard
     Mykhael Georges-Schar as Business Man

  KALAS returns, escaped from prison and determined to finish Duncan
  for good.  He goes after Maurice and kidnaps AMANDA to use as bait
  for Duncan.  Meanwhile, the widow of a Watcher killed by Kalas
  decides to get her revenge on Immortals and Watchers alike by
  exposing their secret to the media.  Dawson and METHOS team up to
  try and stop her -- any way they can.
  - Methos drove a VW convertible bug.

  22)  #94322  FINALE, PART TWO
  Writer:  David Tynan
  Director:  Denis Berry
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)David Robb as Kalas
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
     Sian Weber as Christine Salzer
     George Harris as Vemas
     David Gilliam as Jeremy Clancy
     Matthew Geczy as Martin
     Emmanuel Karsen as Nino
     Karim Salah as Sultan
     Albert Pariente as Guard

  Immortals and Watchers face the end of the world as they know it.
  KALAS manages to get his hands on the Watcher's database before it
  can be spread to the media and he offers Duncan a deal -- Duncan
  offers up his head to Kalas or the contents of the disk are made
  public.  They meet on the Eiffel Tower to settle things once and for

3.6. Fourth Season Episode Details

  Note: Most of the episodes summaries are directly from the
        Highlander producers. 
  Regular Cast
  Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
  Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson 
  Text from the beginning of each episode
  (spoken by Joe Dawson) 
  "He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.
  Born in 1592 in the highlands of Scotland, 
    he is still alive.
  He is immortal. 
  For 400 years he's been a warrior, 
    a lover,
    a wanderer, 
    contantly facing other immortals in combat to the death.  
  The winner takes his enemy's head and with it his power.
  I am a Watcher, 
    part of a secret society of men and women who observe 
    and record but never interfer.  
  We know the truth about immortals.
  In the end, there can be only one.  
    May it be Duncan MacLeod."
  Episode Details (SPOILERS)
  01)  #95401  HOMELAND
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Adrian Paul
     Kristin Minter as Rachael MacLeod
  (I)Carsten Norgaard as Kanwulf
     Matthew Walker as Ian MacLeod
     Laurie Holden as Debra Campbell
     Scott McNeil as Robert MacLeod
     Anna Hogan as Mary MacLeod
     Ewan (Sudsy) Clark as George Lalonde
     John Tierney as Angus
     William Samples as Bruce
     Gerard Plunkett as James Bailey
     Robert Moloney as Kevin McSwain
     Billy Mitchell as Brian McSwain
     Forbes Angus as Constable
     Andrew MacGregor as Donal

  In the season opener, Duncan returns to the land of his youth. After
  purchasing an antique bracelet in Paris, he heads off to Glenfinnan,
  to return it to the grave of DEBRA, the first love of his life. In
  the Glenfinnan of the present, the men who robbed Debra's grave are
  found sliced open -- the Blood Eagle, the trademark of KANWULF The
  Destroyer, the legendary Viking marauder who pillaged the area for
  hundreds of years and killed Duncan MacLeod's father. But according
  to local legend, Duncan MacLeod came back from the dead and killed
  Kanwulf nearly 400 years ago. Or did he? 
  -Portions of this episode, were filmed on location in Glenfinnan,
  -The haunting Scottish song is 'Bonny Portmore.' The version used
   was arranged by HL series composer Roger Bellon and sung by Laura
   Creamer, a talented singer from Los Angeles who has sung other
   songs for the series over the previous three seasons. The producers
   wanted to secure the rights to Loreena McKennitt's original
   recording (which was used in the third HL movie and which is also
   available on her album "The Visit") but that proved
   too difficult given budget and time constraints. The version used
   in this episode is not available commercially.

  02)  #95402  BROTHERS IN ARMS
  Writer: Morriee Ruvinsky
  Director: Charles Wilkinson
     Philip Akil as Charlie DeSalvo
  (I)Wolfgang Bodinson as Andrew Cord
     Liliana Komorowska as Mara
     Chris Bradford as Young Joe Dawson
     Jeffrey Renn as Young Ian Bancroft
     Garrison Chrisjohn as Dr. Weldon
     Mercedes Tang as Vietnamese Woman

  Friends become enemies and the past is revealed, when Immortal
  ANDREW CORD is gunned down and Duncan discovers the sniper is
  CHARLIE DESALVO, his good friend who used to run the dojo. Charlie,
  who left Duncan to fight the good fight in the Balkans with his
  love, Mara, is after Cord, who murdered her.  Dawson knows Cord as
  the man who saved his life in Viet Nam after a mine explosion took
  his legs and he begs Duncan not to fight him. Duncan agrees --
  until Cord turns the tables and sets his sights on Charlie.

