9. Introduction

0.0. Introduction

This is an occasional file that is meant to answer Frequently Asked Questions about the HIGHLANDER universe, which includes three movies, 'HIGHLANDER', 'HIGHLANDER II: The Quickening', 'HIGHLANDER: The Final Dimension' (European title 'HIGHLANDER III: The Sorceror'), and the TV series. It also attempts to catalog the information that fans have been able to glean from individual stories and other, official and non-official sources. Permission is granted to distribute this file UNMODIFIED to other networks and BBSs. The Right to modify the contents of this file is reserved by the updater(s). The file was last updated on 12 September, 1997.

NOTE: A comprehensive section on 'Highlander: The Final Dimension' has still not been completed.

0.1. Places where Highlander Fans congregate on Internet

There are also Highlander groups on the various commercial services, i.e. AOL, Compuserve (CIS Watchers), Delphi, GEnie, Prodigy to name a few.

On AOL: send email to highlander-info@midrange.com for more Highlander information and chat rooms on AOL.

On Thursday nights starting at 11pmET, go to keyword Hollywood, then scroll to find "Hollywood online forums", then choose "Fan Attic', then "Hollywood online backlot", and there you should find Highlander fans. And on Wednesday or Friday nights, starting at 11pmET, they congregacte in a member room called HIGHLANDER. To get there, go to people connection, then click on rooms, then member rooms, then create a member room, and type HIGHLANDER in the box. (The HL FAQ Keeper has never been on AOL so don't hold me accountable for these directions; they are greek to me).

0.2. Highlander: The Animated Series

This cartoon aired every Sunday at 11:00am EST on USA Network (cable channel) as part of their 'Cartoon Express'. HL:TAS is set about 800 years beyond a 'holocaust' in yet-another-HL-universe and features yet-another-MacLeod - this one is about 15ish and is named Quenten - and Ramirez (not our Ramirez but he sounds a lot like him) who is his mentor. Since this cartoon is aimed at adolescents, there are the common cartoon elements, a younger (foster) pesky sister, a fuzzy pet of an un-identifiable species, and imposing Villain with an odd looking sidekick. Kortan (the villain) is an evil Immortal who wants to rule the planet and make everyone do things his way and suffer greatly doing it. If you are serious about Highlander you should probably avoid this series.

  Episode list for Season 1

  01.     " A Taste Of Betrayal "                         04-09-95
  02.     " Melvyn The Magnificent "                      04-16-95
  03.     " The Last Of The MacLeods "                    04-23-95
  04.     " The Last Weapon "                             04-30-95
  05.     " The Suspended Village "                       05-07-95
  06.     " Exodus "                                      05-14-95
  07.     " The History Lesson "                          05-21-95
  08.     " The Cursed "                                  05-28-95
  09.     " The Valley Of The Thorn Pods "                06-03-95
  10.     " Fallout "                                     06-10-95
  11.     " The Courage Of Love "                         06-17-95
  12.     " The Setup "                                   06-24-95
  13.     " The Sound Of Madness "                        07-01-95