Highlander: The Original Scores

Original Score Music from Highlander (by Michael Kamen), Highlander II (by Stewart Copeland), and Highlander III (by J. Peter Robinson). Additional music by Queen/Michael Kamen/Brian May, Patrick Hutchinson, and Loreena McKennitt.

The CD is produced by the Edel Company (from Germany) and is #0028892EDL. The US Distributor is Koch International.

"Inside the jacket is some interesting info. They say that they planned on releasing highlander I as a soundtrack but since it didn't do to well in the US at first, they just let Queen do the 'A Kind of Magic' album. A Highlander II album was released in the UK for a short period, but then was canceled. They then released this one with the sucess of the Highlander III movie and the huge request for the musical score due to fans from the movies and the new TV series."
- (Brad L. Benson bbenson@st6000.sct.edu)

Highlander (Michael Kamen)

  1. The Highlander Theme
  2. Rachel's Surprise / Who Wants To Live Forever
  3. The Quickening
  4. Swordfight At 34th Street
  5. Under The Garden / The Prize

Highlander II (Stewart Copeland)

  1. Finger Dip
  2. Rebel Troops
  3. Dam Raid
  4. White Cloud
  5. Mac Absorbs Reno
  6. Shield Shatters / Alan Dies
  7. Love Theme / Shrine Fight

Highlander III (J. Peter Robinson)

  1. Massacre (The Beginning)
  2. Laundry Room / Quickening 2
  3. Revolution
  4. Final Battle / Quickening 3 / Epilogue

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