  03)  #95403  THE INNOCENT
  Writer: Alan Swayze
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Pruitt Taylor Vince as Mikey
  (I)Callum Keith Rennie as Tyler King
     Philip Hayes as Alan Wells
     Chilton Crane as Helen Wells
     Dwight McFee as Jack Spice
     Darryl Shackelly as Chaske
     Hagan Beggs as Doc Hobbs
     Patrick Stevenson as Lockport
     George Austin as Anderson
     Craig Bunanski as Sheriff
     Bobby Stewart as Office Winston
     Terry Howson as Water Delivery Man

  In an episode filled with danger and compassion, Richie encounters
  MIKEY, a huge Immortal of limited mental development and a
  fascination with trains.  Richie takes Mikey home to Duncan, who
  advises him that taking care of Mikey could be trouble. Duncan
  remembers coming to the aid of a young Indian in trouble, when his
  help got the man killed. While Duncan faces TYLER KING, an Immortal
  who's coming after Mikey, Richie must find the maturity to take
  responsibility for Mikey's situation.

  04)  #95404  LEADER OF THE PACK
  Writer: Lawrence Shore
  Director: Mario Azzopardi
     Justin Louis as Mark Roszca
     Travis MacDonald as Kanis
     Venus Terzo as
     Rachel Hayward as
     Jenafor Ryane as Alicia
     Kim Restell as Julie
     Yee Jee Tso as Gerald
     Greg Rogers as Detective Sheridan
     Veena Sood as Shandra Devane
     Christopher Gaze as Sheriff
     Michael Dobson as Cop
     Christopher Lovick as Shepherd

  The past comes back to haunt Richie when he spies MARK ROSZCA, the
  street punk who killed Tessa and Richie in the second season
  episode "The Darkness." Richie is determined to go after Roszca and
  revenge Tessa's death. Meanwhile, Duncan is distracted by the
  return of an old Immortal enemy, KANIS -- a master of hounds who
  uses his pack of dogs to track and exhaust his prey. This time his
  prey is Duncan MacLeod.

  05)  #95405  DOUBLE EAGLE
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Mario Azzopardi
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Nicholas Campbell as Kit O'Brady
     Tim Henry as Jim Rainey
     Garvin Cross as Ray
     Tony Marr as Laundry Worker

  Duncan's old friend, KIT O'BRADY, comes into town in search of a
  good race horse and a change of luck.  Duncan knew Kit back in Gold
  Rush San Francisco, when Kit ran the Double Eagle Saloon. Kit lost
  the Double Eagle to Amanda in a poker game and has blamed her ever
  since for his string of bad luck -- and he's vowed to kill her.
  When Amanda chooses to breeze back into Duncan's life while Kit is
  there, Duncan is hard pressed to keep them apart and to keep them
  from killing each other.

  06)  #95406  REUNION
  Writer: Elizabeth Baxter
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Myles Ferguson as Kenny
     Lisa Howard as Anne Lindsey
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Mike Preston as Terence Kincaid
     Ryan Michael as Sheriff
     Luc Corbeil as Merriman
     Joel Wirkkunen as McPhee
     Lisa Butler as Kenny's Mother

  Running for his life from Immortal TERENCE KINCAID, KENNY (the child
  Immortal from "The Lamb") runs straight into Anne Lindsey's
  emergency room. Stashing Kenny in the hospital chapel, Anne calls
  Duncan for help. Duncan agrees to harbor him for one night only,
  but when Duncan gets him home, Kenny discovers his long-lost
  teacher there -- Amanda!

  07)  #95407  THE COLONEL
  Writer: Durnford King
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Sean Allen as Simon Killian
     Lisa Butler as Melissa
     Dave "Squatch" Ward as Cisco
     Antony Holland as The General
     Sean Campbell as Sgt. Merion

  World War I was officially over when Colonel SIMON KILLIAN ordered
  his troops into one last bloody attack on the Germans. Duncan
  witnessed the massacre and made sure his testimony at Killian's
  court martial got Killian locked up forever. Seventy years later,
  Killian is back to return the favor. Meanwhile, Amanda has found a
  new friend, MELISSA, a young thief out for thrills. Melissa wants to
  be just like Amanda so she changes her hair and her clothes to look
  just like her -- so much so that Killian kidnaps her, thinking she's
  Duncan's girlfriend.

  08)  #95408  RELUCTANT HEROES
  Writer: Scott Peters
  Director: Neill Fearnley
  (I)Peter Outerbridge as Paul Kinman
     Jill Teed as Kaayla Brooks
     Kevin McNulty as David Markum
     Nicola Cavendish as Queen Anne
     Tony Scanling as Lord Keating
     Fred Henderson as Desantis
     Stephen Dimopoulos as Vince Petrovic
     Kevin Lesmister as Earl of Welsley
     Eileen Barrett as Alice Markum
     Peter Bryant as Cop

  Coming home from the movies, Duncan and Richie witness a murder
  attempt on grocer DAVID MARKUM.  Duncan saves Markum, but Markum's
  wife Alice is hit and killed. Duncan and Richie go after the
  murderer and discover he's Immortal PAUL KINMAN just as the police
  arrive and arrest him. Duncan want's Kinman's head. Kinman killed
  Duncan's good friend DENNIS KEATING when they were in the court of
  Queen Anne. FBI agent KAAYLA BROOKS asks Duncan and Richie if they
  can testify against Kinman, but Duncan refuses because he can't
  kill Kinman if Kinman's in jail.

  09)  #95409  THE WRATH OF KALI
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Duane Clark
  (I)Kabir Bedi as Kamir
     ? as Deva Ennis
     ? as Vashti
     Veena Sood
     Brent Stait
     Molly Parker
     Sue Mathew
     Alec Willows as Martin Millay

  An ancient statue of the Hindu goddess Kali is purchased by the
  university where Duncan teaches and is put on display. Its creator,
  Immortal KAMIR, who has been searching for it for centuries, arrives
  determined to take it back to its' home in India. DEVA ENNIS, the
  half-Indian department chairman who found the piece for the
  university, is equally determined to keep it. Duncan, who has known
  Kamir since the Raj period, when India was controlled by the British
  Empire, knows Kamir is the last of the Thugee, a cult who worshipped
  Kali by ritually strangling her enemies.

  10)  #95410  CHIVALRY
  Writer: Michael O'Mahoney & Sasha Reins
  Director: Paolo Barzman
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Adam Pierson/Methos
  (I)Anne Turkel as Kristin Gilles
     Beverly Hendry as Louise
     Emmanuelle Vaugier as

  Nearly 350 years ago, Duncan was the devoted lover of KRISTIN
  GILLES, a beautiful Immortal who taught him to be a gentleman. When
  he found another love, Kristin refused to let him go, killing his
  new lover. Now Kristin is sharing her bed with another new Immortal
  full of potential -- Richie.  Methos, who knows Duncan has never
  been able to kill Kristin because of his strict code of honor, has
  arrived in town to watch the fireworks as Duncan tries to convince
  Richie that his new-found love is dangerous.

  11)  #95411  TIMELESS
  Writer:  Karen Harris
  Director:  Duane Clark
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Adam Pierson/Methos
  (I)Ron Halder as Walter Graham
  (I)Rae Dawn Chong as Claudia Jardine
     Ocean Hellman as Alexa Bond
     Brent Fidler as Jeremy Beaufort
     David MacKay as Gremio
  World famous pianist CLAUDIA JARDINE has a secret that even she
  doesn't know -- she's destined to become Immortal.  Immortal
  impresario WALTER GRAHAM, who has guided the careers of mortal greats
  like Shakespeare, sees his chance to shepherd Claudia's genius forever
  and kills her, triggering her latent Immortality -- against Duncan's
  better judgment.  Meanwhile, Methos has fallen for ALEXA, at waitress
  at Joe's who has a secret of her own.  And why is Duncan wearing that
  dress?  The classical music selections in this episode were:
   1) In opening scene:
         - Chopin's C minor Etude
   2) When Claudia plays for Mac and Walter:
         - Debussy's Claire de Lune
   3) Tag ending when Claudia plays and Mac listens:
         - was supposed to be Bach's Invention #8 in F,
           but ended up as an improvised riff

  12)  #95412  THE BLITZ
  Writer: Morrie Ruvinsky
  Director: Paolo Barzman
     Lisa Howard as Anne Lindsey
     Duncan Fraser as
     Beverley Elliott as  
     Alison  Noir as Diane Terrin
     Robert Iseman as Mike
     Tim Dixon as Harry
     Tracy Olson as Lord Sewell
     David Adams as Emcee

  ER trauma surgeon Anne Lindsey responds to the call for help after
  an explosion devastates a subway station, but when a subsequent
  explosion rocks the station, Anne is trapped.  Duncan remembers WWII
  London where he and the woman he loved, reporter Diane Terrin, were
  trapped in a bombed air-raid shelter during The Blitz, running out of
  time and air.  Duncan is desperate to rescue Anne before he loses her
  like he lost Diane.

  13)  #95413  SOMETHING WICKED
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Byron Chief Moon as Jim Coltec
  (I)Benjamin Ratner as Bryce Korland
     Darcy Laurie as Harry Kant
     Carla Temple as Denise
     Dan Muldoon as Captain
     Michael Gall as Tall Beatnik
     Colin Foo as Clerk
     Carl Chase as Robert Davis

  The Immortal Coltec is a Native American Hayoka -- a shaman whose
  responsibility is to take evil into himself to protect his people.
  After the massacre of Duncan's Indian family in 1872, Coltec saved
  Duncan by taking in the evil and rage he felt. Since the death of his
  tribe, Coltec has become Hayoka to the world, protecting it from evil
  Immortals. But Coltec's capacity for evil isn't endless and when evil
  finally overtakes him, Duncan must find a way to save Coltec without
  being drawn into the evil himself.

  14)  #95414  DELIVERANCE (working title LEAP OF FAITH)
  Writer: David Tynan
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Adam Pierson/Methos
  (I)Michael J. Jackson as Sean  Burns 
     Carl Chase as Robert Davis
     Valeria  Cavalli as Dominique Davis
     Kristin Minter as Rachel MacLeod
     Valeria Cavalli as Dominique
     Carl Chase as Robert Davis
     Geoffroy Boutan as Claude Massanet
     Morgan Cooke as Antoine
     Patrick Burgel as Albert
     Julien Bizot as Driver

  Duncan arrives in France, leaving a trail of hate and destruction in
  his wake. Methos finds him and discovers just how evil Duncan has
  become when he tries to take Methos' head on holy ground. After Duncan
  kills another good friend, Methos realizes that the only way to save
  Duncan may be to kill him.

  15)  #95415  PROMISES
  Writer: Lawrence Shore
  Director: Paolo Barzman
     Kristin Minter as Rachel MacLeod
  (I)Ricco Ross as Kassim
     Ben Feitelson as
     Vernon Dobtcheff as Hamad
     Tomer Sisley as Reza
     Peta Wilson as Inspector
     Karim Salah as Boadin Al Deneb
     Soumaya Akaaboune as Aliya
     Dine Souli as Official

  In 1755, Duncan made a promise in order to save the life of a young
  friend. It comes back to haunt him when Kassim, the Immortal to whom
  he made the promise, demands that Duncan assassinate the tyrannical
  dictator of a small Middle Eastern country. When his refusal gets a
  good man killed and puts Rachel's life in jeopardy, Duncan is torn
  between doing what he believes is right and keeping his promise.

  16)  #95416  METHUSELAH'S GIFT
  Writer: Michael O'Mahoney and Sasha Reins
  Director: Adrian Paul
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Adam Pierson/Methos
     Anthony Hyde as
     Jamie Harris as
  (I)Nadia Cameron as Rebecca
     Patrick Serraf as Man
     Guy Amram as Kelly

  When masked thugs try to take Amanda's head in her sleep and steal
  the crystal given to her long ago by Rebecca, Amanda and Duncan
  investigate. They discover that the crystal may be part of the
  Methuselah Stone, a mystic talisman said to impart eternal life and
  invulnerability to the wearer and that the person willing to kill
  Amanda to get it may be -- Methos?

  17)  #95417  THE IMMORTAL CIMOLI
  Writers: Story by Sophia Descroisette;
           Teleplay by Scott Peters
  Director: Yves Lafaye
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Crispin (Jason?) Bonham Carter as Danny Cimoli
     Louise Vincent as Lina Cimoli
     Simon Kunz as Damon Case
     Louise Vincent as Lina Cimoli
     Roger Lumont as Marco Mastina
     Patrick Mille as Jean Philippe de LeFaye III
     Stephane Boucher as Edward Bellamy
     Veronique Baylaucq as Annie
  (I)T. C. Holmes as Immortal

  Two bit magician Danny Cimoli gets a whole new act then he's hit by
  a truck and becomes The Immortal Cimoli. Amanda and Duncan find him in
  a curious a circus, taking bullets in the heart of delight of the
  audience and blissfully unaware he's now part of The Game.

  Writer: Alan Swayze
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Dougray Scott as Warren Cochrane
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Adam Pierson/Methos
     Laura Marine as Nancy Goddard
     Struan Rodger as Bonnie Prince Charles
     Gresby Nash as Andrew Donnelly
     Luc Bernard as Inspector Deon
     F. Braun McAsh as Innkeeper
     Shannon Finnegan as Sarah
     George Salmon as James

  Duncan's old friend Warren Cochrane is hiding a horrible secret he
  can't bear to remember.  Realizing that an Immortal, Duncan who won't
  remember what he is is a soon to be dead Immortal, Duncan tries to
  help Warren by reminding him of the history they shared together, of
  their battles for Scotland's freedom, and of their mission to return
  Bonnie Prince Charlie to the throne. But Duncan might have helped his
  freind more by letting the past stay buried.

  19)  #95420  TILL DEATH
  Writers: Story be Beatrice Mathouret;
          Teleplay by Michael O'Mahony & Sasha Reins
  Director: Dennis Berry
  (I)Roger Daltry as Hugh Fitzcairn
  (I)Jeremy Brudenwell as Robert de Valicourt
  (I)Cecile Pallas as Gina de Valicourt 
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Adam Pierson/Methos
  (I)Michael J. Jackson as Sean Burns
     Michel Feller as Footman

  When Gina and Robert de Valicourt met 300 years ago, even Gina's
  suitors Duncan and Fitzcaim had to admit they were destined for each
  other. Each century, as Robert and Gina renewed their wedding vows
  before their friends and fellow Immortals, their love grew
  stronger. But now their marriage is on the rocks. Duncan decides it's
  up to him to reunite the once happy couple, and he enlists a very
  unwilling accomplice in his cunning plan.

  20) #95421  JUDGMENT DAY
  Writer: David Tynan 
  Director:  Gerard Hameline
     Jesse Joe Walsh as Jack Shapiro
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Adam Pierson/Methos
     Stephen Tremblay as Jacob Galati
     Graham McTavish as
     Benjamin Boyer as David Shapiro
     Danielle Durou as Realtor
     Nicholas Bonnefous as Gate Guard
     Christine Rivere as Nadia

  Dawson's life is on the line when the Watchers try him on the charge
  of treason for his friendship with Duncan MacLeod. Watcher deaths
  have risen dramatically since Dawson first told MacLeod about the
  Watchers and the Tribunal is determined to punish Joe and stop the
  killing. Duncan and Dawson argue his case, but even as the trial
  goes on, the Watcher killings continue.

3.7. Fifth Season Episode Details

  Note: Most of the episodes summaries are directly from the
        Highlander producers. 
  Regular Cast
  Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
  Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson 
  Text from the beginning of each episode
  (spoken by Joe Dawson) 
  "He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.
  Born in 1592 in the highlands of Scotland, 
    he is still alive.
  He is immortal. 
  For 400 years he's been a warrior, 
    a lover,
    a wanderer, 
    contantly facing other immortals in combat to the death.  
  The winner takes his enemy's head and with it his power.
  I am a Watcher, 
    part of a secret society of men and women who observe 
    and record but never interfer.  
  We know the truth about immortals.
  In the end, there can be only one.  
    May it be Duncan MacLeod."
  Episode Details (SPOILERS)
  Writer: David Tynan 
  Director: Dennis Berry 
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
  (I)Stephen Tremblay as Jacob Galati
     Jesse Joe Walsh as Jack Shapiro 
  (I)Romina Mondello as Irena Galati 
     Peter Hudson as James Horton
     Michel Feller as Mikel
     Yan Epstein as Jean Dumar
     Xavier Jaillard as Magistrate
     Zoltan Csala as Guard
     Manuel Guillot as Emile
     Olivier Vitrant as Watcher

  Immortals and Watchers are poised at the brink of war. On the orders
  of the Watcher Tribunal, every Watcher in Europe is hunting for Duncan
  MacLeod. Their mission: bring him in dead or alive. Duncan discovers
  that the real killer is Jacob Galati, a gypsy he once traveled with
  who has vowed to destroy all the mortals who wear the Watcher
  tatoo. Galati is convinced the Watchers are out to destroy all

  02)  #96501  PROPHECY
  Writer: David Tynan 
  Director: Dennis Berry 
  (I)Tracey Scoggins as Cassandra
  (I)Gererd Plunkett as Roland Kantos
  (I)Jeremy Beck as Young Duncan
     Matthew Walker as Ian MacLeod 
     Ann Hagan as Mary Macleod
     Allan Clow as Neil MacGregor
     Deryl Hayes as Andrew Beckmann
     Tom Heaton as Old Tom
     Ernie Pitts as Cop
     Cluny MacPherson as Robert Macleod
     Kasper Michaels as Partner

  When Duncan MacLeod was but a wee lad in the Highlands he thought
  Cassandra, the Witch of Donan Woods, was just a fairy story told by
  crazy old men to scare the children.  That is until the night she
  found him alone in Donan Woods. It's four hundred years later and
  Cassandra has found Duncan again. She needs Duncan to fulfill an
  ancient prophecy that only he can challenge and defeat the voice of

  03)  #96502  THE END OF INNOCENCE
  Writer: Morrie Runvinsky 
  Director: Gerard Hameline 
  (I)Real Andrews as Haresh Clay
  (I)Chris Humphreys as Graham Ashe
  (I)Chris Martin as Carter Wellan 
     Rachel Hayward as Delila 
     Gerry Rousseau as Raymond Fairchild
     Gary Jones as Hotel Guest

  The last time Richie Ryan saw Duncan MacLeod, Duncan was about to
  take his head. A bullet from Watcher Joe Dawson's gun stopped Duncan
  but it was too late. Richie's world was shattered. Now Richie's back
  -- kicking butt and taking heads. One of those heads belonged to
  Carter Wellan and now Wellan's goof friend Haresh Clay is out to
  avenge his comrade. Duncan has his own long-time grudge against Clay,
  who humiliated and destroyed one of Duncan's finest teachers. Duncan
  must try to rebuild Richie's trust while vying with him to be the one
  who faces Clay in combat.

  04)  #99503  MANHUNT
  Writer: David Tynan 
  Director: Peter Ellis 
  (I)Bruce A. Young as Carl Robinson
     Eric McCormick as Matthew McCormick 
  (I)Eric Keenleyside as Trey Franks 
     Stephen Dimopoulos as Seth Hobart
     Aaron Pearl as Corman
     Jim Leard as Detective Frayne
     Chris Villarruel as Fan
     Rhys Williams as Talbot
     Kevin Hansen as Clayton Hobart
     Jo Bates as Glenda

  Carl Robinson, the former slave turned baseball player (he first
  appeared in "Run For Your Life") has finally found the good life as a
  Major League star. His new found good luck takes a turn for the worse
  when Carl is challenged by another Immortal. When witnesses find Carl
  standing over a decapitated body, he becomes a fugitive from the
  law. Pursued by lawman Matthew McCormick, whose interest in Carl goes
  beyond cop and criminal, Carl turns to Duncan for help.

  05)  #96504  GLORY DAYS
  Writer: Nancy Heiken 
  Director: Gerard Hameline 
  (I)Ian Tracey as Johnny Kelly
     Marcia Stressman as Betsy Fields 
     Jim Crescenzo as Mr. Luca
     Robin Mossley as Jimmy The Weasel
     Aurelio DiNunzio as Guard
     Mike Kopsa as Tommy
     Bob Dawson as O'Grady
     Bob Wilde as Dominic Delio
     Philip Heinrich as Bobby
     Larry Morrison as Roadie
     Mario Battista as Big Gino

  Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Dawson's
  high school sweetheart, Betsy Fields, had to walk into his. Meanwhile,
  Duncan's got his hands full with Johnny Kelly, a teenage mobster
  wannabe when Duncan knew him during Prohibition who is now a
  cold-blooded assassin. The only rules Johnny K knows are the rules of
  the street -- and Duncan's going to have to play by them if he wants
  to keep his head.

  06) #96505  DRAMATIC LICENSE
  Writer: Michael O'Mahoney and Sasha Reins
  Director: Peter Ellis
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen
     Sandra Bernhard as Carolyn Marsh
  (I)Alistair Duncan as Terence Coventry
     April Telek as Roxanne
     Keith Homgren as Gerald
     Stephen Sisk as Tim
     Sheila Tyson as Assistant

  CAROLYN MARSH'S latest best-seller is a hot and sexy romance novel
  featuring a smoky-eyed swashbuckling Highland hero named Duncan
  MacLeod. Both Duncan and TERENCE COVENTRY, the Immortal depicted as
  the borish villain of the novel, are out tofind the author -- Duncan
  to find out how much she really knows about him, and Coventry to kill

  07)  #96506  MONEY NO OBJECT
  Writer: James Thorpe
  Director: Rafal Zielinski
  (I)Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
  (I)Nicholas Les as Cory Raines
     Tim Henry
     Tom McBeath
     Alex Bruhanski as Reynaldo
     John Moore as Farmer

  Duncan and Amanda are reunited with CORY RAINES, the charming,
  smooth-talking "Clyde" to Amanda's "Bonnie" during their five state
  crime spree in the 1920s. Amanda, always ready for a little larceny,
  is tempted by the carefree and adventurous lifestyle Cory offers her
  and takes him up on the offer when she realizes Duncan won't beg her
  to stay with him. But Duncan rides to rides to the rescue when one of
  Cory's schemes goes astray.

  08)  #96507  HAUNTED
  Writer: Scott Peters
  Director: James Bruce
     Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
     Kathy Evison as Jennifer Hill
  (I)Kevin John Conway as Alec Hill
     John Novak as 
     Lisa Butler as Genevieve
     Larke Miller as Woman

  JENNIFER HILL believes the spirit of her dead husband Alec, an
  Immortal, is still with her.  She comes to Alec's old friend
  Duncan and begs him to appease Alec's spirit by whacking the
  son-of-a-bitch who took Alec Hill's head.  Richie finds himself
  strangely attracted to the grieving young widow -- until he realizes
  he's the son-of-a-bitch who took Alec Hill's head.

  09)  #96508  LITTLE TIN GOD
  Writer: Richard Gilbert Hill
  Director: Rafal Zielinski
  (I)Roger R. Cross as Derek Worth
  (I)Andrew Divoff as  Gavriel Larca
     Nathaniel DeVeaux as Reverend Bell
  (I)Roger R. Cross as Derek Worth
  (I)Steve Bacic as Luke
  (I)Terry Barclay as Paco
  (I)Christopher J. P. Racasa as Enrique
     Kira Clavell as Coyantu 

  DEREK's faith in God helped save him from a violent life on the
  urban streets. When the young gospel singer is killed in a drive-by
  shooting, he awakens in the arms of God and is given the gift of
  eternal life. But what's he to do when that God recruits him as a
  warrior in the Holy War against Satan -- and Satan turns up to be
  Duncan MacLeod?

  10)  #96509  MESSENGER
  Writer: David Tynan 
  Director: James Bruce 
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
     Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
  (I)Ron Perlman as The Messenger
     Robert Wisden as William Culbraith
     Awaovieyi Agie as Jeffrey
     Patrick T. Gorman as Sergeant Hickson
     Mitch Davies as Captain Greenwell
     Lloyd Berry as Harry

  Richie's found a new teacher: an Immortal who preaches a message of
  peace. An Immortal who believes all Immortals can lay down their
  swords and live together as brothers. An Immortal who claims to be
  the oldest of their kind still alive -- Methos. Will laying down his
  sword in the name of peace mean Richie will lose his head? And what
  does this mean for the friend Duncan already calls Methos?

  11) #96510  THE VALKYRIE
  Writer: James Thorpe 
  Director: Richard Martin 
  (I)Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos,
     Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
  (I)Musetta Vander as Ingrid Henning
     Jan Triska as Nicolae Breslaw 
     Fulvio Cecere as Alan Wilkinson
     Martin Evans as Colonel Stauffenburg
     L. Harvey Gold as Igor Stefanovich
     Peter Hanlon as Karl Brandt
     Patrick Keating as Adolph Hitler
     Dean Balkwill as David
     Jim Leard as Detective Frayne
     Noah Heney as Brownshirt
     Raoul Ganeev as Guard

  In 1944, Ingrid Henning had the chance to kill Adolf Hitler and
  failed. She's been atoning for that failure ever since by killing
  dictators, tyrants, racists and fascists who might have potential to
  become as dangerous. MacLeod has a chance to stop her before she kills
  more mortals, but by stopping her, does MacLeod commit the same evil
  for which he's judged her guilty?

  12) #96511  COMES A HORSEMAN
  Writer: David Tynan 
  Director: Gerard Hameline 
  (I)Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos,
     Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
  (I)Tracy Scoggins as Cassandra
  (I)Valentine Pelka as Kronos 
  (I)Richard Ridings as Silas
  (I)Marcus Testory as Caspian
     Greg Michaels as Tippet
     David Longworth as Paxton
     Sotigui Kouyate as Hijad

  MacLeod knew him as Melvin Koren, a desperado who left a trail of
  death and fire across the Old West, but Cassandra remembers him as an
  evil far older. He is Kronos, leader of the Four Horsemen, mounted
  Bronze Age raiders who murdered, raped and pillaged their way across
  two continents. Never was a band of Immortals more cruel or more
  feared. He destroyed Cassandra's people and she's been hunting him
  across the millennia. But Kronos has a different target now -- Methos.

  13) #96512  REVELATION 6:8
  Writer:  Tony DiFranco
  Director:  Adrian Paul
  (I)Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
     Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
  (I)Tracy Scoggins as Cassandra
  (I)Valentine Pelka as Kronos
  (I)Richard Ridings as Silas
  (I)Marcus Testory as Caspian
     Bertie Cortez as Dr. Cernavoda
     Bertrand Milliot as Inmate
     Nathalie Gray as Nurse

  One by one, Kronos is putting the Four Horsemen back together.  Once
  they struck fear in the hearts of men with sword and axe.  Today,
  their weapons of destruction are different, but their goal is the
  same: to bring mankind what it fears most, the Apocalypse.  Only
  Duncan MacLeod stands between them and the end of the world.

  Writer:  David Tynan
  Director:  Gerard Hameline
  (I)Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  (I)Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
     Sonia Codhant as Marina LeMartin
     Tom Russell as Edward Cervain
     Gary Hetherington as Carlo Capodimonte
     Frank Middlemass as Baron Lemartin
    -Astrid Veillon as Desiree
    -Sylvain Rougerie as James Foulard
    -Matthew Thompson as James
    -George Gay as Parking Attendant

  The Chateau LeMartin has been in MARINA's family for generations, but
  now the slimy CARLO CAPODIMONTE threatens to foreclose on an old loan
  and take the chateau for himself.  Desperate to save the family
  heritage, Marina kidnaps an American millionaire in order to pay off
  the loan. Unfortunately for Marina, the rich and charming "Richard
  Redstone" she has tied up in the cellar is none other than Richie

  15) #96514  DUENDE
  Writer:  Jan Hartman
  Director:  Richard Martin
  (I)Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  (I)Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
  (I)Anthony DeLongis as Otavio Consone
     Deborah Epstein as Luisa Hidalgo
     Carmen DuSautoy as Anna Hidalgo
     Dolores Chaplin as Theresa
    -Astrid Veillon as Desiree
    -Sylvain Rougerie as James Foulard
    -Matthew Thompson as James
    -George Gay as Parking Attendant

  Spanish swordplay, like Spanish dancing, is equal parts passion,
  skill, and strict discipline.  The Immortal OTAVIO CONSONE is a master
  of both.  An arrogant Spaniard who 150 years ago tried to teach
  MacLeod the sword art called "The Mysterious Circle," Consone vied
  with MacLeod for the hand of a beautiful senorita, with tragic
  results.  Now MacLeod must protect a Flamenco artist and her daughter
  from Consone's revenge.

  16) #96515  THE STONE OF SCONE
  Writers:  Michael O'Mahony & Sasha Reins
  Director:  Richard Martin
  (I)Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Roger Daltrey as Hugh Fitzcairn
     Michael Culkin as Bernie Crimmins
     David Barrass as Harry
     Harry Jones as Andrew
     Neville Phillips as Butler
     Paul Barrett as Bobby
     Colin Reese as Uriah
     Barnaby Apps as Patrick
     Valerie Ann Wyss as Barmaid

  According to official statements by the British government, the theft
  of the Stone of Scone, the legendary royal throne of Scotland, from
  Westminster Abbey in 1950 was simply a rowdy schoolboy prank.  But was
  it?  Or was it actually the bungled work of three rather hapless
  Immortals, attempting to fullfil a promise made centuries before?

  17) #95419  DOUBLE JEOPARDY
  Writer:  David Tynan
  Director:  Charles Wilkinson
  (I)Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod
     Stacey Travis as Renee Delaney
  (I)Marc Warren as Morgan D'Estaing
  (I)Roland Gift as Xavier St. Cloud
    Jean-Paul Muel as Inspector Dufay
    David Gabison as Manager
    Hester Wilcox as Angela
    Richard Lukas as Detective
    Philippe Bouclet as Philippe d'Estaing
    Stan Reitz as Bernard d'Estaing
    Pascal Laurent as Hastings

  Are MacLeod and the police seeing a ghost when the evidence in a
  diamond theft and poison gas murder points to the very evil, but very
  dead, XAVIER ST. CLOUD?  CID Agent RENEE DELANEY as (Season 2 "Unholy
  Alliance") returns to ask for MacLeod's help in finding the killer.
  Could it be Xavier or simply a memorial to a fallen teacher by
  Xavier's former student, MORGAN D'ESTAING?

  Written by: Dom Tordjmann
  Directed by: Paolo Barzman
  (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
  (I)Chris Larkin as Steven Keane
     Michael J. Jackson as Sean Burns
     Barbara Keogh as Grandmother
     Geoffrey Bateman as Richard Dunbar
     Marine Jolivet as Inspector Begue

  After the Scottish massacre at the Battle of Culloden in 1746,
  Duncan MacLeod was a man possessed, obsessed, with killing
  the English bastards who had destroyed his people. Now
  Immortal STEVEN KEANE has come to make MacLeod pay for
  his murderous crimes. Amanda urges MacLeod to take Keane's
  head and be done with it, but in his heart MacLeod knows that
  Keane is right -- he is a murderer -- and that Keane is judging
  him just like MacLeod has judged so many others. 

  Written by: James Thorpe
  Directed by: Adrian Paul
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
  (I)Jonathan Firth as Lord Byron
     Jeffrey Ribier
     Tracy Keating as Mary Shelley
     Michel Modo as Maurice
     Katie Carr as Claire Clairmont
     Christopher Staines as Percy Shelley
  (I)F. Braun McAsh as Hans Kershner
     Don Foran as Jerry

  Lord Byron, the brilliant Romantic poet, is alive and well and living
  the decadent life of a rock star. He lives life way over the edge
  and has taken some promising young musicians over the edge
  with him. When following in Byron's footsteps tragically ends the
  life of Dawson's protege, MacLeod is faced with a decision -- is
  the beauty and genius that is Byron worth the cost? 

  20) #96518 ARCHANGEL
  Written by: David Tynan
  Directed by: Dennis Berry
  (I)Edward Jewesbury as Jason Landry
  (I)Peter Wingfield as Methos
  (I)Valentine Pelka as Kronos
     Emily Raymond
     Peter Hudson as James Horton
     Reinhild Steger as Medical Officer
     Patrick Gordon as Hermit
     Richard Temple as Foster
     Michel Scourneau as Cemetary Official
     Pierre Rousselle as Detective
     Bruno Grimaud as Customs Man
  The dead are walking the streets of Paris. The forces of evil are
  coming. Is MacLeod being readied for some higher calling -- or
  is he simply losing his mind?